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You like them nuggets ? If so, here is a little series from behind the fagots that might just put you off. Or almost. Don't panic, nothing like a brutal and sickening dive into a nugget factory. As the rapper would say LOAS in his song VLV : “You know the saying, if you like something, don't try to find out how it's made. No, Chicken Nuggetthe famous series soon available on Netflix, coming directly from South Korea, is a fantastic show with a crazy concept and a crazy story. And which will potentially make you regret your bucket ordered on Deliveroo.

Chicken Nuggeton Netflix, offers the wing and the thigh

In Newspeak X (formerly Twitter), the use of the term “chicken” means that something is of high quality. Obviously, Netflix, to promote the Chicken Nugget, split with a tweet starting with “What is this chicken?”. Before answering directly: “It's his daughter.” In just two catchy sentences, Netflix offers the wing and the thigh. The platform captures the interest of Gen-Z with its gimmick and then generates interest for the rest of its audience. How so, “her daughter”? Fact, Chicken NuggetSouth Korean series offbeat tone and at ludicrous scenario, doesn't really need a long speech to be presented. But rather a brief tweet revealing its hilarious high concept.

What is the series about? Chicken Nugget is it done?

The pitch of Chicken Nugget proves once again that South Korean entertainment is always two steps ahead. The proof ? It is an incredible story around a young woman transformed into a (chicken) nugget because of an infernal machine. Obviously, his fatherpresident of an important company, and a secret admirer who is in love with the heroine, will try to make her regain her human form in a real obstacle course punctuated by adventures each one crazier than the last. A lively, colorful and offbeat comedy… Of which only South Korea has the secret. Or, to a lesser extent, Japan. Because this scenario could quite come from a hallucinated trip of the genius Takashi Miike. In any case, we don't see any other country, other than these two, which could give birth to such a story as well. crossed out !

Chicken Nugget coming out very soon on Netflix

Chicken Nugget is made up of chicken, okay, a woman's body too, okay, but above all 12 episodes. A relatively classic format in 2024. The South Korean series, adaptation live action of a web toonthat is to say a viral comic format very popular there, arrives on March 12, 2024 on the famous platform. Chicken Nugget features a first teaser, crazy and hilarious, with only English subtitles for the moment, which sets the tone. First images, funny and tasty, which give a glimpse of a series which contrasts with the somewhat boring seriousness of a Squid Game or other dramas that are a little too stuck. In any case, we challenge you to return to KFC after having swallowed ten episodes of Chicken Nugget on Netflix.

Here it all starts in advance of Monday February 19, 2024 on TF1: Jasmine and Jim fall in love, Bérénice wins Follow us

Summary of episode 864 ofHere it all begins broadcast Monday February 19, 2024 on TF1. Malik must admit… He has felt very alone sinceAmber left, leaving him behind. The young man has had no history for months and seems discouraged. After a discussion with Billie, he seems to be considering meeting again even without it leading to a story. And he is ready to take an example from his partner, Leonard. The young man feels ready to love someone else since the departure ofEthan. He seems to have caught the eye of the wedding planner he works for at the moment. And this is reciprocal! The two young men exchange unmistakable glances. During the tasting, Malik notices the wedding planner’s assistant and he seems to like her a lot…

Bérénice takes the lead

Berenice is very disappointed. When she looks at the schedule of services at Double A, she is hardly there. And for good reason, the remark made to Anaïs on her way of speaking in the kitchen seems to have grilled her. But Bérénice is no longer the same. The baking tournament strengthened her a lot. She now feels ready to experience service in the kitchen but Anaïs does not want to take her back. Bérénice insists and asks him to give her one last chance. If she doesn’t do the job, she won’t ask him anything more. Anaïs accepts and is impressed by the progress that the young woman has made in the space of a few weeks.

Jasmine and Jim are carried away by their love

Jimmy breaks up with Maya during the day. He realizes that he must not make the young woman hope. He is not in love with her and makes it clear to her. If Maya is disappointed, Jim seems to have made the right decision. For his part, since his breakup with Jasmine, Thibault asks herself serious questions about her relationship with Jim. This morning he thought he was strange when he brought up the subject at breakfast. Thibault will therefore ask questions to Kelly And Lionel on this subject. But the couple plays the game and brushes aside Thibault’s doubts.

