Booba is not close to a clash or a provocation… So it’s been a few months since the tension is growing also between him and Vald. The origin of this conflict? The Duke would have accused his competitor of cheating on the number of his album sales… Since then, the two have clashed with interposed social networks. But this Friday, July 15 at the Francofolies in La Rochelle, the confrontation was almost real… Indeed, the two rivals were scheduled the same evening, on the same stage, as part of a 100% rap evening. False good idea for the organizers…

All day, the provocations and the calls to fight burst onto the internet. Unaccustomed to such tensions, the festival teams therefore had to redouble their efforts to ensure that the situation did not get out of hand: very tight schedule, reinforced security services, separate lodges and hotels… Everything has been thought out so that Booba and Vald never intersect. It was therefore the latter who entered the scene first, around 7:45 p.m. He was escorted by about forty hounds. Plus, Vald was also celebrating his 30th birthday last night: Thanks to them for coming for my birthday.”, launched the rapper with irony, speaking of his bodyguard. A surreal scene which had enough to dissuade the Booba team from attempting any offensive!

Booba escorted by CRS

The Duke entered the stage around 12:15 a.m., more than an hour late. Indeed, the teams of Vald had warned that they reserved for him “a welcoming committee”. The CRS therefore had to be called in as reinforcements and Booba arrived in a protected van… Once on stage, he then took the audience to task: Sorry, we had a little setback. valentine [Vald] was not happy. He didn’t want us to sing. He blocked the stage.” After almost 2 hours of show, Booba was however not at the end of his troubles. Vald and his friends were still waiting for him behind the stage to fight it out. But the Duke and his team left in their van, under the insults of their opponents. What a crazy evening in La Rochelle!


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