It seems that a dialogue of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” takes on its full meaning today … Was Kate Kane’s departure from Batwoman already teased?

Batwoman season 2 is not expected to return until 2021, but the CW show has already gone through some pretty big changes. Just days after the season finale, it has been announced that series star Ruby Rose will step down from Batwoman fighter Kate Kane. it has been confirmed that instead of recasting the role of Kate, Batwoman would present an entirely new character to take over. We don’t know how the new character, who was nicknamed “Ryan Wilder” during the casting, will fit into the constantly changing landscape of the Arrowverse – but its arrival creates an awkward plot error!

Kate Kane is not there

Fans of Batwoman – including the user of Reddit Funbun71 – recently highlighted a crossover line “Crisis on Infinite Earths” which now takes on a completely different meaning. This sentence, which was said by The Monitor during the second part of the crossover, reassuring by her cosmic omnipotence that Kate Kane is “the Bat of the Future “. Based on the chronology that seems to be established for season 2 of Batwoman, Kate Kane will only be technically Batwoman for a few months in the “future” after the events of “Crisis”, before mysteriously disappearing. At the time, the line was trying to argue that Kate was a worthy successor to Batman, Bruce Wayne, but he has been resonating differently since December, especially since Kate was ready to play a more important role in the Arrowverse in the future.. Unfortunately, this kind of decision is not expected and the Arrowverse crossover could not foresee such a change for one of the flagship series of the CW.



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