Later, Jim goes to Jasmine’s house. She asks him what he is doing there… The young man needs her to tell him once and for all that nothing will happen between them. He needs to move on, but Jasmine can’t tell him that. She is troubled by him and cannot deny it. Jim and Jasmine kiss each other languidly and undress.

LOL qui rit comes out, season 4: Marina Foïs, Jérôme Commandeur, Jean-Pascal Zadi… Our predictions on the winner Follow us

We no longer present entertainment LOL who laughs comes out, on Prime Video, presented by Philippe Lacheau. Well, for the few heads in the air or the hermits holed up in their cave, it’s a game with a very simple concept. It is strictly forbidden to laugh otherwise you will be ejected from the competition. Each contender defends a Charity association for which he can pocket a jackpot if he wins the game. 2024 already shows the fourth season of LOL. We find in this new edition: McFly & Carlito, Marina Fois, Alison Wheeler, Jean-Pascal Zadi, Jerome Commander, Franck Gastambide, Audrey Lamy, Anaïde Rozam, Alban Ivanov And Redouane Bougheraba. Here are three of our darlings on which we put our marbles for a hands-down victory! Follow the leader ! But a strict ban on laughing…

LOL : why Marina Foïs can win season 4?

Marina Foïs is a boss when it comes to humor. For the youngest who read us, she was part of the famous troupe of comedians from Canal+, Les Robins des Bois. Either the direct heirs of Dummies. Marina Fois, after the end of Robins, decided to fly solo. The Machiavellian Marie-Joëlle In The infernal Montparnasse Tower which makes one’s head spinEric Judor, it’s her. The hilarious Guyyyyyyyy in the cult prehistoric comedy RRRrrr!!!, it’s her too. The dilapidated one Florence In Dad and momin front of Laurent Lafitte dumped, it’s still her. We could also see Marina Foïs balancing valve after valve in a few episodes of Burger Quiz in front of a Alain Chabat hilarious. And stunned by the machine-gun flow of this Calamity Jane of humor cringe and deadpan. The winner of LOL season 4… Maybe it’s her!

LOL : why can Jérôme Commandeur win season 4?

Jérôme Commandeur rose to the top of French comedy with many spicy supporting roles. At the same time presenter, stand-upper, voice actor and actor, he has done everything to earn his place in the very popular court of the funniest guys in France. Recently, we saw him in The torchhold it high in the face of an indestructible Jonathan Cohen. His humor, based on a tone shiftedor even outright out of phasealso hits the mark in a gaggle of films: Barbecue, Cinderella’s New Adventures, Fully, A trip to my daughter’s house, Irreducible or Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde. It could well be that Jérôme Commandeur is the dog in a bowling game for this fourth season of LOL. A party troublemaker in spite of himself, very destabilizing for his adversaries with his permanent humorous shift. The winner of LOL season 4… Maybe it’s him!

LOL : why can Jean-Pascal Zadi win season 4?

Jean-Pascal Zadi has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years, particularly with his brilliant mockumentary Simply Black. Gone are the days when he documented underground French rap up close alongside Seth Gueko and Alpha 5.20. In the meantime, Zadi has created a very funny short web format, Fearsbefore having his own show on the rival platform, Netflixtitled In place. In LOL season 4, we expect him with his usual nonchalance, his awkward approach à la Snoop Dogg and his valves eyeing the French Chris Rock. We even hope, in Loucedé, that Zadi gives us a parody rap of which he alone has the secret like his character in Pink Kalash in the sharp comedy of Fabrice Eboué, Coexist. The winner of LOL season 4… It might be him!

  • LOL Who Laughs Comes Out, season 4, begins broadcast on Prime Video from this Friday, February 16, 2024

Game of Thrones: this star is unrecognizable in his new series Follow us

The last time we heard from her was exactly a year ago. On February 24, Maisie Williams took to social media to announce painful news. On Instagram, the actress who played Arya Stark in the series Game Of Thrones on HBO revealed to have ended her relationship of five with the one who shared her life, Reuben Selbystylist and co-founder of a modeling agency. ” The end of an era “, according to the young woman who added with humor: “Please don’t ask us questions, we have to protect our child (my dog).” The ex-lovebirds became a couple in 2018.

