Spider-Man: Nicolas Cage in the running to don the superhero costume Follow us

When we mention the name of Nicolas Cageit is not necessarily the universe of Spiderman that comes to mind. Rather cult films: Sailor & Lula At Bad Lieutenant of Werner HerzogPassing by Rock, At open grave, Snake Eyes, Leaving Las Vegasfor which he gleaned theOscar for Best Actoror even the recent Mandy. Nicolas Cage has had an extensive career and is clearly what you would call a Hollywood veteran. Despite several lean periods and a fairly significant desert crossing. In 2018, the one we affectionately call Nic has taken on the costume of Spider-Man. Oh yes ? In Spider-Man – New Generation where he lends his voice to Spider-Man Noir. It could well be that Nic Cage will put on the Spidey costume again.

Towards a series live action of Spider-Man Black?

In fact, the Spider-Verse still has good days ahead of him. A series live actionset in New York in the 1930s according to Variety, is currently in the pipeline. A show which, according to the media, would take place in the Spider-Man universe but where he would not be the main character. Of course, 1930 says Spider-Man Noir. An alternate version of the Weaver. Or rather a multiversal Weaver inspired by the Black films of the New Hollywood style The Port of Anguish Or The Big Sleep. And, of course, there too, Nicolas Cage who would be in the running to don a Spidey-suit…

Nicolas Cage is… Spider-Man Black!

According to the newsletter The Ankler : “Nicolas Cage is reportedly in serious talks to play the lead role in the series”. However, for the moment, Sony, which holds part of the adaptation rights of Spidermanhas neither confirmed nor denied this information from The Ankler. Obviously, as soon as the announcement came, fans immediately imagined a return of Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man Noir. But this time, live action ! At least this is what the clues to the temporality of this possible future series, which is still only at the project stage, suggest. Just like another series live taken from the Spider-Verse. But the project is gradually taking on water…

Spiderman : The production of another live series in trouble

If this series vintage Spider-Man is now attracting all eyes, another series, produced by Amazon Prime Video, is currently in trouble. It is Silk – Spider Society. A live action show, again, produced by the famous platform, resuming the adventures of Cindy Moonclassmate of Peter Parkera.k.a Silk. Or a superhero who discovered her own superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Does this remind you of something ? Unfortunately, the entire team of the series, except its showrunner, Angela Kang, was fired by production. Silk is normally provided on the platform MGM+ from Amazon. And so on Prime Video In France. For the moment, there is no release date set. Just like for the hypothetical series centered on Spider-Man Noir.

Here it all starts in advance of Thursday February 22, 2024 on TF1: Iris blackmails Teyssier, Thibault leaves the Institute Follow us

In episode 867 ofHere it all beginsbroadcast on Thursday February 22 on TF1, Tommy has difficulty following the sports class taught by Gaëtan. Thinking it is due to his diet, he asks the professor for nutrition advice. At lunch break, Gaëtan gives him a shaker which contains tofu, pineapple, banana and astaxanthin. Anthony surprises them.

Mattéo accepts Lionel and Jude’s card

At the workshop, Lionel And Jude discuss Mattéo when the latter enters, accompanied by the Listrac chef. Jude decides to apologize for his behavior the day before. The two students from the Institute, supported by the head of Listrac, present their battle plan to save his establishment. Mattéo offers to recruit pretty students from the institute to do the service. The Listrac boss makes him understand that that is not the question. A little later, Lionel and Jude present their menu of traditional dishes to Mattéo. The restaurant chef is disappointed, he was expecting something more original. He denigrates their proposals. It’s too much for Jude who calls Mattéo a “bump” who doesn’t understand anything. The latter leaves the Workshop. At the end of the day, the Listrac chef tells Lionel and Jude that Mattéo has validated their card…

Thibault takes off

Unfortunate, Thibault tells his father that he has decided to leave for a while. Mark try to convince him to stay that way. He doesn’t want his sons to stay angry. He ends up accepting his son’s wishes. Later, Chef Leroy comes across Jimmy and tells him of his brother’s decision. They then discuss the disciplinary council. Marc is afraid that Teyssier requests Jim’s exclusion.

