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Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular artists of our time. With numerous hits to his credit, he has many fans, both in concert and on social networks. More than 50 millions people follow him on YouTube, and his Instagram account brings together more than 43 million. The English artist has released hits such as Shape of You, Galway Girl, Perfect Or Thinking Out Loud. Unfortunately, that last bit is currently the subject of a lawsuit. Indeed, Ed Sheeran is accused of having attributed the melody of another very popular song to himself: Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye.

This is why the red-haired singer had to go to Manhattan last Thursday. There, Ed Sheeran was able to testify. Indeed, his lawyer asked him to explain how the melody of Thinking Out Loud. The music video for the song, which broke all records around the world, has been viewed billions of times on YouTube. But it was not this testimony that marked those present during the trial. In fact, the way Ed Sheeran chose to testify was very, very original. Yes, what could be better for an artist to use his passion to defend… his passion?

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Ed Sheeran made a splash in the courtroom

Therefore Cherry's husband took out his guitar, in full testimony. He reportedly told the jury that writing a song was in his nature, and that he could even create up to nine songs a day. Furthermore, he added: “I’m not the most gifted guitarist in the world. » Then he inadvertently dropped the microphone, before apologizing for his clumsiness. Then he sang his song in the courtroom. Furthermore, he said that joining the church choir when he was four years old gave him a taste for music. Finally, Ed Sheeran admitted: I don't know how to read music. I'm not classically trained in anything. When inspiration strikes, you get impatient, and it just comes out. » Case to be continued, therefore, since the trial resumes this Monday.

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Lynda: the rising R&B star releases a new album! Follow us

Lynda, her full name Lynda SherazadeEast one of the rising artists on the French scene in 2023. A unique voice combining power, softness and intimacy, which is inspired by and performs alongside the greatest, notably Franglish and Tayc. His next album, A little bit of me, offers the public major collaborations with big names such as Soprano or Soolking. Inspired by soul, reggae and R&B trends, Lynda sings about love and addresses it through different powerful themes: friendship, family, betrayal…

“In my songs, there are all the emotions. There is joy, sadness, melancholy, I define my album as a rainbow. And that’s really who I am.”confides Lynda about her next album A little bit of meWho released this Friday April 28, 2023. An ode to emotions and love in which the 28-year-old singer puts her soul on the carpet. Childhood, career and private life, her deepest feelings are brought to light to make the public want to know her.

Lynda is performing very soon at the Zénith in Paris!

After a first album entitled Butterfly, more than 200 million streams, more than 280 million views on Youtube and 4 gold singles in 2022, Lynda does not intend to stop there. And in 2023, the French singer intends to explode! It is at the Zénith in Paris that she will perform on Friday May 12 for an exceptional show. An additional way of sharing her music which, for her, is like a ” medicine “. The artist confides: “It can heal hearts, it can alleviate much suffering… I needed to write. Ever since I was a kid, I had been writing poems, lots of them, and I needed to share”.

To listen to all of Lynda’s songs, click here !

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Is Miley Cyrus leading a double life? This name she would use in secret Follow us

For Miley Cyrus, the time when she was evolving in a television series for children is far behind it. In fact, it is In Hannah Montana from Disney Channel, which the actress took her first steps in 2006. She has established herself as a singer. She took out several solo albums to success. Among these, we can cite: Breakout (2008), Can't Be Tamed (2010), Bangerz, released in 2013, or Young Now, which dates from 2017.

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has evolved as an artist, moving from a style of teen pop music to a more mature style and experimental. The singer started very young. His most loyal fans have been following her for many years. They sometimes know the smallest details of his life. They also know how to recognize their voice tone or his artistic imprint among others. This may explain the surprising rumor that has been making the rounds on social networks recently.

Is Miley Cyrus hiding behind a fake name?

It’s an album posted on streaming platforms that piqued the curiosity of Miley Cyrus fans. The interpreter who appears on it responds to the pseudonym Clara Pierce. Multiple clues connect this project to Miley Cyrus. The album is titled Down With Me. Fans recognized the voice of the interpreter of Hannah Montana on this album. For them, there is no doubt, their idol has released a new opus under the coat. In terms of clues, you should know that Down with me was released the same day as the song Endless Summer Vacation (this is a single sung by Miley Cyrus).

One of Clara Pierce's titles is named Sagittarius. However, it is Miley Cyrus' zodiac sign. In the latter, the sentence “I told you once before, I'm my Mother's Daughter.” in French) “. But this one obviously refers to the song Mother's Daughter by Miley Cyrus. And these are not there just a few examples. On TikTok, theories are rife and hundreds of videos evoking different hypotheses have been shared. For some fans, this album would have been generated by an AI (Artificial Intelligence). But the mystery remains since it was removed from streaming platforms. As for Miley Cyrus, she has not spoken on the subject for the moment.