From Game of Thrones to haute couture

Maisie Williams has some much happier news this month. Five years later Game Of Thrones, she returns to the screen in a completely different register. In The New Looknew luxurious original creation from AppleTV+it is difficult to recognize it as it appears metamorphosed. The young actress in the casting of Pistol two years ago on Disney+ lends its features to Catherine Dior, sister of the famous French couturier, in the series dedicated to the rivalry between Coco Chanel and him during the Second World War. Member of a secret Resistance network in the 1940s, the character she plays was arrested by the Germans, tortured by the Gestapo before being deported to a concentration camp north of Berlin. A compositional role which required very strict discipline from its performer.

This drastic diet from Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams spared no effort to slip into the shoes of Catherine Dior. The role actually asked him to lose more than 11kg. Under the supervision of health professionals, the star of Game Of Thrones was obliged to a drastic diet. In interview with the British edition of the magazine Harper’s Bazaarshe explains that she succeeded in achieving her goal by eating little, meditating regularly but also by sweating a lot. “I had to get up at 4 a.m. to start sweating. The day before, around 7 or 8 p.m., I was allowed to eat something salty and dehydrating – a little smoked salmon and a tiny glass of winereports the actress. Then I took a hot bath with lots of salts. Afterwards, I would sort of levitate into bed and sleep for about three hours, then wake up and eat a handful of nuts. I couldn’t sleep through the night at this point.”.

Outer Banks (Netflix): a star actor of the teen show arrested in Las Vegas Follow us

Outer Banks is a very popular teen show on the Netflix platform. We follow the adventures of a handful of friends, with some sentimental pangs between them nonetheless, in search of a treasure. A variation of Treasure Islandclassic of adventure literature signed Robert Louis Stevensonremixed for Gen-Z. In the main cast, we find actor Austin North who plays Topper Thorntorn. An often violent bourgeois, with the look of a quarterback, passionate about surfing, who appears as the main antagonist in Outer Banks. A certain part of fiction has just caught up with reality since Austin North was arrested in Las Vegas due to violent behavior.

Austin North, star ofOuter Banksarrested by the police

Austin North found himself in a hospital of Las Vegas this week. In a frenzied act of violence, the actor attacked several members of staff. He would have, according to the site TMZattacked several caregivers in the emergency department. The police, who arrived on the scene after the incident to arrest Austin North, say that the actor was restrained after his outburst of violence in the hospital establishment. According to the law enforcement report, obtained by the American online tabloid, officers were called to the hospital emergency room this Tuesday February 13, 2024 to intervene in a case ofassault doubled with blows and wounds in the places. Once there, the Las Vegas police questioned the alleged victims of the attacker.

Caregivers stunned after Austin North attack

Two nurses and a specialist claim to have been attacked by the main suspect when he lost his temper after a stampede. Austin North, according to the victims' statements, began to give several punches to the three alleged victims. In addition, he severely jostled the caregivers who tried to calm him down. Apparently, according to the caregivers and the specialist attacked, there was no apparent reason for such violent behavior. Austin North, according to the police report, allegedly hit one of the two nurses in the head, hit the face of the other nurse before pushing the specialist against furniture in the department. The specialist allegedly used a nearby tray to hit Austin North in self-defense. The actor, for his part, after his arrest, tried to justify his erratic behavior and his outburst of violence.

Austin North explains his violent behavior

Once arrived at the square, the local police surrounded and arrested Austin North before questioning him. The star ofOuter Banks, later, spoke of this violent slippage via the networks. The latter explains his behavior by anxiety attack very strong which caused him to slip. Austin North, under significant stress, was convinced he was going to die. Panic allegedly caused him to attack hospital staff in a fit of rage. uncontrolled rage. He adds that he no longer has any memory of the incident before his arrest by the police. LThe American actor also detailed that he was subject to chronic anxiety which generally manifested itself in more or less severe anxiety attacks. According to him, this anxiety attack, which led to his violent behavior, is the worst he has ever experienced so far. He apologized to all hospital staff and says he hopes to improve his health problem in the future. Bad publicity that Netflix would have done without while the season 4 ofOuter Banks coming soon to the platform.

