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Over the years, the Spanish series One, back, very knew how to mark hearts and minds. The pitch? A group of young students enter Carmen Arranz’s performing arts school in Madrid. A way for them to learn more about this difficult profession, but also to meet people who will remain forever engraved in their memory. And it was in 2002, for six seasons, that fans were able to discover the endearing characters of Lola, Pedro, Sylvia, Roberto and Ingrid. Without counting on Marta or even the teachers, Adela, Diana, Juan and many others ! Another element that made the program vibrate: the love stories.

In fact, who says One, back, very, also known as idylls. Fans were in fact marked by the romances of the Spanish series. We will notably mention the passionate couple formed by Sylvia and Roberto. Or the undeniable romance of Lola and Pedro, which have been circling around since the very first episode. Unfortunately, at the risk of disappointing the public, the performers of the latter, Pablo Puyol and Beatriz Luengo didn’t take their love story into real life. In fact, the two actors have never been a couple, to the great dismay of fans of the show which has become cult. The actress who plays Lola finally made her life with another actor in the series, who is none other than… Yotuel Romero ! Namely, the interpreter of Paulyoung Cuban attractive in One, back, very. The two Spanish stars are now the happy parents of two children and continue to live their love in broad daylight.

Roberto and Sylvia, as a couple behind the cameras of Un, dos, tres!

On the other hand, on the side of Roberto and Sylvia, that’s a whole different story. In fact, their interpreters, Miguel Angel Munoz and Monica Cruz lived a romance behind the camerasOne, back, very between 2001 and 2004. Unfortunately, this story ended after a few years of love, to the great despair of fans of the Spanish series. Despite everything, the two actors have remained very friends and very close since. Viewers will also be able to find them on screen this Thursday, November 16 on W9 since they both appear in the reboot of the show: Un, dos, tres: New Generation (UPA Next). Concerning Pablo Puyolalias Pedro, although he did not get hold of Beatriz Luengo (Lola), there is another actress in the series who managed to seduce him. To know Dafne Fernandez, aka Marta in the series. The two actors stayed together for a few months before separating. As for the secondary characters, we can also mention Erika Sanz. The actress became a couple with Junior Miguel on the set of the series. Ah, love is beautiful!

Master Crimes: this actor played in an American series Follow us

You must have already seen Victor Meutelet before his role opposite Muriel Robin in Master Crimes on TF1. Beautiful angular face, model build, steel gray eyes and devastating smile… The 24-year-old French actor has all the makings of a movie star. The proof ? He has already played a young hunk opposite Axelle Laffont in romantic comedy MILF and the courageous hero of a horror film in the Parisian catacombs, Deep Fear. But Victor Meutelet also shot for a American series successful on Netflix.

In fact, Victor Meutelet played a small role in Emily in Paris ! Yes, yes, the most Frenchie of the Rican series. In the show, he plays TimothyThe brother of Camilleor the sidekick of the title heroine portrayed by Lily Collins. Victor Meutelet recounted this experience to our colleagues atAllocinated : “The opportunity to work with a big name like Darren Star [réalisateur culte, NDLR] or having Lily Collins as a partner, it wasn’t nothing. So, obviously, I wanted to be part of this adventure. I didn’t want to miss it.” A nice line on the actor’s CV. Just like that of Master Crimeswhere he shares the screen with Muriel Robin, in the language of Molière this time.

Master Crimes : Victor Meutelet makes a lasting impression in the series

In Master CrimesVictor Meutelet plays a student in a murder case on a campus. Louise Artus, university professor, specialist in psycho-criminology, played on screen by Muriel Robin, leads the investigation. The young actor does not deserve to face the challenge of French humor. But, at the same time, he already has a nice television track record of his own. In 2018, he played the role of an ambiguous young adult in Innocents, also on TF1. Still on the first channel, in 2019, he played a high-flying thief in The Charity Bazaar, again on TF1. A year later, he took on the role of a young waiter who investigates the disappearance of his sister in the TF1 mini-series, decidedly titled Grand Hotel. In Master Crimes, Victor Meutelet once again marks the minds of viewers. If you had already remembered his face, now you have to remember his name. The new episode of Master Crimes is broadcast this Thursday, November 16 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

Such a great sun: a cult character leaves the series Follow us

This return to school has been very difficult for fans ofSuch a big sun since they had to attend several departures. A few days ago, it was Virgil’s character who said goodbye to this big family. His interpreter, Fred Bianconi, had also entrusted to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure : “ For a year and a half, I saw that the authors struggled to find new ideas for Virgil. They had already put him through a robbery, a bereavement, a tantrum, a career change, a descent into hell… Better give him a breakwhich was decided by mutual agreement.

