A couple on the verge of breaking up? Yes, if Clothilde and Guillaume have finally broken up, they may not be the only ones. Indeed, Theo and Martha will soon go through a complicated period. Because, remember, Celia has already confessed to the young man that she was very attracted to him. After spending several days arguing, Souleymane remarked to them that there was enormous sexual tension between them. However, the head of Double A did not seem to share this opinion at all. Quite the contrary! He violently failed Celia and he even took the time to reassure his current girlfriend, Martha.

However, he was visibly hiding his face since a very hot video has just been unveiled on the MyTF1 site. We discover Theo entering Celia’s room. He seems very nervous and doesn’t really know how to approach the young woman. To hide his embarrassment, he tells her about his room. Fortunately for him, the pretty brunette decides to take the first step. And that’s all it takes for the two young people to get carried away and start undressing each other. A downright sexy scene that could break the hearts of Theo and Martha fans. You can also view it by HERE.

Theo and Martha, are they over?

But then, does that mean that the cook will break up with Charlene’s best friend? Hard to know at the moment. One thing is certain, it’s not going to stop there and Martha will eventually know. At the same time, Anaïs and Lisandro will also have couple problems, in particular because of the revolt of the vegetarian students. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to overcome their differences, but it is not won as the young woman will feel abandoned by her companion. In any case, there are many twists and turns awaiting us this week in Here It All Begins !


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