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Miossec cancels his tour: the singer confides for the first time about his state of health Follow us

The news is unfortunately not good. The singer Christophe Miossec made a sad announcement regarding his return to the stage planned for 2023. The Telegram reported that the singer postponed its dates concerts planned for 2023, including that of the Festival du Chant de Marin, on Sunday August 6. A difficult decision that had to be made due to his state of health. In a message addressed to the organizers of the Paimpol Sailor Song festival, also published on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, Christophe Miossec explains: “ This is a speaking to tell you that mine is currently under repair, the vocal cords needing to be taken care of. (…) Each date of the tour will be postponed from February 2024. Thank you for the understanding and patience, thank you very much for the very warm welcome given to “Simplify”, the album. »

For the moment, only one postponement of dates was shared by Christophe Miossec. Fans of the singer will eventually be able to find him on stage in 2024. This is not the artist’s first health challenge. In fact, he suffers from an orphan neurological disease which he was diagnosed with in 2009:ataxia. The singer from Brittany spoke about his illness in 2018. It was during a long interview given to Inrockuptibles that he mentioned it. He then improvised as editor-in-chief during the release of his album The survivors. “Compared to my alcohol problem, what saved me was my cerebellar disease. I am one of those people who should never have drunk alcohol in their life, because every drink can be fatal. I got drunk very quickly and, as a result, the quantities ingested were not pharaonic”, he explained in particular.

Miossec makes an unexpected announcement on Instagram

L’stopping alcohol finally “ Safe “. “If I had held the alcohol, I would have gone far. I saw too many close friends die quickly, at an age when I was not equipped to face death. They remained present, by my side, and kept my head above water, spared me from hard drugs,heroin notably. “, he continued. A situation which is reminiscent of Stromae’s recent announcement. He also indicated the cancellation of his concerts at least until May, also for health reasons : “ I must resign myself to the fact that my health unfortunately does not allow me to continue coming to meet you for the moment. (…) JI owe it to myselflisten to my limits. Surrounded by my family, I must take the time to recover to resume, when I can, the rest of the concerts. I hope to give you more positive news as soon as possible »he wrote.

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Which rappers have these reality TV stars flirted with? Follow us

Milla Jasmine, Nabilla, Astrid Nelsia,… All reality TV stars who have already worked with highly rated rappers. If you think you know everything about their lives, let's see if you can identify the celebrities from the world of rap with whom they have had little affairs!

New accusation for Ed Sheeran. For several days, the British singer has been at the heart of a trial for plagiarism. He is notably accused of having plagiarized the hit of Marvin Gaye, Let’s Get It Onto achieve its title Thinking Out Loud. These accusations come straight from the heirs of Ed Townsend, musician, producer and co-writer of Marvin Gaye’s song. In particular, they ensure a violation of copyright and “striking similarities”with the hit ofEd Sheeran. But the artist does not intend to let this happen!

On trial for a few days, Ed Sheeran had even confided that if he was found guilty of plagiarism, he would stop playing music. Fortunately for his fans, the singer was exonerated. Indeed, he won his civil case in New York this Thursday, May 4, 2023. The Manhattan federal court found that he had created his song Thinking Out Loud ” independently “. Thus, his global hit would not be a partial copy of Marvin Gaye’s hit title released in 1973. Moreover, to defend himself, the singer did not hesitate to use his guitar and give his voice. According to New York Timesthe artist would have played the key chords of his song as proof.

Ed Sheeran wins his lawsuit!

Ed Sheeran therefore, proudly, won his case for plagiarism. A trial which also occurs after another court date for the singer, accused at the time of having plagiarized a work for his title Shape of You. A case which he had also won. Anyway, he said to himself ” very happy “ of his victory, according to a journalist present at the hearing. The singer also explained that it was a “unfounded” complaint and that he was very “frustrated” that a case like this becomes so big and “can go to court”. Let’s hope this trial is the last for Ed Sheeran !

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GIMS: the rapper films himself without his glasses, the video attracts the lightning of Internet users Follow us

The rapper Gims is again trending on social media. Recently, it was for his comments on the pyramids of Egypt that the former rapper of Sexion d'Assaut was posted on the Web. During an interview (available on the Oui Hustle YouTube channel), the interpreter of As worn as ever declared that the gold placed at the top of the pyramids allowed monuments to be antennas. He then explained that the Egyptians, and more generally, Africans, were the inventors of electricity.