Léo Matteï in advance of February 22, 2024 on TF1: Léo facing the disappearance of a child Follow us

TF1 continues its broadcast of season 11 of Léo Matteï – Protection of minors with two new episodes this Thursday February 22, 2024 from 9:10 p.m. So, just to be up to date, and even ahead of time, here is a little summary 100% spoilers of the episodes 3 And 4 from season 11 of Leo Matteï broadcast this February 22 on TF1. A story divided into two complementary parts. Then a repeat of episode 1 of season 9. Follow the leader ! Attention, spoilers

Leo Matteï : what happens in episode 3 of season 11?

Vanessa Malet is a missing young woman whose case dates back ten years ago. This one, then on a beach accompanied by her father, disappeared without a trace. A disappearance like we see several thousand every year in the press in France. Flashforward : 10 years later, a young woman, named Bertille Bastiti, claims that she is actually Vanessa Malet in a viral video posted on social networks. Neither one nor two, the journalists seize the affair with sensation while the Commissioner Daguerre is distraught. Ten years earlier, he had failed to resolve the Vanessa Malet affair. Thus, he calls on Léo Matteï and Inès Salma to investigate this story of a new identity. The two disembark at college of the young girl where she is taken for a mythomaniac by his comrades. Attention, others spoilers

Leo Matteï : what happens in episode 4 of season 11?

Faced with Léo and Salma's investigation in her establishment, and the jeers she endures from the students, Bertille Batisti takes refuge with her best friend, Louwho is the daughter of principal of college. The schoolgirl can't stand the moral harassment that she lives on the grounds of her college. She persists and signs, affirming that she is indeed Vanessa Malet who disappeared ten years ago. At the end of her rope, she tries to commit suicide by drowning when jumping into the Mediterranean. This was without counting on Léo Matteï who saved her, at the last minute, at the risk of his own life in the sea. With confidence, Bertille/Vanessa confides to Léo that she is thinking of meeting her biological father to retrace his entire disappearance on the famous beach a decade earlier. For his part, Léo did not really appreciate the reunion with his mother but he nevertheless wishes to see her again to dieabscess between them.

Leo Matteï : what happens in episode 1 of season 9?

Rebroadcast. In episode 1 of season 9 of Léo Matteï – Protection of minors, a young dancer with a promising future ends her life brutally. Léo Matteï, accompanied by his new teammate who was recently assigned to him, Inès Salma, is on the spot. The new pair is investigating this tragic death, in particular to identify whether the artist had given warning signs before his final dramatic gesture. Besides, Leo senses that there is something wrong with this matter of suicide. He thinks the victim was pushed to the limit by a third person. Or even several. Thus, Léo and Salma, together, seek to unmask the real people responsible who could have caused the irreparable. There's all this and much more in episodes 3 and 4 of the eleventh season of Léo Matteï – Protection of minors. And the rebroadcast of the first episode of season 9. So, follow Jean-Luc Reichmann in his hectic police investigations this February 22 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance of Friday February 16, 2024 on TF1: Follow us

Summary of episode 1624 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Friday February 16, 2024 on TF1. Manon And Soraya are decided to join forces to orchestrate the reconciliation of Nordine And Gabriel. The two young women are overwhelmed by the stubborn character and bad faith of their respective spouses. They absolutely want them to be able to overcome this conflict in order to get back on track. They organize an evening for four at Spoon that same evening. Soraya suggests playing table football and forces Gabriel and Nordine to be on the same team. The two young men win the game but each wants to take credit. Their conflict, which seemed to be calming down, starts again…

Lisa in the grip of a jealous attack

Lisa impatiently awaits the return ofAaron. When he returns, she shouts at him and accuses him of sleeping with all the women of Sète behind his back. She found a phone on the couch and the text messages on it are unmistakable. She wants to leave him! But Aaron laughs at the situation, this phone belongs to his brother Simon. Lisa suddenly feels ridiculous… She admits to Aaron that Simon risks having a little less success with women. Lisa sent killer text messages to each of her conquests. When he gets his cell phone back, Simon is speechless.