Iris blackmails Teyssier

At the same time, Iris lets Jasmine know that she is going to talk to Jim so that he can ask his brother for forgiveness. She also asks the young woman to put pressure on Emmanuel so that Jim is not excluded. Later, Iris meets Teyssier in the corridors. She tries to convince him not to exclude his son. To put pressure on the director, she lets him know that she has kept the love letter he wrote to her a few years ago. At the end of the day, Teyssier manages to steal Iris’s keys from her bag. He goes to her house and goes through her things. It was then that he received a call from Iris who told him that she was having an aperitif with Constancy and that she kept the letter with her. She forbids Emmanuel from sending Jim away otherwise she will not hesitate to have his wife read the letter…

Netflix: this canceled series… will be entitled to a sequel! Follow us

Popularity is not enough for an original creation to be entitled to a second chance on Netflix. The red N platform analyzes a set of criteria precise before deciding in favor of a cancellation or continuation. Posted online on January 22, 2021, series Destiny, the Winx saga was forced to draw the curtain after two seasons by decision of the streaming giant. “This is not fun news to share, but Netflix has decided not to move forward with Season 3 of Destiny: The Winx Saga, lamented showrunner Brian Young on Instagram shortly after learning the bad news. This is especially hard because I know how many of you loved Season 2. I'm so proud of everyone who worked on the show, and so happy that we were able to tell the stories we did. Our cast and crew worked hard to create this world and these characters. Making this series was an incredible four years in my life. I hope we see each other again in the future.”

Netflix subscribers can meet in the bookstore!

The cancellation of the series came as a great surprise to its fans.. Many of them had indeed showered her with praise. “Season 2 is so good”, “I just finished it, and I have a lot of questions!! I'm so happy with the little references to the cartoon, I'm definitely going to re-watch the season to re-watch the season to find more! », “Season 2 of Destiny: The Winx Saga is much better than the first”, ” Season 2 of Destiny: The Winx SagaI fully validate« , « Netflix what is this end of season 2 of Destiny: The Winx Saga? I don't agree, so I'm supposed to wait more than a year to find out what happens next.” we could read on the X networks (formerly known as Twitter) during the broadcast of the last burst of episodes. They should rejoice today because the original creation by Brian Young will return to bookstores on July 2, 2024 in the form of a book written by Olivia Cuartero-Briggs and illustrated by Christianne Gillenardo-Goudreau.

It's not all over for Destiny: The Winx Saga

Netflix has decided to treat fans of Destiny: The Winx Saga. If she was canceled by the streaming giantthe fiction carried by Abigail Cowen (The New Adventures of Sabrina) will return to screens in a new format. The Italian director and producer Iginio Straffi has indeed revealed thata « brand new animated series Winx in synthetic images was in production ». The creators of the franchise are also working on A “big budget film”A “long-time dream” on which no information is available. Live action or animated feature film? You'll have to be patient!

La Casa de Papel: the creators of the series are preparing an atomic project Follow us

The House of Paper still does not deny its popularity on Netflix. Added to the platform’s catalog in 2017, the Hispanic series was a hit around the world. Its immeasurable success convinced the streaming giant to develop several bursts of additional episodes which rose to the top of the Top 10 most watched programs online. Fans weren’t taken by surprise when it was revealed that the green light had been given for production ofa derived series, Berlin. In this spin-off put online on December 29, we notably find the eponymous character played by Pedro Alonso. While waiting for season 2, the creators of The House of Paper overflowing with ideas.

Forget La Casa de papel…

After Berlin, they will tackle a radically different subject. Cineuropa has just revealed that Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato have joined forces to give birth to a new original creation. The atomic refuge (“The anti-atomic shelter” in French) follows the story ofa group of multimillionaires holed up in a complex called Kimera Underground Park whilea Third World War is looming. On the casting side, the series will bring together Miren Ibarguren (Phenomena, Everyone Lies), Joaquin Furriel (The Blood Tree, Intuition), Natalia Verbeke (The Women of the 6th Floor, Everyone Lies), Carlos Santos (There’s something wrong with the children, The Man with a Thousand Faces) and Montse Guallar (If I hadn’t met you, The Body). The production of the episodes, filming of which is currently underway, was entrusted to Jesus Colmenar (The House of PaperSky Rojo), David Barrocal (Sky Rojo, Berlin) and José Manuel Cravioto (Journey to the Center of the Earth, El Chapo).

