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The announcement fell within the framework of 25 years of Falloutcelebrated this month by Bethesda with various events and giveaways on the menu. Like so many others, Fallout 4 will also be entitled to its “next-gen” patch on PS5 and Xbox Series, not to mention PCs.

Fallout 4 soon optimized on PS5, Xbox Series and PC

Expected sometime in 2023, this free optimization update for Fallout 4 will feature to improve the fluidity (performance mode) or to push the definition in 4K (quality mode). And even though the game was released almost seven years ago, the patch will take advantage of it to fix some bugs and bring bonus content to the Creation Club. For the moment, no more details.

We take advantage of this announcement to point out that Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition is free right now on the Epic Games Store, until Thursday, October 27 at 5 p.m. Meanwhile, Prime Gaming subscribers can grab a copy of Fallout 76 until November 1, while Fallout New Vegas will be part of the “free” games next month.

For those who are desperately waiting Fallout 5, sorry to calm your enthusiasm, but you will have to be very (very) patient. Bethesda plans to release Starfield first (in the first half of 2023) before focusing on The Elder Scrolls VI, then looking into a new Fallout.

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