Then it was the actress Lucile Krier who decided to leave the series. However, some actors surprised fansSuch a big sun making their comeback. We think in particular of Maryline or even Gaëlle. This time, it was an emblematic character from the France 2 soap opera who said goodbye. This is Guilhem, played since the launch of the series by Manuel Blanc. The actor confirmed the news on his Instagram account.

Such a big sun: a new beginning upsets the fans

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a character in a series, especially when they’ve been there from the beginning. Guilhem was one of the key figures ofSuch a big sunL. He was especially talked about for his hidden love story with Elisabeth Bastide. On his Instagram account, Manuel Blanc shared photos from the filming of the series. In the caption, he wrote: “ It’s hot on this set, and I watch with emotion as a film crew gets to work, it’s a special night since they’re coming end an extraordinary adventure five years… Goodbye to all my awesome gaming partners, to the talented directors with whom I had the chance to work, all these wonderful encounters, goodbye and see you soon, Guilhem, end clap! “. His fans did not hesitate to thank him for his many years of good and loyal service in the series. He will be greatly missed by his family.Such great sunshine.

“Is this a joke?” »: this Netflix series canceled, there will be no season 3 Follow us

Bad news for Netflix users. The streaming platform has just canceled one of its productions. In 2023, the company with the red N has decided not to not renew several of its series. We think in particular of Valeria, Sex/Life, Titan or even The tailor. Other big productions simply ended this year. This is the case, for example, of The Crown which has just revealed today its season 6 or even Sex Education. Today, Netflix announced the cancellation of one of its series.

Fans of the Grishaverse are going to be very disappointed. The streaming platform has in fact decided not to renew Shadow and Bone. Those who followed this series were impatiently waiting to discover season 3, but it will never see the light of day. Shadow and Bone told the story of cartographer Alina Starkov. Immersed in a fantastical universe, this heroine was endowed with powers that could change the course of her world at war. This series was not the only one to have been stopped by Netflix. The platform has also announced the non-renewal of Glamourous, Agent Elvis, Farzar And Captain Fall.

Netflix: audiences in free fall

Series Shadow and Bone had reached no less than 50 million households in the first month following the release of its first season. For the second, they have dropped to 20 million. The cancellation of this production is therefore explained by this drop in audience. The writers’ strike also had a negative impact on Shadow and Bone. On X (formerly Twitter), fans of the series did not hesitate to express their disappointment and dissatisfaction. We could notably read this type of remarks: “I’m frankly disgusted”, “I’m going to cry”, “It’s really so bad”or even “But no, I don’t agree”. Netflix now faces a lot of competition with the arrival of new streaming platforms. We can therefore expect other cancellations in the coming months.

Young Sheldon: fans of the series will lose their smile Follow us

We didn’t really want to believe it. But it had to be resolved sooner or later. Young Sheldon will soon bow out. The spin-off of The Big Bang Theory devoted to the youth of Sheldon Cooper will leave the screens at the end ofa seventh and final season broadcast from February 15 on American television. The CBS channel has already programmed a finale lasting one hour on May 16, 2024. The news will not surprise fans since it was announced in 2021 that the series would be renewed for three additional seasons. An “elegant” way to let people know that season 7 would be the last.

” Inasmuch as prequel to one of the greatest comedy series, Young Sheldon proved that lightning can strike twicewrites CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach in an official statement. The sitcom stood out with a remarkable cast that made it feel like a family from the first moment we saw them on screen, and brought characters to life with unique and heartfelt stories which attracted the public from the start ». A moving announcement to which the producers of the series, Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro and Steve Holland reacted: Being able to tell the origins of Sheldon Cooper, and thus expanding the story to the whole Cooper family was a wonderful experiencee […] We are grateful to our fans for embracing Chapter over the past six years. On behalf of the entire Young Sheldon family, we are delighted to share this last season with you.

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These touching words from the Young Sheldon star

The interpreter of young Sheldon, Iain Armitagealso split an moving message following CBS’ announcement. “Thank you to the fantastic members – and thank you to the team at Young Sheldon. We love you and we are grateful to you”, he first posted on X (formerly known as Twitter). And to continue on Instagram, commenting on a photo where we see him alongside Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan on Leonard and Sheldon’s sofa: “If you’re wondering, I love my family. There are about 200 other people who make that Young Sheldon exists and I am grateful for each and every one of them. We will make the best 7th season possible – and behind the scenes, there will be a lot of laughter and tears because I love all these people so much”.

