Adele: the singer faints backstage during her show in Las Vegas Follow us

Fans have reason to be worried. Adele said she felt unwell backstage for a very specific reason. The singer is currently in Las Vegas, for her first residency at the Colosseum at the Ceasars Palace hotel. A series of concerts which started in 2022 and which is even going into overtime. In fact, 34 additional dates have been added from June 16 to November 4. A hell of a pace to keep for the interpreter of Easy on me. But lately, his body seems to have decided otherwise…

The newspaper The Sun reported Adele’s words during one of her last shows. The singer says she must have been “raising from the ground” following an illness she allegedly suffered backstage at her show. The star reportedly suffers from terrible sciatica and she would have done an extremely painful crisis. “I’m going to sit down to rest my sciatica.”, Adele explained to her fans during the concert. A few days earlier, she had already joked with her audience about her back pain: “I need to get to the other side of the stage. I’ve been walking like a duck these days but I have bad sciatica.”

Adele determined to see her shows through to the end

Adele was certainly very far from suspecting that the pain would go so far as to make her feel unwell. But despite this big physical problem, the star seems determined to complete her residency to offer fans an exceptional moment. She always remains very attentive to them during her shows. Recently, she even stopped one of her songs to ask security to leave a young man alone. “What’s going on with that young fan over there? You keep bothering him because he gets up. Why are you doing this ? Please leave him alone!” At 35 years old and after a long absence, Adele is back for good and nothing and no one seems to be able to stop her!

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Kaaris: cartoon songs performed by the rapper using AI Follow us

In just a few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has caused a real revolution in several professional or creative fields. The obvious example of this observation is the ChatGPT chatbot, which can generate various texts in a few seconds. In recent days, a new type of artificial intelligence is entertaining the Web. This time it touches on the field of music.

Indeed, it is possible to generate audio extracts by recreating voices. Some Internet users were amazed by listening to artificially recreated songs. Several titles of this genre have created a buzz. This is how the curious were able to discover songs covering Drake’s voice, or even titles covered by singer Johnny Hallyday on social networks. A French fan actually used the voice of the famous French rocker to create covers (song covers), indicated West France. Fans of the genre were able to hear, for example, a version of the credits from the cartoon Pokemon performed by Johnny Hallyday. A rather unexpected title for the Taulier.

Covers recreated with the voice of Kaaris

A few days ago, the process was used again. This time it is the voice of rapper Kaaris which has been artificially reproduced. It is now possible to listen to versions of cartoon credits such as Yes yes, Inspector Gadget, Dora the Explorer, Code Lyoko, Scooby-Do, TchoupiorThe Winxur TikTok or on (formerly Twitter).

The singles generated using the voice of the Sevran rapper are currently creating a buzz. It must be said that they particularly amuse Internet users. On social networks, comments on these pieces are going well. “AIs are really terrifying, look what they’re making Kaaris do, lol”, “Kaaris, he charges so much on TikTok, with the AI”, “I’m going to freak out, lol!” It did Kaaris singing Paw Patrol ! AI is crazy! »we were able to read in particular on X.

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SCH: the rapper stops a fight in the middle of a concert! Follow us

Who said that rap only conveys violence? Surely a few boomers glued to the endless news from some 24-hour news channel. Take SCH. The new godfather of Marseille rap and French headliner improvised Gandhi the time of a concert in Brittany. Video explanations…

In fact, during a live performance, the S, as his fans call him, had the music cut off and stopped spitting out his 16 bars. The reason ? An altercation between two people in the public. A brawl to which was added the somewhat muscular intervention of the event security. Which didn’t impress SCH though!

SCH: “Stop hitting him, are you crazy?

It was during a performance on Paranoidgreat song from the underrated JVLIVS IIthat the brawl broke out in the public. Close enough to the stage to catch the attention of a SCH who decided to stop his performance.Oh, brother! What are you doing?”, says the Marseille artist to one of his fans in the middle of a fight. Land one golgoth security who begins to bludgeon the spectator involved in this brief confrontation. “Stop hitting him, are you crazy?”, says the rapper to the security agent who is determined to hit the rapper’s fan while on the ground. “I’ll give you the microphone!”threatens SCH who understands that the young person is no match for the agent accompanied by his security colleagues. Finally, said fan was exfiltrated from the concert by security. More fear than harm. SCH was able to resume its OKLM concert. He blurted out: “We were not lied to, the Bretons are warriors”. The S in all its splendor, in short. “ It’s Marseille, baby!

