Harry Potter: Here’s Why The Hero (Daniel Radcliffe) Was So Good At Quidditch (And You’ll Be Surprised!)

Harry Potter: Here's Why The Hero (Daniel Radcliffe) Was So Good At Quidditch (And You'll Be Surprised!)
In Harry Potter, the hero is very good on a flying broom. And here’s how Daniel Radcliffe kept motivation on set…

Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter. On the big screen, in any case, no one imagines another face than his for this role. And this character is very good on a Flying broom ! However, the shootings were not necessarily the most comfortable for the young actors. Spending hours on a broom probably makes sore buttocks… suddenly, we had to find motivations! In his book Beyond the Wand, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) recounts the underside of these epic scenes. According to the 30-year-old, who played the enemy of the hero in the saga, each of the actors had chosen a photo to hang on the object he had to watch. Thus, flying became more interesting! And Daniel Radcliffe had chosen a shot of a actress especially…

Tom Felton says the team was moving a tennis ball so that the actors could imagine what was going to happen after the special effects. The interpreter of Draco Malfoy remembers: ” When the director’s first assistant shouted ‘Dragon!’ or ‘bludger!’, we had to look at the tennis ball, well, as if it were a dragon or a bludger. Sometimes there was more than one tennis ball in the air. And since they all looked alike, they ended up giving us other objects to fix our gaze on. We chose photos of something or someone dear to us.

Daniel Radcliffe chose a very famous actress

The actor continues: Daniel Radcliffe had chosen a particularly pretty photo of the beautiful Cameron Diaz. Thus, the interpreter of Harry Potter could watch this shot instead of being bored on the set. After all, it’s a way like any other to get motivated… especially for a young teenager! Tom Felton, meanwhile, had chosen a otherwise glamorous cliché. He reveals : ” I had chosen the photo of an even more beautiful carp. To be honest, there was no competition! » However, if the two actors chose such different photos, that did not prevent them from being friends. Indeed, Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe have created a very strong bond. No, they are not enemies like their cinematic counterparts! And you, what would you have chosen to hang on the tennis ball?

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