Did Gilles kill Pascal Villard?

Gilles And Cecile are happy as newlyweds! But now, the shadow of the latter's father continues to hover over the couple. The duo would like to have finished once and for all with this man who does not hesitate to manipulate his daughter to take money. As he leaves the house, Gilles slips on the steps and hits his head. If the injury is minor and quickly treated by Chloe, investigators determine that it was a voluntary incident. A very slippery material was applied to the exterior steps of the house. The couple is convinced that it is still a stunt. Pascal Villard.

Cécile agrees to call her father and arranges to meet him. The police equip him with a microphone in order to be able to trap Pascal Villard. But Gilles is fearful, he doesn't want Cécile to be in danger. The latter maintains that she wants to put an end to him as quickly as possible and wishes to be equipped by the investigators. When she goes to the appointment, her father does not come. Later, Pascal Villard's car is found abandoned. He can not be found. For his part, Gilles went for a long walk after his visit to the police station. He comes back later than expected and says he washes his hands. He actually hides that they are stained with blood…

The Resident in advance of February 21, 2024 on TF1: Conrad and Billie get closer Follow us

TF1 continues its broadcast of season 6 of The Resident with three new episodes this Wednesday February 21, 2024 from 9:10 p.m. So, just to be up to date, and even ahead of time, here is a short 100% spoiler summary of the episodes 7, 8 And 9 from season 6 of The Resident broadcast this February 21 on TF1. Follow the leader ! Attention, spoilers

The Resident : what happens in episode 7 of season 6?

Conrad And Austin go to a federal prison to examine the brother of Janayanurse who accompanied the mother of the second in the last days of life. The brother, currently on death row, is visibly very ill but the prison administration does not take him seriously. The latter has a total epileptic seizure in front of Conrad and Austin. For his part, Cade discover photos of the recent wedding between Kit And Randolph. Issue : Conrad and Billie slow dance in one of the photos from the event. Concerning Devon, he manages a strange meeting with tourists who are very concerned about the cost of care in America. Attention, others spoilers

The Resident : what happens in episode 8 of season 6?

Leela and Bell are taken to court even though they have been awarded an award for their career as distinguished surgeons. Kit thinks it's the governor, Mark Betz, who plotted this trap to take revenge for the revelations made after his election. In the service, a teenager, Malik13, was hospitalized after swallowing a Fentanyl pill. A very powerful and dangerous pharmaceutical drug that is wreaking havoc in North America. Conrad, listening only to his courage, goes in search of Malik's brother who has other pills in his possession. He fears that the other teenager will reproduce his brother's behavior. Ian, for his part, asks his daughter to prescribe medication to allow him to continue practicing his profession. Attention, others spoilers

The Resident : what happens in episode 9 of season 6?

It's almost like any other day in Chastain's emergency department. A man, visibly attacked by a wild beast, arrives at the hospital with his arm in a pitiful state. It appears that the animal lacerated his limb. Very quickly, Conrad's team discovers that the person is actually the owner of a zoo. The icing on the cake: it is a completely illegal zoo in which it houses dangerous fauna if it is poorly supervised. Obviously, the man does not put in the effort to seek treatment because he knows that he is at fault and illegal. Padma sends the twins back to Austin to rest during a day off. For his part, Pravash is working furiously on a metal rib cage prototype. Said prototype must be installed by Doctors Bell and Autin while the operation will be filmed to advance research. But Bell is still at the center of a smear campaign despite his illness worsening under the pressure of this major operation. And his multiple sclerosis which is accelerating. And of the defamation campaign of which he is the main victim. There's all this and more in episodes 7, 8 and 9 of the sixth season of The Resident. So, make an appointment in the department of Conrad, Ian, Devon and the whole gang this February 21 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