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A teenager names her baby Ninho, social networks are going crazy Follow us

Choosing a first name for your offspring, an exercise that does not allow parents to be casual. Indeed, when the latter borders on the ridiculous, it is the child who pays full price for a choice that is not always very wise. That this teenage mother has already sealed the fate of her newborn, this is what Internet users who have heard of the birth of little Ninho fear, a name which will certainly not be foreign to French rap fans. And for good reason, Ninho is currently the number one rapper in France, at least in terms of album sales. This summer, he notably made the crowds dance with the title The S is square.

Said Luna, 16 years old, has just given birth to a boy named Ninho. Like many young girls her age, she regularly shares content on TikTok. To celebrate the birth of her son, Luna published a video which did not fail to provoke reactions beyond GenZ’s favorite platform. “What can you name your baby Ninho?” »was able to note a man named Vitoo, a personality with 40,000 subscribers on Twitter. “My son will be called Inoxtag”, for his part outbid one of his followers. The debate started, another remarked: “Imagine your girl wants to name your kid after a famous living guy. Just imagine what would happen if the two of them were alone in the same room.”

Babies Ninho, Gazo, Damso and Tiakola?

If the supporters of escalation quickly fell into delirium, “ I will call my child Tiakola”, some perhaps sharper minds wanted to draw attention to the fact that the first name Ninho would be nothing more than the first name Nino with an “h”. Note, in Portuguese, “ninho” means everything simply “child”. “I hope that’s not his first name and they put ninho just because it means child”, we also read. The first name Ninho could also refer to Saint Nina (or Nino or Ninon). Moreover, its spelling with an “h” is extremely rare in France as elsewhere.

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Stromae: his latest project provokes the indignation of Internet users Follow us

It’s been thirteen years since the public discovered Belgian singer Stromae. In 2010, the 38-year-old artist became known thanks to the title Then we dance. This song from his first album Cheese was a real hit. Since then, the singer-songwriter has released two other albums: Square root in 2013, and Multitudethe latestin 2022. Last May, Stromae had to end on his European tour, because of his state of health. He told fans he needed more time off than he had anticipated.

After this cancellation, he favored maintaining your well-being, by stepping back. The interpreter of All The same came out of its reserve on August 16. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the release of his second album, Stromae decided to release a collector’s edition of the last. To this end, he posted a long message to explain his project. After recalling that Square root had been marketed on August 16, 2013, he revealed the elements which will soon be sold with the collector’s version.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mosaert Label (@mosaert)

An expensive collector’s edition

The 38-year-old singer declared: “In order to celebrate this anniversary together, we are very happy to present to you today this exclusive collector’s edition : a reissue (vinyl or CD format) enriched with a photo book – a logbook of the album and its XXL tour with unpublished archives which will immerse you in the heart of this great adventure”. The twelve songs that make it up will be available in vinyl format. An album including photos and archive images will complete the box set for sale by the artist. To obtain it, you have to pay the sum of 136.99 euros.

If Stromae mattered on a positive reception, he quickly noticed that fans weren’t necessarily thrilled with the surprise announcement. Indeed, many Internet users have pointed out the cost of the album, believing that it is too high. Some did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction in comments. “Bahaha, the price is not at all outrageous…”, “The vinyl is exactly 100 euros more expensive than I would have liked… It’s just too expensive for what it is “, “140 euros, the vinyl edition… Not a new release… Too bad, but that’s okay. The rest has already been said… Sad but true”, we could read on the artist’s Instagram account. Will this box set meet the success hoped for by Stromae? Response in the coming weeks.

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Matt Pokora: the singer announces big news to his fans Follow us

If Matt Pokora is renowned for his successful musical career, it is indeed a restaurant that he inaugurated, last August 14, alongside his wife Christina Milan. This establishment is called Pasta Corner, and it is located in New York. The 37-year-old singer put this project underway with Vincent Benoliel, one of his friends. On Instagram, the interpreter of Not without you illustrated the event by sharing videos and photos of the restaurant. He also added in the caption: “Two friends, one dream. If I can do it here, I’ll do it anywhere.”

