Here is what awaits you in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie on France 3.

You saw it this week in Plus belle la vie, Sophie has moved in with Thomas and Gabriel and does not want to leave … She even decided to change the locks! Obviously, the return of the bride and groom next week to the Mistral will be explosive. Unable to return home, they will have to settle in the Hôtel du Céleste to give Sophie and her children time to find other accommodation, but the mother will not seem really in a hurry to move. As for her job at the Mistral bar, it will be another disaster, and Sabrina, who will rebel against her, will even get fired by Roland! Great tensions will therefore be expected on this side in the next episodes of More beautiful life.

At the same time, Barbara will continue to get closer to César while leading the investigation into Hélèna Horn’s finances. Will we soon witness the formation of a new couple in the series of France 3 ? Possible. On the side of Samia and Jean-Paul, the two exes will be in conflict since after the postponement of their marriage because of the Coronavirus, they will both choose the same date for their respective union. Hadrien will not want to change and Irina will be more ferocious than ever towards Jean-Paul’s ex-wife, enough to promise sparks! At the roommate, the young people will always be delighted with the presence of Yvonne, Claude Rochat’s mother, and she could even help a little to play the cupids between Mouss and Mila. While waiting to discover this from Monday at 8:20 pm on France 3, we wondered if Sophie was Roland’s hidden daughter in Plus belle la vie.


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