Only Murders in the Building: this huge change coming in season 4 Follow us

Its old-fashioned charm has attracted subscribers to the Disney+ platform. Added to the Hulu catalog across the Atlantic, series Only Murders in the Building offers a breathtaking, romantic and comic rereading of fiction devoted to true crimes. We follow the Cluedo-style investigations of a trio of budding inspectorsCharles, Oliver and Mabel, respectively played by Steve Martin and Marting Short, and Selena Gomez, in a posh building in Manhattan, the Arconia. “I knew we could do something as big as this incredible building. It’s a bit cliché to say that the building is a character in itself, but I like that idea. What drives us to leave our apartments to meet people? How well do you know your neighbors? Are you only logging in when necessary? The ways in which we are drawn to each other when we live in such spaces is what is really interesting,” explained showrunner John Hoffman in an interview with French Voguelast year.

Only Murders in the Building changes scenery!

On October 3, 2023, Disney+ made it official the development of a fourth burst of episodes ofOnly Murders in the Building. Two months earlier, John Hoffman revealed to ScreenRant his desire to produce “as many seasons (as Disney) allows.” If he does not lift the veil on the events to come, Craig Erwich is releasing some important information this week into the microphone of our American colleagues. Questioned by our colleagues, the content manager at Hulu explains that the true crime series will relocate to Los Angeles. The move will come as no surprise to fans who remember that the characters played by Meryl Streep (Loretta Durkin) and Jesse Williams (Tobert) were already talking about going to the West Coast to relaunch their careers in the final season of the series, all episodes of which are available on the big-eared studio platform.

This star almost never starred in Only Murders in the Building

It’s impossible to imagine Charles and Oliver carrying out their investigation without Mabel’s invaluable help. Selena Gomez almost didn’t take part in the adventure. Blame it on John Hoffman and Steve Martin who were reluctant to entrust the main female role to the actress discovered in The Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. “ They were afraid that I would be difficult. It’s honestly the truth. They did not know, would later confide the interpreter of Mabel to the microphone of the Awards Chatter podcast on Hollywood Reporter. They tell people all the time: ‘I guess we didn’t really know what to expect, someone coming in who’s younger’.

Squid Game: Netflix is ​​preparing an American remake! Follow us

Fans have been impatient for (too) long. Netflix will satisfy them next summer by adding to its catalog the second season of Squid Game. Not much is yet known about upcoming events in South Korean fiction. Interviewed last year, showrunner Hwang Dong-hyeok said: “Prepare for Gi-hun’s return. And from the game master. Season 2 is coming soon. The man in the suit who plays ddakji might come back. You will also meet Cheol-su, Young-hee's boyfriend. Join us for a whole new game.” Lee Byeong-Heon, aka Hwang In-ho, also raised the hype last year: “What surprised me the most when I read the script for season 2 was that I realized that the director is a real storyteller. He creates things where there is nothing. This series should not have had a season 2 and I was amazed at how funny it is”.

Squid Game is flying to the United States!

After having declined it in the form of a reality TV, the red N platform is considering exporting Squid Game in the USA. An iconoclastic director would have already inherited this remake, which is as surprising as it is unexpected. According to journalist Jeff Sneider, David Fincher is quietly working on Squid Game. The information confirms the rumor launched by the media Production Weekly in October 2023. The streaming giant wanted “ardently” entrust the project to one of its most illustrious and talented collaborators. The director has in fact signed several original creations on his behalf, notably the series House of Cards And Mindhunterbut also two films, Mank and more recently The Killer with Michael Fassbender. Now all that remains is to find a casting for this very intriguing rereading.

What do Internet users think of the Netflix project?

The remake of the biggest South Korean hit on Netflix brings up scolds her on social networks. “I expect more from Fincher… We absolutely don't need an 'American remake' of foreign series/films that have already had success in the Westnt,” complains an Internet user. Others abound: “Nobody wants it. We like the Korean version », Fincher should rather finish Mindhunter“, “This should be seen as a lack of respect in the industry. You should not have the right to rewrite someone else's hard work in your language. In addition, the original screenwriter of Squid Name received many rejections before Netflix adopted it, ” Such a waste“, “I don't want a Squid Game American. Just watch the Korean version! People are wasting their time”we can read in particular on X (formerly Twitter).