This Friday, February 11, 2022, Netflix unveiled its new mini-series: Inventing Anna ! Based on a true story, this series tells the story of Anna Delvey, a young Russian woman. The latter managed to swindle several thousand dollars from young New Yorkers who were part of high society. But then, how did the young woman manage to pass herself off as someone she is not? This is what a journalist will try to find out by writing an article about her. And this, even if his direction was not to treat this business! She will also have 2 weeks to succeed in writing THE paper of the year in order to succeed in finding the place she deserves within her editorial staff.

But then what did we think of this first episode at the writing of melty? One word: captivating! From the first minutes of the series, we are directly in the bath. No need to wait for the second episode to understand what’s going on… The scene is immediately set and that’s what we love! As for Julia Garner who plays Anna Delvey, she is simply incredible. His haughty air and his insolent side make you quickly become attached to the character. And inevitably, we want to know what will happen to her once her trial has started!

A quick Netflix series to watch

As the story is true, no need to imagine that there will be a season 2 or 3. Inventing Anna is a series of 9 episodes that are about 1 hour each. And they are all already available on netflix. Suffice to say that it can be completed in the space of a few days! For some time now, mini-series have been more and more present on the platform and they are very popular with subscribers. At the same time with a mini-series, you are guaranteed to have a beginning and an end… Unlike series where after several seasons, production stops for lack of audiences or other internal problems!


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