Berlin is coming back to Netflix soon!

This February 19, 2024, the platform at the red N has excellent news for its subscribers: Berlin will be entitled to a second. “Head to the second floor. BERLIN season 2, coming soon, informed the streaming giant in the comments of a video where we see the eponymous character exiting an elevator. Filming of the new episodes not expected to start before 2025the time required to finalizeThe nuclear refuge. We should expect to see Michelle Jenner (Keila), Tristan Ulloa (Damian), Begoña Vargas (Cameron) Julio Peña Fernández (King), Joel Sánchez (Bruce) and of course, Pedro Alonso. “ About countries we would like to visit…we have a wide range of countries, but there is one where we would like to fly, this is India. But we have plenty of options“, teased Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato in an interview with Sensacine, last January.

Clem (TF1): Jade Pradin leaves, the actress evokes a “scenario that’s a little too hot” Follow us

Jade Pradin has always been a little too much in the shadow of Lucie Lucas in the cult TF1 soap opera, Clem. The reason ? Jade Pradin played the little sister of Clem. Or the entertainment heroine played by Lucie Lucas. But it’s not because of this that Jade Pradin left Clem after five seasons. The actress, who now works in Pmore beautiful life, even more beautifulthe famous reboot from the cult series France 3 on TF1, gave the real reasons for his departure from Clem. And it’s not at all because of a so-called rivalry with Lucie Lucas.

The day Jade Pradin slammed the door of Clem

Jade Pradin played Salomé, Clem’s sister in the eponymous soap opera on the first channel, for no less than five seasons. An important role, but of secondary importance, played by the actress of 2009 has 2015. A little piece of life that we don’t get rid of that easily. It was through social networks, almost ten years ago, that Jade Pradin bowed out almost impromptu. “I confirm that I no longer play the role of Salomé Boissier in season 6 (of ClemEditor’s note)”, says the person concerned on Facebook. “And that I will therefore not be in this new season… Nor in the 1st episode!“Goodbye, thank you, as someone else would say.

Clem : the real reasons for Jade Pradin’s departure

Jade Pradin, in the same publication, bluntly revealed the real reasons of his departure from TF1 production. And, the least we can say is that his departure was prompted by a specific reason. “I found the proposed scenario a little too ‘hot’ for a high school student like Salomé but I know that, since then, scenes have been excluded.”, adds the ex-actress of Clem. She also took advantage of her 2.0 platform to reassure her fans: “On the other hand, I have not stopped filming, on the contrary, I keep you regularly informed of my news.The character of Salomé, like that of Clem, was very popular with fans of the soap opera Clem.

Jade Pradin makes a comeback in PBLV

Jade Pradin concludes: “I have extraordinary memories of these six years of filming, shared with a wonderful team, both in terms of actors and technicians, a great experience for me! I will be sure to tell you about all my next projects, which are just as entertaining.In 2024, we surprisingly find Jade Pradin in the reboot of More beautiful life titled More beautiful life, even more beautiful. It was TF1 which resurrected the late flagship program of France 3. In this other soap opera, which is getting a makeover, Jade Pradin plays Morgane Tanguyniece of Yolande Sandréheroine of the show since season 11, who will fall in love with the character of Jules. A new start for the actress who is definitely a loyal subscriber to the first channel’s soap operas. Whether in Clem or in More beautiful life, even more beautiful.

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance of Wednesday February 21, 2024 on TF1: Mélody discovers Georges' secret, Gilles innocent? Follow us

Summary of episode 1627 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Wednesday February 21, 2024 on TF1. Camille is having a hard time finding a place in the wine industry. Filipina doesn't really appreciate it and the young woman struggles to assert herself. She arrives late because of the time constraints imposed by her electronic bracelet, but Philippine doesn't want to know. While she reprimands him, Victor arrives and ends the discussion. Later, Camille carries the boxes of wine and drops one because of its weight. Diego hears him and comes to his aid. He suggests she use a hand truck. Camille then understands that Philippine deliberately forgot to tell her about this very practical tool on the wine estate. When she returns home, Camille puts a bandage on herself after being injured at work. Martin is surprised that Philippine did not provide him with equipment for treatment at the estate. Camille then admits to him that the businesswoman doesn't like him very much and she feared that this injury would be a new reason to reproach him. Martin promises Camille not to tell Raphaëlle so as not to worry her but asks her to alert him if Philippine continues to undermine her morally.

