Will the Star Wars trilogy proposed by Rian Johnson, the director of Star Wars VIII, see the light of day soon?

Rian Johnson, director of episode VIII of Star Wars (The Last Jedi), will he realize the trilogy What did he offer? Nothing is certain, especially since he has several times announced that he is confident about this. But he has just declared that he is currently in discussion with the leader of lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy. This information was revealed during an interview he gave on October 20 to variety. “I spoke to Kathy (Kathleen Kennedy) about it and we are still in discussion. I had such an incredible experience making ‘The Last Jedi’ (…) For me, going out [Glass Onion : Une histoire à couteaux tirés] and do the next Star Wars… the answer is I don’t know”he explained.

A statement that clearly shows Rian Johnson’s optimism. But on the other hand, it does not inform more about the possible release of a next Star Wars. He indeed concludes his statements by adding that he does not know if he will make a next episode of the saga. This is not the first time that he has spoken on the subject. Last August, he shared the regret he would feel if he couldn’t continue directing the films. Star Wars. “It would break my heart if I was finished, if I could not return to this field one day or another (…) I am even more proud of it five years after,” he shared.

Rian Johnson, too busy to make his trilogy Star Wars ?

According to the director of Lucasfilm, Rian Johnson’s schedule is not not compatible with making future films Star Wars. Indeed, the director is already very busy with the release and filming of the series of Knives Out. However, it is not ready to stop! Its second part, Glass Onion : A story at loggerheads, will be broadcast at the end of November. But a third episode is already planned and will probably not see the light of day. for several years. Thus, it will certainly also be years before Rian Johnson can return to the saga. Star Wars !


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