Netflix: Internet users SHOCKED by this documentary series based on a true story Follow us

After Gregory And the Fourniret affairit’s another documentary series that arouses the curiosity of users Netflix. To know The Bettencourt Affair: scandal among the richest woman in the world. A mini series based on a true story which traces the life and journey of one of the most powerful and influential women in France, Liliane Bettencourt. She is notably the heir of Eugène Schueller, founder of the group L’Oreal. Now a shareholder for the group, his fortune amounts to several billion dollars. In 2016, she was even ranked as the 11th richest person in the world according to the magazine Forbes.

You will have understood, the life of Liliane Bettencourt keen. And the documentary-series from Netflix, broadcast over three episodes, was the most watched series this Monday, November 13. Particularly because it reveals behind the scenes and behind the scenes of this life full of glitter, in reality filled with family and government conflicts. Not counting an operation of ftax levy of several hundred million euros. A story that is of particular interest to Internet users, who were happy to binge-watch the documentary series and comment on it on social networks. And we can say it, The Bettencourt Affair truly shocked the web! Between fraud, manipulation, money, abuse of power… users Netflix were scandalized by the life of this woman.

Netflix users in shock

Quickly, there were many reactions on the web. Shocked by the documentary series The Bettencourt Affair, Internet users gave their clear opinions. And we can say it, this mini-series Netflix shocked more than one! “The story of Liliane Bettencourt broke my heart. Like what, all the money in the world doesn’t necessarily make you happythere are only people with bad intentions around you”, can we read on X, formerly Twitter. Or : “The ‘docu’ on Bettencourt, the rich take us too much for idiots”, “But it makes me angry how EVERYTHING around Bettencourt abused her. It makes me so sad, that rats around her”, “I’m looking at the Bettencourt affair, it’s too crazy”“Omg the new documentary on Bettencourt, the money shocks me too much”. Mixed opinions of course, but just as surprised as each other in the face of the documentary’s revelations Netflix. Who will be the next personality to be highlighted?

Plus belle la vie: the date of the return of the series has finally been revealed Follow us

It’s official… More beautiful life is finally back! Viewers impatiently awaited the return of the event soap opera. As a reminder, the series had been broadcast for almost eighteen years on France 3 and had won the hearts of fans. In recent months, the actors of More beautiful life experienced complicated times. After the death of Michel Cordes at the age of 77, the body of Marwan Berreni, who played the character of Abdel Fedala, was found in an abandoned house after having disappeared for several months. The return of the series should therefore be marked by changes… Starting with the broadcast schedule!

In the columns of Figaro, Rodolphe Belmer, the boss of TF1, has finally revealed the date of the return of the series. The first episode will be broadcast next January 8. “The popular soap opera Plus belle la vie will make its comeback on the air, just after 1 p.m. and its 4 million viewers, revealed the leader. He added that this time slot was selected because the viewers had the same profile. “The target is affinity”, according to Rodolphe Belmer.

The return event of Plus belle la vie

For her part, Stéphanie Brémond, deputy general director in charge of serials and long series at Newen France, told our colleagues at Parisian : “It is not a question of making a season 19, but rather season 1 of a series which will now be called Plus belle la vie, even plus belle. There will be a lot of new features,” she assured, without saying more about the intrigues of the series.

The series, which recounts the adventures of the characters in the picturesque district of Marseille, was a great success. With its 4,665 episodes, the soap opera has attracted many viewers over the years. The series even achieved audience peaks of 6 million viewers in 2018. TF1 hopes to achieve the same success…

Filming episodes of Plus belle la vie

It was at the end of October that the filming of new episodes of More beautiful life resumed in Allauch, near Marseille. Last July, the TF1 channel shared a teaser to reveal the return of the series. While some actors will continue the adventure, others have left. For its big comeback, the channel intends to give a second lease of life to this very popular soap opera!

Tomorrow belongs to us: this character adored by fans returns to the series Follow us

Departures are frequent within the series Tomorrow belongs to us. Fans of the soap opera have already seen their favorite characters leave the city of Sète. In general, it is the actors themselves who decide to leave the series. Indeed, some people have difficulty keeping up with the hectic pace of filming. Others also want to embark on other projects. Recently, it was Romy’s interpreter who left the family Tomorrow belongs to us. Very soon, a famous character from the series could make a comeback.

