The twists are linked in Here It All Begins ! Yes the meltynauts, if Guillaume and Clothilde have just formalized their breakup, another emblematic couple will decide to separate. And the least we can say is that it may break the hearts of fans. Because, indeed, it is Anaïs and Lisandro who will put an end to their story. The reason ? Tensions will only accumulate between them since the young woman decided to rebel against the Institute. Indeed, accompanied by Lionel and Jasmine, she fights to change supplier and offer vegetarian days at Double A.

And Anaïs seems ready for anything, even if it means putting Lisandro in a very complicated situation professionally speaking. And unfortunately, their differences may well lead to their downfall. Thus, the revolt of the students will go further and further, which will deeply annoy the room teacher to the point that he will blackmail Anaïs. If she continues like this, he will leave her. A threat that will push the young woman to think. Annoyed by the lack of support from her partner, she herself will choose to leave him, feeling that she is no longer in love with him. It remains to be seen whether this breakup is final or not!

Hortense and Mehdi more in love than ever

One thing is certain, it’s not easy for couples right now. Fortunately, Hortense and Mehdi ended up finding common ground. Indeed, the pretty blonde doubted a lot of the love of her companion. After trying to marry him, she offered to skydive him for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, Mehdi was completely petrified at this idea as he was so dizzy. For fear of disappointing the one he loves, he chose to persevere. However, Hortense ends up changing her mind and celebrating Valentine’s Day at the Marais Salants. Everything is going well for the two lovers.


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