Michele Morrone is very close to his co-star Anna-Maria Sieklucka in the film 365 DNI, his secrets are touching.

A few days ago, we returned to the depression of Michele Morrone (365 DNI) after his divorce, a painful stage in his life that he finally managed to overcome. This is particularly thanks to the sulfur film of Netflix and his character of the mafia Massimo that the young man of 29 years was able to go up the slope and turn the page definitively. Besides, what about the relationship between Michele Morrone and her co-star Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who lends her features to the character of Laura? The controversial film and their relationship with the screen make a lot of talk but in real life, the two actors are very good friends. During several lives Instagram, Michele Morrone confided in his very strong bond with the young woman but confirmed that there was no love story between them.

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Michele Morrone revealed about Anna-Maria Sieklucka: “Some people want us to be a couple. But you know, sometimes friendship is much more important … We are very very friends. The scenes were very intense, so if we didn’t love each other and didn’t have a link on the set, it would not have seemed true. We were forced to be friends, but we became real friends. I love Anna. “ Thanks to the filming Netflix, the two actors therefore discovered each other and have forged a bond which is now very solid, which should necessarily be consolidated during the shooting of the next component. Despite the problematic plot of 365 DNI, the two stars can therefore support each other in the face of strong criticism. Still about Michele Morrone (365 DNI), discover her improbable look at the time when he was unrecognizable.


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