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This Thursday, June 2, Electronic Arts released a trailer for The Sims 4 Werewolves Pack Overviewwhich takes players on the prowl during the full moon: this season, players will be able to enjoy new content that invites them to have fun after dark and transform into captivating and wild new versions of themselves.

The Sims 4: All the info on the new Werewolves pack

It’s the June 16, 2022 that the new Werewolves pack will be available on PC and Mac via Origin and Steam, and on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. It is already possible to pre-order it on the electronic arts official website. Much more than a simple DLC with new furniture and cosmetics, the pack will allow you to embody a real werewolf having to juggle between his human life and his bestial side. Here is a summary of all the possibilities seen in the trailer and on the blogpost:

  • Moonwood Mill : a brand new city in which you can build your own house. Once filled with the bustle and noise of the nearby sawmill, today the town is unrecognizable. This is where the mysterious inhabitants now live who have found refuge in the ghost town, surrounded by nature.
  • full moon system : hey yes, it is during this natural phenomenon that you will turn into a werewolf but not only! There is a magic lake where it is then possible to capture a very rare moon fish, or a hill where you can pick a rare flower: the moon petal flower. In short, a new area full of secrets. The region also has a large underground with a network of tunnels.
  • combat training : you can fight with other werewolves in the pack (or not)
  • Create your own werewolf : this is of course the objective of the Sims. Ferocious, playful, tragic or even cuddly, you can shape the werewolf that suits you physically and mentally. Every change made to the body shape will also affect the werewolf form. You can choose to be born a werewolf or bitten during the adventure!

  • Customs, Events and the Pack : many things await you and not only at the full moon. In the new region, you will find two different wolf packs: the Moon Collective (a bit rustic with members attached to tradition) and the Wild Fangs (rebellious, brawling and unconventional). You can of course join one of these two packs and share their customs. It will take a few pack leader challenges to become a successful werewolf and maybe you could even take his place.
  • progress : each time he howls, claws and transforms, the werewolf becomes stronger and unlocks new abilities, such as speed running on all fours, territory marking, moon resistance and even immortality.
  • The control of emotions : bestial, the werewolf must constantly pay attention to his mood swings. A werewolf’s fury keeps growing. Use your unique werewolf powers, battle other werewolves, hang out as a beast, go out on full moon days, or do things that contradict your tempers to make your fury grow faster. Once maximum fury is reached, a transformation is imminent! So always be aware of your fury, because it could turn against you.

So, are you looking forward to this new pack? Will it be as good as the one on the Wedding ? In any case, turning into a werewolf will probably make it possible to discover new ways to kill your sim !

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