Angèle and Swing present one of the most successful collaboration of this beginning of the year, we tell you more.

If Mister V featuring with Dosseh on “Gang” has given way to all the dancing and energetic side that French rap can have in 2020, the Belgian rapper Swing prefers to start the year smoothly. Emblematic member of the rap group L’Or du Commun, Swing has launched his solo career for 2 years now and approaches modern and emotional music that is close to what Kendrick Lamar and J. could do in the United States. Cole. His little plus in French rap is that he seems to draw his inspiration from soul and RnB and that he has a real talent as a singer. It gives great songs like “Grey” or “NOT” and today he comes back very well accompanied to deliver a new quality clip.

Having started music with his young friend Roméo Elvis, it is not surprising that he is now delivering a song accompanied by his sister, Angèle. And we are very happy that they are associated on this title, entitled “Leave” because the result is simply magical. Thanks to his high voice, Swing starts the song and takes us with him into his romantic universe full of nostalgia. Angela’s voice then comes perfectly to rest on top to add a sweetness which she alone has the secret of and which perfectly suits the theme of the song. The clip is very minimalist and the rapper is the only protagonist, appearing through a television that an old man watches. Angela she is not represented there, as if to give more importance to her voice which resonates loving words. In the rest of the music news Soprano and Ninho unveil the clip of their featuring “Musica” …


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