Aged 37, Matt Pokora, whose real name is Mathieu Tota, is celebrating this year his twenty-year career. It was in 2003 that viewers discovered this Strasbourg enthusiast of R’N’B in Popstars, a show which he won and which gave birth to the Linkup trio. In 2004, he began a solo career and released several albums. In twenty years, Matt Pokora has won multiple awards, including 15 NRJ Music Awards. The artist has also been able to build a loyal fanbase over the years.

A new musical project in progress

Recently, the young dad made an announcement that should delight his fans. Indeed, it seems that he is working on a musical project. He notably posted two photos of himself on Instagram, taken in a recording studio. At his side is Dany Synthé, a musician, composer and producer, recently discovered as a juror in The Voice, on TF1. In the caption of the post, Matt Pokora shared of his enthusiasm to his subscribers by adding the following caption: “ When everything goes as planned… It’s going to be huge.” He also added a flame emoji in the shared message.

This announcement received a positive reception from the community of the 37-year-old artist. Among the comments shared, we could read: “Can’t wait to hear this,” What are you preparing for us? “, Looking forward to finding out.” Will Matt Pokora give additional information on this project in the days to come. The suspense remains.

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Harry Styles at the Stade de France: how to properly prepare for your visit?

Euphoria. On Thursday June 1 and Friday June 2, 2023, the British star – former member of One Direction – will give two exceptional concerts at the Stade de France. The opportunity for the singer to perform live songs from his latest opus, “Harry’s House”, but also to come back to some of his greatest hits, including “Sign of the Times”, “Golden », « Adore You », « Kiwi » or even « What Makes You Beautiful ». But before being able to vibrate on these mythical songs, the fans wanted to share on social networks some recommendations so that you make the most of this special day.

The list of prohibited items

First, let’s look at the basic how-to tips. Internet users recall that several items are prohibited within the Stade de France grounds, such as large bags (i.e. bags larger than A4 format such as those for sports or hiking), objects capable of being used as projectiles. For example: glass objects, helmets, fog horns, foggers, bottles even less than 33 cl, gourds or all alcoholic beverages.

For more information, find the whole of this list on the official site of the Stade de France.

Preparing the bag

To best prepare for D-Day, the most far-sighted fans go so far as to share what they put in their little bag. We can see an external battery, a wallet, packets of tissues or even a headgear. And above all: do not forget your place. It would still be a shame to wait for hours to end up… not going home!

@leopoldine1811 #guesstheplayer #for you #fyp #concertharrystyles #concerts #Stade de France #concerts #hslot #hslot2023 #harrystylesstadedefrance #loveontour #loveontout2023 #concertcheck #concerttip #concerttips #consultingconcert ♬ original sound – Leopoldine

The derived products

From t-shirts to bags, caps and badges, there will be something for everyone (and price!). To get a clear idea of ​​the derivative products available, this Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd June, count on Internet users who do not hesitate to give their opinion on the networks.

@intothefolklorianwoods i’ve been a fan of harry styles since 2012 and tomorrow im seeing him live for the first time ever, i am not okay! #lotparis #batch #lot2023 #lotmerch #harrystylesmerch #loveontour2023 ♬ Melany Garcia – Melany Garcia

The dress code

Known for his colorful and daring looks, Harry Styles inspires his audience. Sequins, fluorescent tank top or even bandana, some will even dare the colorful feather boa. Like the icon, do not hesitate to pull out all the stops. And for the most undecided, we leave you with a few inspirations.

@ppauloenriquez outfit check! #loveontour #loveontourmnl #harrystylesPH2023 #hslot #hslotph #loveontourasia ♬ original sound – &lt3

Fan projects

Rare, the British singer does not often visit the French capital. This is why the fans have decided to mark the occasion and have reserved a few surprises for their idol to offer him a real moment of happiness. His number 1 fan club, “Team1DFrance”, has also set up no less than four projects for these two dates and invites all Harry fans to participate.

