The fate of Green Arrow and the Canaries is still uncertain … If the spin-off is not ordered in series, will the mysteries around Arrow be explained?

The fans arrow begin to find the long time and especially to worry … While Superman and Lois as well as Walker have already been ordered in series, the fate of the spin-off Arrow, Green Arrow and the Canaries is still pending .. Will the story of Mia, Laurel and Dinah in 2040 continue? And if not, will there be an answer to the questions asked by the pilot? Indeed, many questions were born in episode 9 of season 8 arrow, like notably, who kidnapped William, Mia’s brother? Also, if Dinah left Star City near the end of the series to start a new life fighting crime elsewhere, how did she mysteriously end up in 2040 the next day?

An uncertain fate!

If the spin-off arrow does not see the light of day, fans of the series may be frustrated or even furious. However, the showrunner arrow, Marc Guggenheim, made some reassuring secrets to TVline. He explained : “There are burning questions. True, the pilot ended with the cliffhanger of William’s abduction. And I think we need answers to a lot of these moments and questions. “. In the suggested scenario, where Green Arrow and the Canaries don’t get a playoff order, the showrunner said: “My gut feeling would be to try to answer these questions in the form, like, of a comic book link.”.

But we will get answers!

The trick to solving such mysteries elsewhere in the Arrowverse is that “When you are dealing with another period, the year 2040 in this case, the only series that could handle this or really address these issues is Legends of Tomorrow”, he noted. But even that “is a tricky business, because the tone of the mashup between Legends and Canaries is very different. On the other hand, you have Sara, who is a kind of connective glue over there at both shows. “. The showrunner finally concluded:”All in all, I consider these things to be ‘quality issues’. I love the fact that we now have a show universe that allows us to ask ourselves these questions and explore different things and answer questions from different shows, but we also have comics as a point of sale as well. “. If Green Arrow and the Canaries is not ordered in series, we will still get our answers!



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