We take stock of the funniest memes of Tommy Shelby and his band in Peaky Blinders.

There is nothing to say. Future episodes of the flagship series of the BBC are eagerly awaited by fans! Indeed, everyone is in a hurry to know if Tommy Shelby will lose everything in season 6 of Peaky blinders. It must be said that since the huge cliffhanger of the final season of the previous season, they are worried about the mental health – rather fragile – of the leader of the clan Shelby. Unfortunately for them, the coronavirus epidemic forced production to temporarily stop filming for season 6, thus delaying its official release date on the platform. A blow for the fans who cannot wait any longer! So, just to be patient, here is a funny little recap of the funniest memes on the internet on Thomas Shelby and his gang.

Meme posted on Reddit by ieatassnow

Person: “…” and Tommy in season 5: “STRATEGY”

Meme posted on Reddit by Zxlash

“The ground is not having a plan”. Tommy’s reaction.

Meme posted on Reddit by Vigneshkr12
Meme posted on Reddit by Sid73

Professor: “We are going to England”. Girls ‘reaction: “Great, shopping, the London Eye, Big Ben …” Boys’ reaction: “imagine the Shelby brothers”

Meme posted on Reddit by V_K_D

Grace: “What are you most worried about?” “Your life and that of your baby” vs “Arthur’s speeches”.

Business First from r / PeakyBlinders

“This is business!”

Meme posted on Reddit by BMSwanny

Yes, we know you put the subtitles. Because neither do we understand anything half of what we say.

Meme posted on Reddit by Deepcontractor

Subtitles in Peaky Blinders: “Everyone Needs Me”

Between Tommy Shelby who exhausts family members with his galore strategies, Finn that fans have still not forgiven for throwing his big brother’s plan at Billy Grade, the speeches that Arthur can never finish and the famous mandatory subtitles for a good understanding of the dialogues, There is plenty to do ! Hoping to have allowed you to find a little smile before the arrival of season 6 on Netflix. Meanwhile, check out this theory that Alfie Solomons would be back to help Tommy Shelby defeat Oswald Mosley in future episodes of Peaky blinders.



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