NRJ Music Awards 2023: Vitaa declares her love to her husband Follow us

TF1 celebrated music during the twenty-fifth edition of the NRJ Music Awards at Cannes. The event took place Friday November 10, 2023. The opportunity to reward talented artists, including one Vitaa who was very moved. The NRJ Music Awards have become an unmissable annual event. The 2023 edition, broadcast at 9:10 p.m., honored the major players in the music scene of the year.

The evening was marked by pop performances from various French and international artistswith the participation of Vianney, Kendji Girac, Mika, Maneskin, Louane, Isabelle Adjani, and Gaëtan Roussel. However, this latest performance did not arouse general enthusiasm on social networks. However, Vitaa’s performance touched the audience, with the singer being particularly moved after receiving a special award.

NRJ Music Awards: Vitaa elected French-speaking female artist of the year

Vitaa was elected French-speaking female artist of the year. The singer expressed her gratitude receiving the prize from the hands of the current Miss France, Indira Ampiot, and the comedian Max Boublil. The artist, whose latest album is a dark introspective work, highlighted the path traveled since his first success as a duo with Diam’s, Night confessions. Vitaa thanked her audience, emphasizing the incredible privilege of being able to be present sixteen years later.

But that’s not all ! The young woman insisted on especially thank his familyespecially to her husband, Hicham Bendaoud. Indeed, he was a real pillar of his career. Vitaa expressed her love for her husband and shared her joy at being supported by her family. In addition, she praised her collaborators, her artistic team, and her label. While expressing her gratitude, the young mother showed her fair play by congratulating the other artists nominated in the same category. Notably Louane, winner of the French-speaking song of the year prize. The evening celebrated the diversity and excellence of music, highlighting talented and emotionally invested artists.

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NRJ Music Awards: the ceremony will not be broadcast live, we explain why! Follow us

The 25th edition of NRJ Music Awards will take place this Friday, November 10, 2023, from the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes. But for the first time in 23 years, Nikos Aliagas will not present the ceremony live on TF1. And this, because of the “emergency attack” alert activated by Elisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister. Being the highest level of the Vigipirate system, this plan came into force in mid-October. And it thus impacts many emissions. Among them, the star Academy, whose bonuses will be delayed on Saturday evenings. But also, the NRJ Music Awards ceremony.

Thus, this 25th edition will be recorded a few hours earlier, to be broadcast in the evening on TF1. The opening of the show will also be impacted by these security measures. Fact, Nikos Aliagas will no longer welcome guests and artists on the famous red carpet. The host will make presentations with the public and viewers directly from the Cannes room. So, the iconic red carpet climb will not be on the agenda, to the great despair of the hundreds and thousands of fans who go there every year hoping to see their favorite artists. Our colleagues from Le Parisien, present during rehearsals for the show, explained that “rigorous security conditions” had been set up for the evening. In particular that “law enforcement will be present in large numbers”. But also, “strengthened access controls, fewer backstage guests and hand-picked accreditations.”

NRJ Music Awards: who are the artists in competition?

Despite this reinforced security around NRJ Music Awards 2023, many artists will still receive an award during the ceremony. Among the titles competing for French-speaking song of the year: ” At your place “ of Claudio Capéo and Slimane, “Child of” by Pierre de Maere, ” Fire “ of Kendji Girac and Vianneyor “Salted popcorn” of Santa. But that’s not all ! The usual categories will also be there. So, for the international revelation of the year, these are for example Aya Starr, Becky G, Karol G and Loreen who will compete for the coveted title. As for the “French-speaking female artist” category, we have in the running: Jain, Juliette Armanet, Louane, Mentissa, Santa, Shay and Vitaa. You will have understood, the NRJ Music Awards promise another great show this year! To discover the big winners, tune in this Saturday, November 10 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1!

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Rugby World Cup: a juror from The Voice chosen to provide the pre-show for the final Follow us

The Rugby World Cup is currently taking place in France. Kick off of this new edition was given on September 8. And although the XV of France did not lack enthusiasm, desire and vitality, it was eliminated from the competition on the verge of the semi-final, on October 15, following the match played against South Africa. A difficult defeat to swallow for the French rugby team.