For example, during the track “Keep Driving”, the fans want to use the flashes of their phones in rhythm with the lyrics in order to create cohesion throughout the Stade de France. Another example, during the title “Sign Of The Times”, pink papers will be distributed in the public so that the entire concert is the same color, in reference to the first album of the star.

Good concert to all!

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Vitaa, Aya Nakamura… The final of The Voice promises!

The outcome of the second season of The Voice approach. The four Finalists will take the stage one last time to try to win the trophy for the 2023 edition. But they will not be alone. Of course, they will be accompanied by their respective coach: Zazie for Aurélien, Amel Bent for Arslane and Micha then Vianney for Jérémy Levif. Surprises are also planned and several exceptional guests will share the stage of The Voice with the Talents: Patrick Bruel, Aya Nakamura, David Guetta, but also Christophe Maé, Pierre de Maere, Vitaa and Nour, the winner of the previous season of The Voice .

The production of The Voice has planned two college songs for the final: one with Aya Nakamura and one with David Guetta. The finalists will have to win against these two huge stars while enjoying the moment of course! Last week, the three talents of the Bigflo and Oli team, Hanna, Dame and Fanchon, were eliminated, despite high-flying performances. Proof that nothing is ever won in advance.

So who from Micha, Aurélien, Jérémy Levif or Arslane will be the big winner of the TF1 singing competition? Reply in 2 days.

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AVICII: a documentary on the DJ in preparation

The career of the Swedish-born DJ continues to fascinate people around the world. True phenomenon Avicii became known in the 2010s thanks to hits like “Hey Brother” (2013) or “Wake Me Up”. A documentary project on the rise of the artist is in preparation. The latter will be under the direction of Lawrence Bender, who has notably worked with Quentin Tarantino, and manager Orlando John who acts as co-producer.

AVICII changed the music industry “, Orlando John recently said of the young prodigy, “ People think they know the story, but they really have no idea what really happened. I feel deeply responsible for ensuring that it is told correctly and objectively. This documentary will give audiences a better understanding of the indelible mark left on music and culture. “.

Avicii from shadow to light

The goal of this project is to shed light on Tim Bergling aka Avicii’s road to success from the day he was scouted by Ash Pournouri in 2008 until their split in 2016. It is also expected that the documentary includes new excerpts and interviews from the DJ’s entourage, as well as those of other stars of the world of electro music such as Sebastian Ingrosso. This documentary would be the second put into production concerning the career of Avicii since another had been announced in 2021 by Björn Tjärnberg and Henrik Burman.

This is not the first project devoted to the DJ. A documentary titled “Avicii: True Stories” had already seen the light of day. He then revealed the reasons, in connection with his mental health, which had led him to stop his tour in 2016. While waiting for the release of the new feature film dedicated to him, fans can enjoy the installation “Avicii Experience currently in progress in Stockholm, his hometown.

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When a fan asks Harry Style to choose the name of her baby

For those who don’t know, Harry Styles concerts are known to hold their share of surprises. We remember that almost a year ago, he had helped a fan to come out on the stage of Wembley stadium or even the launch of nuggets in August at Madison Square Garden. This week, another surprise, while the “Love On Tour” has been launched since May 13, the singer received the most unexpected of questions while performing in Coventry.

As usual, the “Satellite” singer took the time to interact with her fans in the crowd and read some of the posters within reach. But one in particular challenged the former member of One Direction: choosing the first name of a future baby.

@alicebackham Harry Styles helps a woman name her unborn baby that’s due that day 🥲 #Harry Styles #loveontour ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Harry Styles: dilemma for a first name

It was on a handmade sign that the British star was able to read a sentence that was surprising to say the least: “ The baby is for today! Chose his first name? Please “. The author, a young woman, then hastened to give a little more context, indicating in particular that her cat was called Zayn and her dog Louis, so it was impossible for her to call her son Harry.

After hearing the instructions, the singer tried some suggestions based on advice from fans: We got a Jimmy around here “, before turning to another spectator to ask him his first name:” We have Tate here, would you like Tate to pick your baby’s name? “. At the not very playful look of the future mother, the singer quickly abandoned the idea before proposing in a mischievous tone: “ Why not call him…Harry? » before joining the main stage with a laugh. A pretty joke that unfortunately does not solve the dilemma of the first name. It is up to her, therefore, to make the final choice.

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