Audrey makes a blunder

Encouraged by Sarah, George understands that he must confess, despite his fears, to Melody that he is going to be the father of Vanessa. After the blow of Vanessa's greeting card and the chill that it threw into their magnificent evening on Valentine's Day, the police officer is skeptical but he chooses to listen to his friend. He asks Mélody to join him for lunch, when Nordine shows up and keeps them company. This is not really the ideal time to tell him such news. They are supposed to meet for dinner but Mélody crashes it. And for good reason, Audrey made a mistake a little earlier in the day and told Mélody everything about Vanessa's imminent birth…

Gilles is better

Gilles was operated by Renaud with success. A few hours later, he woke up in pretty good shape despite the anesthesia. He admits to the police having confronted Villard and fought with him but he did not kill him. He assures that he was alive when they left each other. The police discover, thanks to Timothythat Jonot lied. They decide to arrest him but the man flees. When they inspect the trunk of his car, it is stained with blood. Would he have killed Villard himself?

Game of Thrones: this cult actress feels bad about herself because of her role Follow us

Game Of Thrones is undoubtedly the most popular American series of the 2010s. The reason ? Sex, blood, tears, fantasy, gargantuan dragons and political conspiracies you name it. Not to mention an incredible gallery of characters played by talented actors and actresses. Take Arya Stark. She is one of the flagship heroines of GoT and favorite protagonist of a gaggle of fans of the series. However, Maisie Williams, its actress, recently returned to the dazzling fame that resulted in the HBO series. And the whole aspect toxic carried by this celebrity early linked to the role of Arya.

A difficult experience for Maisie Williams

During the first season of Game Of Thronesin 2011, Maisie Williams was only 14 years old! An age perhaps a little too young to be part of such a colossal production and destined to become a hit in the HBO catalog. It is during preadolescence, or even adolescence itself, that we construct ourselves in relation to the image that is sent back to us by the outside world. And that we build a personality, in addition to an inner strength. Obviously, with the success of GoT throughout the world, and all the veneration that the character of Arya has aroused season after season, Maisie Williams has enjoyed quite a bit. The British actress, who will celebrate her 27th birthday this year, detailed all the difficulties of growing up as a normal young girl on the sidelines of an extraordinary series.

Game Of Thrones ruined his adolescence

I struggled to feel good in my own skin.”, says Maisie Williams in an interview with Sunday Times. “I was lost for a long time and I was aware of it. But I couldn’t put into words how I felt at the time. I understood that this had to do with my identity. This made me very uncomfortable.Next to the public figure that she was forced to construct for herself, the interpreter of Arya did not, according to her, have had the chance to construct herself as a person. Game Of Thrones, and the weight of success on her teenage shoulders, weighed heavily on her. Not to say that the fantasy show wasted a large majority of his adolescence in the limelight.

Maisie Williams grew up with GoT

In fact, it must be admitted, Maisie Williams literally grew up with GoT. But, also, with her on-screen avatar, Arya, who is one of the most annoying characters in the series. Between the brutal death of his father by decapitation, the separation from his family, the wanderings alone in Westeros, her revenge plotted in the shadows, the brutal trials of life… Arya is a true survivor. Even if she left many feathers each time. A bit like her actress. “It’s very complicated for me to remember all this, to talk about it openly, because it was very difficult.”The culmination of this unhappiness? An intimate scene, in which her character offers her virginity to her lover, Gendry, caused great controversy at the time. Fans of the show, who saw Arya grow up at the same time as the adventure progressed, got on their big hair via social networks, described this scene as “ weird ” Or ” annoying“. And everyone gave their two cents without thinking about how the actress felt. Filming such a scene, for its performer, is not easy. So examined from all angles on the networks, re-shared on porn sites or commented on excessively in the press must not have helped things. Maisie Williams concludes that she nevertheless enjoyed playing the character but that it may have come a little too early in her budding acting career. And, de factoin her life as a young girl.