Antoine Dupont, the captain of the XV of France, shared his impressions regarding arbitration assured during the match.I don’t want to be the bitter person who complains about the refereeing because he lost the match, but I’m not sure that the refereeing was at the level of the issue today“, he declared, referring to a contested decision taken by a referee during the match.

Rugby World Cup: a juror from The Voice will put on the show before the final

France will therefore not play the final of the Rugby World Cup. The semi-finals will pit Argentina against New Zealand, as well as England against South Africa. The winners will compete for the final victory on October 28, 2023. And to ensure the show before the grand finaleit was a singer who served as a juror on the show The Voice who was chosen.

This is Mika, who was part of the tele-hook jury from 2014 to 2019. This announcement was recently made by World Rugby, through a press release. The interpreter of Relax will be accompanied by the choir of the Maîtrise Populaire of the Opéra-Comique for the occasion. Delighted to perform this service, Mika expressed his enthusiasm at the idea to perform in front of the public, this October 28. He notably made a statement on this subject. “I am delighted to be part of the 2023 Rugby World Cup final. The ambition of this show is to create a bubble of energy, love, color and joy with the children of the Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra-Comique, so that all the spectators can then fully enjoy the intensity of the finalists’ anthems and an exceptional rugby match”, he said.

Les Enfoirés 2024: we finally have the date of the next show Follow us

It’s been several decades that a large number of personalities participates every year in the Enfoirés tour. Whether they are athletes, singers, actors or others, the participants are there every time. Since Coluche created Les Restos du coeur in 1985, the association has offered food aid, as well as support for the most deprived. Les Enfoirés perform several shows every year and donate the funds raised to the charitable organization. After two years of stoppingdue to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Enfoirés found their audience in 2023.

Their concert series took place from January 12 to 16, 2023, at the Halle Tony-Garnier, In Lyon. Around forty artists participated in this edition, which was attended by more than 42,000 spectators. On March 3, 2023, these are approximately 8,074,000 million viewers who watched the broadcast of one of the shows on TF1. The Enfoirés tour arouses real enthusiasm among the population. It generally raises more than four million euros each year, reported Purepeople.

Les Enfoirés 2024: the date of the next concerts revealed

Les Enfoirés will return to the stage in a few months. It’s on account (formerly Twitter) of the collective that the announcement of their upcoming concerts was made this Wednesday, October 18. ” The ticketing is open ! Book your tickets now for the next Enfoirés show, who will celebrate their 35th birthday has @ArkeaArena, from January 17 to 22, 2024″, we could read on the account in question. In 2024, it is therefore at the Arkéa Arena in Bordeaux that personalities will give voice, to help the poor. A dress rehearsal will take place on the first day, Wednesday January 17, 2024, in the presence of the public.

To reserve your ticket, go to the X des Enfoirés account. Patrice Douret, current president of Restos du coeur, recalled how important the show provided by Les Enfoirés is for the association, through a press release: “ The entity Bastards represented 10% of our resources, which remains very important. Last year, these were 15 million meals which were able to be served thanks to Bastards ! It is enormous“.

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Madonna on stage: this huge fine that the singer risks paying Follow us

In June, Madonna fans were shocked to learn that the pop star was hospitalized in intensive care after contracting a serious bacterial infection. After several months of rest, the legendary interpreter of Like a virgin was able to resume the way to the stage and find its audience. It was at the O2 Arena in London that Madonna gave her first concert, on October 14. A return that his fans were impatiently awaiting.

The spectators were met with emotion. During his performance, she addressed the audience. “ I didn’t think I would make it — and neither did my doctors. If you want to know my secret, how I cope with it and how I surviveI said to myself : ‘I have to be there for my children. I have to survive for them’”she said, reported the New York Times. She was also able to count on her children, Bercy James, Lourdes Maria and Estere, to give him support. They were present for the occasion.

A risk of fine

If Madonna did not hide her happiness at returning to the stage, she quickly noticed that this return was not without problems. Indeed, the second show that she performed on October 15 was punctuated various technical problems. The singer finished her show thirty minutes late (at 11 p.m. instead of 10:30 p.m.). This additional time could cost the superstar dearly. In fact, there exists strict rules regarding curfew. In the event of exceeding the timetable, artists are subject to a fine amounting to at 10,000 pounds per minute overrun.

