New good plan and, once is not custom, it is not a video game which benefits from a nice drop. The 50 Euro PSN Gift Card is now priced at … 41.99 Euro!

Sony’s PlayStation was released on December 3, 1994. A console that has irreparably marked players, with cult games: Final Fantasy VII, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, MediEvil, etc. And since then, the Japanese firm has been number one in the console market with its PlayStation 4, while its PlayStation 5 revealed many games during a conference on September 17. Suffice to say that nothing is stopping Sony and its machine, ready to keep its number one place. And if the manufacturer is in the lead, it is in particular thanks to its ecosystem, the PSN in the lead. And today, another good plan for the Sony virtual store.


Gift card

€ 41.99
Gift card

Because today, September 18 at 9 p.m., the 50 euros PSN gift card is not offered at 50 euros, as the name suggests, but at 41.99 euros ! A significant saving for this promotion limited in time: do not hesitate, stocks being limited. With these 50 euros, it will be possible to make purchases on the PlayStation Network, as well DLC as games, in-app purchases, cosmetics, etc. A gift card validated by the writing of melty, and usable in France, without restrictions. All you have to do is enter the code obtained after purchase to recover the 50 euros of credit. For the other promotions of the week, OverWatch on PC, dematerialized, also benefits from a nice drop.


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