Netflix: the return of this very popular series is enraging Internet users Follow us

In August 2021, Netflix added to its catalog an original production from Jordan. Created by Tima Shomali, AlRawabi School for Girls follows the revenge of an introverted teenager, Mariam (Andria Tayeh), victim of school bullying in a prestigious private high school for girls. After a discreet release online, the first season, available in six episodes, was a real hit, obtaining the mention the reference “among the most beloved” on the platform at the red N. The streaming giant then decided to renew the program for a second season. The new burst of episodes finally arrived on February 15 and greatly disappointed fans.

The unpleasant surprise of Netflix subscribers

A huge casting change took fans by surprise. If it takes place within the same high school, season 2 ofAlRawabi School for Girls stages new characters, including a teenager who dreams of becoming popular. The radical choice of Tima Shomali did not please everyone. “Have we waited all this time for the sequel to ever happen? Too much rage“, “I was expecting so much from the rest of season 1 but it has absolutely nothing to do with it,” “First minute ofAlRawabi School for Girls and it tells me about a Sarah and a Jarred”, “Keep your season 2 to yourself, we don’t want it. Bunch of deceivers go », “It’s not the sequel!!!! This sucks!! », “There’s not even a sequel what a scamprotest Netflix subscribers on the X network (formerly known as Twitter.

Why did the Netflix series change its cast?

In an interview with the Harper's Bazaar relayed by our colleagues from Tele-Leisurethe showrunner of the Jordanian series sets things straight: “There are so many different aspects that went into the casting process for season 2.” But, I understand that people are mourning the loss of the cast from the first season. If they didn't react that way, I would feel betrayed and I'm happy that I was able to create such beloved characters that people can feel a connection with.” Despite the discontent, this very surprising new season has risen at the top of the Top 10 most viewed series In France, from the weekend it was put online. It is not yet known whether the streaming giant intends to give the green light to the development ofa third burst of episodes. The platform is certainly waiting to analyze the audiences to deliver its verdict.

Charli XCX: the popstar raises the temperature with these very hot photos Follow us

Charli XCX is without a doubt the most famous of the niche popstars. In just ten years, the American artist has climbed the ranks of the music industry with her experimental pop. Or how Charli manages to balance between featuring mainstream And hyperpop hits. A genre on the edge of pop and electro that is starting to have more and more fans. Particularly thanks to social networks, where the singer shares her private daily life and the progress of her professional projects. Latest communication to date? A very hot photoshoot, produced by the pope of porn-normcore, photographer Richard Kern. The goal ? Start promoting sound steamroller sixth album solo. Let’s Rock!

Charli XCX trusts Richard Kern

We didn’t expect such a collaboration. And yet, it flows naturally. On one side, the hyperpopstar Charli XCX who plays on very sexy visual codes. On the other, Richard Kern, veteran of the New York underground scene and ex-pornographer. The two artists were bound to meet one day or another as their two creative universes, and more particularly imagery, are soluble in each other. It’s now done with this daring photoshoot but totally irrigated by Kern’s obsessions with the emblematic magazine The Face. Photos in which Charli can be seen in lascivious poses, scantily clad, or performing very suggestive positions. Not to say outright metaphorical of a porn film. The cover of one of his albums, moreover, how i’m feeling nowshowing Charli in panties, lying on her bed, camcorder in hand, is reminiscent of the porno-arty aesthetic of Richard Kern on Instagram.

What is Richard Kern’s name?

Richard Kern, photographer and filmmaker, is one of the most subversive American artists. In the mid-80s, he became a spearhead of the Cinema of Transgression. Kezako? A protest, indie, low-budget cinematic movement, mixing gore scenes, fetishistic perversions and hardcore pornography. We especially know the man for his collaborations with the lit nymphet and godmother of the genre, Lydia Lunch. For more than 30 years, Richard Kern has signed a gaggle of photographic collections highlighting the nudity of female models, sometimes in an aesthetic normcoresometimes in a porno-chicsometimes in vibes of series B. With this photoshoot for The Face, Richard Kern signs one of the finest commissions of his career. Charli XCX, playing on essentially the same visual codes as the distinguished photographer, is a perfect model for Kern. A sort of artistic resurrection in which Charli would be a Lydia Lunch 2.0, but wiser, of courseor another very well-known model, Lung Leg.