For Madonna, this fine could have amounted to 300,000 pounds, i.e. around 350,000 euros. Fortunately for the 65-year-old artist, Greenwich City Council ruled that she had not exceeded the times determined at the start. His show was stopped before midnight. However, for her performances on October 17 and 18, Madonna knows what to expect.

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Madonna: the singing star evokes with emotion her return to stage in London Follow us

The year 2023 has not been easy for Madonna. Last June, the singing star had to be hospitalized. She had contracted a serious bacterial infection. After spending several days in intensive care, the legendary interpreter of Vogue was able to leave the hospital. This stay, however, led to the cancellation of several dates of the tour Celebration Tour organized by the singer on the occasion of her 40th career. News that saddened many admirers, who had reserved places.

The concert series was scheduled to begin on July 15, 2023, in Vancouver. However, five days before launch of this tour, the singer announced her suspension to her fans. “I need to focus on my health and regain my strength. I assure you, I will be back as soon as I can. My current plan is to postpone the planned dates in North America and start the tour in Europe in October,” she declared.

Madonna speaks with emotion about her return to the stage

This difficult period seems to be a bad memory for the pop icon. At 65, Madonna made her return to the stage this Saturday, October 14, 2023, in London. And despite his previous health concerns, she knew how to put on a show and put on a show until the end. A feat that had the gift of surprising him. With emotion and pride, she addressed the spectators present during the concert. I didn’t think I would make it — and neither do my doctors,” she initially told them, reported the New York Times.

She then revealed what she thinks gave her the strength to hold on until then. ” If you want know my secrethow I cope and how I survive, I said to myself: ‘I have to be there for my children. I have to survive for them.” During his performance, Madonna was able to count on the support of one of his loved ones. Her daughter Lourdes, who had indeed made the trip for the occasion, encouraged her mother during her performance.

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Dadju: “All children rebel one day”, the artist responds to Tayc’s tackle Follow us

For artists, working alongside professionals evolving in the same environment is essential. This, whether with the aim of expanding your network or collaborating with other artists. However, enmities are possible. And it is not uncommon to witness more or less frequent clashes between rappers, singers or other personalities every day. Recently, it’s Tayc, famous French R’N’B singerwho got people talking about him.

Indeed, the interpreter of For us And Dodo did not hesitate to tackle Dadju, Gim’s brother, also a renowned singer on the French scene, on social networks. Through an Instagram story, he posted the following message on the night of October 11 to 12: “ Used terms ‘ prince ‘ Or ‘ gentleman as much as you want to define yourself… But here, we know your true face “. Tayc then posted a second story in which the following annotation appears: Humans disgust me “.

Dadju tackles Tayc on social networks

Although Tayc did not target anyone in particular with his comments, many pointed fingers the singer Dadju. The reason is certainly linked to the fact that he calls himself “Prince Dadj”, as well as to the fact that his first solo album has the title Gentleman 2.0. The Indifference prod artistic agency, which represents Dadju, was quick to respond to this attack.

It’s a clash that surprised many people, whether among music professionals or among fans of the two artists. Indeed, the two singers have collaborated several times in the past. In particular, they interpreted the titles Please And OK in 2019. According to AudienceTayc would have shared these messages with a view to “defend one of his collaborators”. Dadju, for his part, also spoke and responded to his former collaborator. “All children rebel one day… Afterwards, they remember who is who and it goes down again. My number is in his phone book. The rest is cinema “, he posted on his X account (formerly Twitter) on October 12. To be continued.

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Dadju against Tayc: has war been declared? “We know your true face” Follow us

Between Dadju and Tayc, nothing is going well! It seems that there is really water in the gas between the two singers, although they were once very good friends. Both afro/R&B icons have also collaborated several times together, giving rise to titles like Please And OK. But in recent months, it seems that their personal and professional friendship is no longer in good shape. First point of alert: the two French stars no longer follow each other on Instagram since April 2023, as reported by the African media Mbote. If no explanation had been provided by the singers, in this month of October 2023, Tayc has added a layer that risks getting people talking.