The actress Nicole Calfan who played the character of Lydie Chardeau gave an exclusive interview to TV Star. The actress thus revealed that a character very loved by fans of Tomorrow belongs to us was going to do his return to the series. She thus confided: “ They had written me a very strong character who is now interned in a psychiatric asylum. But I had Axel recently who told me that he was going to come back to the series. Maybe they’ll bring back my character.”

Tomorrow belongs to us: actor Axel Kiener soon to return

And yes, the famous doctor Samuel Chardeau should soon rejoin the family Tomorrow belongs to us. It was in 2022 that actor Alex Kiener decided to leave the series. His friend and actor, Kamel Belghazi, declared about his departure: “ It didn’t sadden me, it a choice on his part and I respect him. It’s my friend Axel. We had talked about this subject several times. He was in the series almost from the beginning, he wanted something else.” It seems that the actor has finally decided to reverse his decision. A choice that may please fans of the TF1 soap opera. As a reminder, his character left Sète to settle in South America after his stud farm caught fire. It remains to be seen what the series has in store for him in the future.

Netflix renews this fantastic series only 9 days after its release Follow us

Castlevania is an animated series produced by Netflix adapted from the cult video game of the same name. Two years later, in 2023, the famous platform is following up the show with Castlevania – Nocturne. A spin off, in due form, surpassing the parent series, which is currently a hit on Netflix. Trailer !

Fact, Castlevania – Nocturne is so successful on the platform that it was immediately renewed for a season 2. So far, nothing unusual. But Castlevania – Nocturne breaks records for speed in terms of series renewal. This sees the fire move to the for its second season barely ten days after its release on Netflix. 9 to be more precise!

Netflix: what is the animated series Castlevania – Nocturne ?

Castlevania – Nocturne is an anime which has 8 episodes of around thirty minutes. This is a spin-off prequel has Castlevaniathe parent series, because the events of this spin-off take place 3 centuries previously. Richter is now the last member of the Belmont clan. This new adventure takes place in the middle of a period of French Revolution. But the popular uprising is the least of our hero’s worries. Indeed, Richter finds himself faced with an alliance between the counter-revolutionary aristocracy and the vampire Erzsebet Bathory. A bad guy super-powerful who will give Richter a hard time. Clive Bradley, creator of the animated series, is delighted with its success on Netflix. In an interview given to Colliderthe showrunner details: “We are excited to show you Castlevania – Nocturne which is the next chapter in the life of Richter Belmont. This season 1 paves the way for other episodes but it also offers everything we love about this franchise.” With the renewal of Castlevania – Nocturne for a season 2, Clive Bradley can sleep soundly. With a stake under the pillow, anyway, just in case…

Plus belle la vie: The series victim of a horrible attack Follow us

This has never happened before on the set of More beautiful life… While production is resumed for TF1, fans of the soap opera are growing impatient with the announcement of the next seasons. If France 3 planned its deprogramming, it was given a second life on the small screen. Unfortunately, the atmosphere is not good within the filming in the face of the tragic event that recently occurred… In fact, one of the main actors ended his life on October 19… His body has was found in an abandoned farm, horrible news for his longtime colleagues and friends. Despite this tragedy, they had to resume filming directly during a period of mourning. It’s certainly the presence of the cameras that allows them to hold on and not burst into tears.

The sets of Plus belle la vie destroyed

A new start means a new place. From now on, filming will take place on location in Allauch in Bouches-du-Rhône. If this event delighted the city and its merchants for the financial aspect, the population does not have the same opinion… In fact, as announced Audience, it is on Place Docteur-Joseph-Chevillon, where the fictional Mistral district takes place in front of the cameras. However, some are not happy with this arrival: “ On filming days, the technicians arrive at 6 a.m., dragging all their suitcases on the cobblestones of the streets. We are woken up by all this noise ! It’s unbearable » lamented a neighbor. This gentleman would not have been the only one to complain since another denounced the appropriation of parking spaces by the teams: “. “ We are completely dispossessed of our streets“.

A collective exasperation that some did not hide from showing… It was then that Public revealed an act of vandalism against the production: “ The shops on the square had been freshly repainted by production to match those of the plots. The facade of a bar, the Hostellerie, has for example become that of the Café du Mistral. We also integrated a medical office, a hardware store or a hairdresser. But in the night, the walls were sprayed with a big black wave » said a witness to the scene. Therefore, the teams decided to strengthen security : “ Real municipal police officers hover around the fake soap cops ” revealed Audience. Will this incident have repercussions on the next season?