If we are to believe many clues that panic the Web, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed would be on the verge of divorce because of Nina Dobrev!

It is the rumor which agitates the Web for some time. According to multiple clues, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed who are madly in love, would be on their way to a separation because of Nina Dobrev. What’s happening ? Speculation began to invade social networks when the actress of the saga Twilight removed the word “woman” from her description on Instagram, in addition to limiting his comments. It did not take more to cause panic among the fans. One of them also shared her astonishment via a video shared on TikTok. But this story took on more importance, especially when the pretty brunette stopped following her husband on Twitter. A detail which has clearly not gone unnoticed and which further fuels doubts about what is really going on within the Somereed couple.


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But it’s not just the behavior of Nikki reed which has been suspect for a few days. Ian Somerhalder has, for a time, stopped following his companion on Instagram. Very observant, Internet users have noticed that the actor has watched stories on accounts dedicated to Delena [contraction de Damon et Elena, les personnages dans The Vampire Diaries] and Nian, the nickname that fans gave to his relationship with Nina Dobrev. Could it be that the actor is nostalgic for their story? The mystery hovers. In any case, admirers of the legendary duo of TVD already imagine a reconciliation. Will we then attend a surprise reunion? Case to be continued. While waiting to see a little more clearly on these crazy assumptions, know that Nina Dobrev recently teased Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley on Instagram.


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