Halloween 2022: 10 movies to watch to freak out under your plaid

Would you rather watch a movie on your sofa than freeze yourself outside asking for candy? That’s good, Melty has what you need!

The All Saints holidays are among our favorites and the presence ofHalloween program has a lot to do with it. Even if this party is not as well established in France as in the United States, we like to take this opportunity to watch a good horror film while stuffing ourselves with candy. Melty offers you a small selection of ideal feature films to scare you… With your family, alone or with friends! For it netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Canal+ or SCO have something to give chills to all of us. The proof with these 10 films. Follow the leader !

Ring (on Prime Video)

There will be a before and an after Ring in contemporary horror cinema. Japanese masterpiece Hideo Nakata and standard meter of the J Horror for more than twenty years, many times copied but never equaled, continues to put as many petoches. A VHS tape that kills the person watching it, the specter of a young girl crossing the TV screen, a winding police investigation… Ring is not only a horror film of the best water. It is a terrifying pop-cultural work that has turned the codes of horror cinema upside down, including in the West. You’ll never look at your TV screen the same way again.

The Vitch (on Prime Video)

Rereading the myth of the witch Salem in a setting of pagan tales, The Vitchreleased in 2015 and the prodigy’s first feature film RobertEggers, is a weird horror movie. A slow, almost weightless work that paints the portrait of a very religious peasant family in 17th century New England. It is also and above all the film which revealed the talented Anya Taylor Joy (heroine of the hit series, The Queen’s Game) in his very first role. And not least: his character, torn between strict religion and the tempting forces of evil, goes from victim to executioner in the snap of a finger. For fans of wiccanism and horror cheper.

Split (on Prime Video)

23 personalities. No more no less. It’s the identity disorder that shakes Kevina disturbed young man who alternates with his different personalities… And kidnaps young girls in bloom to sequester them in a converted cellar. Sometimes of his own free will, sometimes in spite of himself, it all depends on the personality that inhabits him at the moment T. Split marked the return to business of M.Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) after a short crossing of the desert. James McAvoy, who plays Kevin, delivers a stunning schizoid performance that has been a landmark ever since. Don’t be fooled by Kevin… His mood swings might just drive you crazy!

Insidious (on Canal+)

In the now long saga Insidiousif only one film had to be kept, it would undoubtedly be the very first of the name. An original, genuine work gamechanger in the early 2010s in a horror cinema mainstream American then sclerotic. A remake of the monsters under the bed movie over which the shadows of ghosts of the past and creatures from beyond loom. The story of a family whose son is troubled by strange gifts. We dare you not to jump off your sofa at the sight of The Man with the Red Face at the turn of a jump scare became cult in about ten years. Can someone turn the light back on, siouple?

REC (on Canal+)

There was a time when the found footage (understand a fiction with a shaky image like an amateur camera) was not at all the prerogative of horror films. Whether The Blair Witch Project struck a blow with this D system technique in 1999, it must be admitted that the reference in the matter comes fromSpain. And will have its own coup almost ten years later. In 2008, RECreimagining the zombie movie through a closed-door infection is one of the most horrifying films of the past twenty years. Partly its last 20 minutes, the final plan of which is overwhelming with horror and has since become cult. Not recommended in total darkness.

The Vigil (on OCS)

Attention nugget! And a little horror bomb that will give you sleepless nights punctuated with blue fears. The Vigil is a bizarre film mixing orthodox esotericism, Jewish religion and ancestral beliefs. A camera in which a young man must watch the body of a deceased all night before the burial the next day. Imagine the evil offspring of Devils (Ken Russell1971) and Conjuring – The Warren Files (JamesWan, 2013). A horror film that plays on the fear of death with a twist ending more terrifying than any jump scare series rowdy The Midnight Club.

Ouija board – The Origins (on Netflix)

Who said sequels have to make bad movies? Ouija board – The originswhich takes up the very boating concept of its elder, is a origin story devilishly effective which gives much more the willies than the first film of the name. Do you have a memory lapse? But yes, a group of slightly silly teenagers who play neither yes nor no with poltergeists thanks to a magic tablet. A true esoteric relic that will turn their destiny upside down. Ouija board 2 is a production that improvises like a broke version ofannabelle signed by the new patron saint of horror, mike flanagan (Haunting of Hill House). Do you dare to use the ouija board?

Eli (on Netflix)

Even if we consider thatEli is a well-made and yet disappointing horror film, this feature film has at least the merit of being unpublished! Broadcast exclusively on the streaming platform, it’s a bit of a mix of several stories that we already know. We are therefore dealing with a little boy allergic to the outside world, placed by his parents in a private clinic supposedly capable of curing him. Except that between hallucinations and painful treatments, Eli only dreams of one thing: to flee this cursed place… Enough to have the chips, especially if you’re claustrophobic!

In The Tall Grass (on Netflix)

This unreleased Netflix horror film, adapted from a short story written by Stephen King (and his son JoeHill), will delight all fans of the writer! Available on the streaming platform since 2019, In The Tall Grass tells the story of Becky, six months pregnant, and her brother Cal, who will experience a real descent into hell. These two characters, during a car trip, hear a little boy calling for help in a field of tall grass, and decide to enter the field in question to help him. But they didn’t expect to be then prisoners of a temporal fault from which they can no longer escape… Scary !

The Babysitter (on Netflix)

The director of Charlie and his Charlie’s Angels signs a well-crafted Z series! The Babysitter is an entertainment juggling between horror and comedy (a bit Little Monsters) recounting the hellish night of Cole, a twelve-year-old child fascinated by his nanny. When he should be sleeping, the boy spies on his babysitter and discovers thatshe uses her living room to bring members of her demonic cult together ! Will he be the next victim of these high school students who are determined to spill blood? Or will he manage to survive until sunrise? We’ll let you watch the film to get the answer!

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