A character present in season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow and whose fate was uncertain will indeed be back in season 6!

Season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow was punctuated by many twists and turns, and the sequel promises to be just as intense and thrilling! Legends of Tomorrow officially reserve a seat in Behrad on the Waverider. Shayan Sobhian, who plays Zari’s younger brother, was promoted to the regular character in season 6, learned TVLine. The actor made his first appearance in the Arrowverse series during the Season Finale of season 4, when the Legends changed the story and deleted their Zari from the timeline. In its place, Behrad brandishing an aerial totem pole – which has never been killed due to changes in the past – has become a member of Team Legends, while Zari 2.0 has become an influencer on social networks …

Behrad will be back!

In the middle of season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow, Behrad was killed by one of the Greek destinies, but he was later resurrected by Charlie. After Charlie split Zari’s thread, allowing the two versions of the character to live, Zari 1.0 realized that the two timelines were fighting to control Behrad’s life, so she went back inside the totem to save her brother in the last seconds of season 5. In any case, the promotion of Shayan Sobhian is not the only big cast reshuffle before season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow. Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who recently played Charlie, won’t be coming back in the next episodes!



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