Charli is preparing her 6th album

The Face’s ole-ole photoshoot is supposed to pave the way for the arrival of Charli XCX’s famous sixth album. That is to say almost two years after the successful CRASH which took up the aesthetic erotic-mechanical-nihilistic from the eponymous film David Cronenberg released in 1996. For the moment, we don’t know much about the musical content of this sixth solo effort. It’s been some time since the female artist tease the musical development of it, talks about his artistic creation, via his social networks. For the moment, the famous cake does not have an official release date set but it seems that it is planned for sometime in 2024. On her networks, Charli confirmed that the album should be titled simply XCX6 and should not present any featuring, unlike CRASH. The first official single, titled von Dutchin homage to the famous clothing brand of the 2000s, is due out this Friday, February 29, 2024. Enough to raise the hype a little more for XCX6. The temperature is already at its peak with this high-end photographic collaboration between Charli and Kern for The Face.

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LOL who laughs, comes out: this original idea for season 5, Philippe Lacheau is already up for it Follow us

Always further, always higher, always more LOL. As the fourth season of the iconic entertainment LOL: Who laughs, comes out!, presented by Philippe Lacheau, on Prime Video, is currently in progress, he already has ideas for the sequel. Particularly concerning a possible casting of a potential season 5. An idea suggested by a journalist!

LOL or the machine laughter of Prime Video

We no longer present LOL: Who laughs, comes out! on Prime Video. Come on, for those distracted at the back of the class, this is an entertainment show where a handful of French-speaking comedy stars are locked up for six hours in a loft. The goal ? Don't laugh. Or make your opponent laugh. The reason ? Be the last in line to pocket a tidy sum which will then be donated to an association. Launched with a bang in 2021 on Amazon's streaming platform, LOL: Who laughs, comes out! gives pride of place to many comedy troublemakers.

LOL and its five-star castings

The list of candidates LOL over the first four seasons is impressive. Not to mention colossal. A kind of Who is it ? giant of French but also Belgian humor. We hold our breath: Julien Arruti, Alexandra Lamy, Kyan Khojandi, Hakim Jemili, Inès Reg, Reem Kherici, Gérard Jugnot, Fadily Camara, Bérengère Krief, Gérard Darmon, Camille Lellouche, Audrey Fleurot, Ahmed Sylla, Panayotis Pascot, Just Riadh, Eric Judor, Ramzy Bedia, Alice David, Melha Bedia, Pierre Niney, Paul Mirabel, François Damiens, Virginie Efira, Jonathan Cohen, Laura Felpin, McFly & Carlito, Jean-Pascal Zadi, Alban Ivanov, Marina Fois to quote only those. During a recent interview, Philippe Lacheau said he was up for a very particular potential casting. But with who ?

LOL with the Bastards?

In fact, in an interview with Sat cablepublished this Monday February 19, 2024the flagship presenter of LOL: Who laughs, comes out! had fun imagining a casting for a potential fifth season. In reality, Philippe Lacheau simply picked up the idea of ​​the journalist on the other side of the dictaphone. The actor, who once again joined the troupe of Bastardsto celebrate the 35th anniversary of the association, reacted positively to a not so crazy idea. The journalist asked him if a casting of LOL composed of certain members of the Enfoirés could see the light of day. Response from the principal concerned: “Ah, it's not stupid! It's actually a very good idea… I'll ask Mr. Amazon.” With Gérard Jugnot, also a member of Les Enfoirés and ex-participant of LOL, could a connection be created in the future? Nothing is less certain, everything is possible. And only Fifi Lacheau could have the answer. After all, it is he who distributes the points points and the red cards in LOL: Who laughs, comes out!.

  • LOL: Who Laughs, Come Out!, season 4, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video France