Is Tim Burton finally ready to direct a Marvel? The director’s answer may surprise you…

Nobody can deny that Tim Burton has his style good to him. Since he gave us beetle juice (1988), Batman (1989) and Batman: The Challenge (1992), no need to introduce it. For more than 30 years, his reputation has continued to grow. The director has his fetish actors, his little habits, and even a favorite composer. But what many fans would like is for him to participate in a film of marvel universe. And it’s for Deadline that Tim Burton has decided to confide. On the occasion of the Festival of Lights in Lyon, the great director talks about his complicated relationship with Disney. The studio that grew at breakneck speed absorbed franchises Marvel and Star Wars. And Tim Burton has a strong opinion on the matter.

He explains that in Marvel, “everything must be very homogeneous. There is much less room for different things.” And when journalists ask him if he will one day participate in the production of a Marvel, the director does not hesitate. He declares : I can only handle one universe. I can’t handle a multiverse. » But this refusal seems to have its source much deeper. In fact, after adapting Dumbo in 2019, Tim Burton ended its partnership with Disney. He reveals : “I’ve been hired and fired several times in my career there. I realized I was Dumbo. I worked for this horrible giant circus, and I had to escape. »

Will Tim Burton go freelance?

Despite this separation, Tim Burton has not yet explored the path of independent production. The director explains: “That’s what it is. An independent film, I don’t know. I’ve only worked for studios, so I never really understood what independent film was. Young Tim Burton began his directing career after one of his shorts caught the eye of Disney. Shortly after, his short film Frankenweenie displeased the studio, which resulted in Tim Burton being fired. And despite his clear-cut opinion on Marvel, the director has already participated in superhero films. Batman (1989) remains one of the greatest successes of genre cinema, even today. However, Tim Burton is best known for his feature films dark and gothicsuch as beetle juice Where Edward Scissorhands. Who knows, maybe he will change his mind and come back to Disney? In the meantime, we can discover Wednesday on Netflix on November 23 next.


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