In fact, the interpreter of Room 69 published a very enigmatic message on Instagram. “Use the terms ‘Prince’ or ‘Gentleman’ as much as you want to define yourself… But here, we know your true face”, writes Tayc in story. Before adding: “Humans repugn me.” If he did not explicitly say who was targeted in this message, we can easily guess that it is his former friend Dadju. In fact, the first album of Gims’ brother was entitled Gentleman 2.0. It is therefore very possible that the acolyte of Fauve Hautot in Dancing with the Stars refers to Dadju. Moreover, according to exclusive information from Audience, a source close to Tayc indeed confirmed this theory. Without revealing more details, our colleagues explain that it “would thus defend one of his collaborators”.

Tayc vs Dadju: Internet users are on fire!

Quickly following the story of Tayc, reactions are going well on the web. Internet users trying as best they could to understand the origin of this conflict between the two singers. Thus, we can read on X, formerly Twitter: “Tayc who is talking about Dadju? A drama in the romance industry? “, “Dadju, what’s his problem??? », “Um, is there a war that broke out between Tayc and Dadju? ». Or : “In fact, Tayc is either marketing us and he’s going to do a feat with Dadju, or he’s really angry”, “So Tayc is in a relationship with Dadju’s ex? », “Dadju who is still in trouble”. You will have understood, there are many theories! Will we get the end of this story? The interpreter of Queen will he speak in turn? To be continued…

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NRJ Music Awards: Louane, Taylor Swift, Slimane… the complete list of nominees for the 2023 edition Follow us

Surprise for viewers! The 25th edition of NRJ Music Awards will be broadcast live on Friday November 10 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1. The opportunity for the public to find their favorite artists in top-flight performances, but also to reward those who stood out in 2023. And we can say, this year, there is something very heavy! Always presented by Nikos Aliagasthis ceremony will therefore bring together once again the biggest French and international stars to impress the public and viewers. Thus, the NRJ Music Awards are THE unmissable musical event.

So, who will be the big winners this year at the awards ceremony? One thing is certain, many stars will be represented. Thus, in the international revelation category: Ayra Starr, Becky G, David Kushner, Karol G, Libianca and Loreen. Who is your favorite? But that’s not all ! Like every year, the French-speaking and international female/male artists of the year will be rewarded. Among them, Louane, Mentissa, Juliette Armanet, Slimane, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, David Guetta, Kendji Girac, Vianney, Slimane and many others ! Without counting on other awards such as international song of the year, music video of the year or even the social hit which recently entered the ranking of NRJ Music Awards.

NRJ Music Awards: how to vote?

Like every year, the public and viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist. To do this, nothing simpler ! You have until the day of the ceremony to vote and hope to win the prize for your favorite singer. From this Monday, October 2, votes are open and will remain open until November 10 at 12 p.m.. Then simply go to the NRJ application. Attention ! It is only possible to vote once per day in each category. So make the right choice! Only a few weeks left to vote.

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Tiana (Star Academy) dares a radical change, a tribute to Vitaa? “It’s too copied” Follow us

The new season of star Academy will begin on Saturday November 4, 2023. This new edition will be longer than the previous one, with 12 weeks of competition. For the moment, information is confidential on this new season. But last year’s candidates are talking about them again. This is the case of young Tiana. The youngest in the competition seems today ready to fly with her own wings. Indeed, she recently announced the release of her first music video, ComplicatedSeptember 29, 2023: “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time”, “I can’t wait to discover this”, “Finally! », “It’s going to be a killing”his fans rejoiced.

For the occasion, Tiana changed her stage name. A little subtlety that Internet users immediately noticed. From now on, the young woman calls herself Tianaa. The addition of a letter in his original first name which is reminiscent of the pseudonym Vitaa. For many fans, Tiana has a similar background to that of the famous singer. Some remain mixed by this change of name: “We can hear Vitaa’s voice seriously, I hope she will keep her own identity”“I have the impression of hearing Vitaa at certain moments”, “Too much copied from Vitaa”, can we read in the comments.

Tiana spotted by the same label as Vitaa, Slimane and Gims

A few months ago, Tiana announced that she had signed a contract with the same music label as Vitaa, Slimane and Gims. Three artists whose universe she shares, and whose poster she can now dream of sharing. “I am very happy to announce to you that I finally signed with Indifférence Prod”, she declarede in a video posted on Instagram. While not everyone knows Indifférence Prod, everyone knows artists who have also signed with this label. And to continue: “ I’m so happy, I’m still shaking! I cried with joy earlier.”

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