The trailer for the new Netflix Warrior Nun is here and it promises a series as crazy as it is original.

The good news never ends on Netflix since after the broadcast date of season 3 of The Rain, it is a novelty that we will now tell you about. If you are connected by the powers and the series a little absurd but well led, the latest from Netflix should appeal to you. Series Warrior nun arrives on July 2 on the VOD platform and its trailer is finally available. As you can see above, the series follows the young Ava (Alba Baptista), who finds herself endowed with impressive powers that she must use in the service of … religion.

New Netflix

Based on comics, the series Warrior nun should not be lacking in humor if we believe its trailer, and this is one of the many reasons that make us eager to discover it. Eh yes, heroine Ava may have to fight demons in the name of religion, she is clearly not a believer and will therefore find itself in several rather embarrassing situations. Mix of superhero series and pitch that we all know like the cult series Buffy or Charmed and his demons, Warrior nun promises to be a top entertainment that we will be happy to binger when it comes out this summer.



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