These statements earned him lots of mockery. The EDF company has also surfed on this bad buzz by developing an advertising campaign displaying pyramids. The rapper once again drew attention to himself on May 5. In fact, he posted a video on Twitter in which he can be seen giving a bottle to a wild animal. This is a baby caracal. This animal is a wild feline. It is found in Africa and Asia. However, this species is considered threatened, a fact which has not escaped Internet users.

Sharp criticism of the artist

Besides the fact that he was holding a baby fawn in his arms, Gims appears without his eternal sunglasses in the short video. He also wears a T-shirt with his image and mentioning his pseudonym. In the caption, the artist mentioned the sentence: “It’s all love”.

It didn't take more to attract the wrath of tweeters. On the blue social network, the comments went well. “Apart from the fact that it is illegal and that I hope that he will take a price, you just have to explain to me how it is possible to have an oversized ego like him for wearing a t-shirt with his own head and blaze what… he is completely disconnected”, “Monsieur Gims. This is a wild animal for which you must have a CDC + AOE to keep this protected species by the Washington Convention (CITES I). It’s both animal abuse and a kind of slavery”, “Why do so many people judge without even knowing!? We have zero info on where the animal came out of etc… “, we could read on Twitter.

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Taylor Swift dating Matty Healy? This shot that says it all Follow us

After her long-time friend, Selena Gomez, seen on a romantic date with Zayn Malik, it's the turn of Taylor Swift to bear the brunt of some relationship rumors ! The lucky one is none other than the 34-year-old singer Matty Healy and the rumors have been going strong for several days. While Selena Gomez has not been spotted with Zayn Malik only last March in New York, Taylor Swift and Matty Healy, it's not new!

Indeed, this is not the first time that they have been the subject of a rumor, in 2014, the two supposed lovebirds wore clothes in homage to each other's albums and were seen together. In 2016, Matty Healy denied that the two had anything more than a “flirtation.” At the time, the singer was in a relationship with Joe Alwynwith whom she has now been separated for a month.

Taylor Swift closer than ever to Matty Healy

Matty Healy, from The 1975, was spotted on both Nashville dates of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour. The rumors emerged this Friday, May 5 when fans of the pretty blonde saw her in the audience, then Saturday evening on stage, playing with the first part of the show, Phoebe Bridgers. If on Twitter, everything seems to go viral, other elements of their potential romance have not escaped the discerning eye of Internet users. During the concert, Taylor Swift reportedly said these words: “This song is for you, you will recognize yourself”. A video can be seen on Twitter of Matty Healy appearing to say the same words during a show on May 3 in the Philippines. If the two singing stars have not yet made anything official to date, doubts remain on the web.

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Stromae sick: he STOPS his tour completely Follow us

The Belgian singer so appreciated by the public, Stromaetook a big decision. Tuesday May 9, 2023, the artist announced this Tuesday on his social networks that he had need of ” rest “. For this, he decided tocompletely stop your tour which was to last until December 2023. Sad news for fans who expected to find Stromae on the stage after long years of absence.

Stromae ends his tour called Multitude Tour. Its producer, Auguri, also confirmed the news:“Stromae’s state of health does not allow him toensure its performance“. Remember that the singer returned to the stage in the summer of 2022 after a period of absence caused by depression. What he sang in particular in his title hell. Sensitive and professional, the young man who made his fans dance to the famous title Then we dance, confided. In fact, before the total cancellation of his tourStromae wanted to express himself to his audience. “I was hoping to be able to get up quickly to get back on the road and find you again as quickly as possible” he lamented on his social networks.

Stromae needs a period of remission

The singer-songwriter finally resigned himself to a return to the stage: “Unfortunately, today I must accept that this rest and remission time will be longer than I imagined.” Furthermore, Stromae admits that “this decision is difficult and necessary to be able to get better” and presents its sincerest apologies for these missed appointments that I expected as much as you did.”

The 38-year-old megastar had already taken a break at the end of 2015, affected by a depression aggravated by side effects of an antimalarial. Stromae has never made a secret of the problems encountered during his rise. “Even if we sell dreams, it remains a profession and, as in any profession, when we work too much, we arrive at a burnouthe revealed in 2018 in an interview with France 2. For those who had purchased their ticket for concerts in different French cities, it is possible to get a refund at their point of sale.

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Les Flammes 2023: this speech by a rapper during the ceremony which shocks tweeters “he’s crazy” Follow us

This Thursday, May 11, the Flame ceremony rewarded the best artists from rap and its trends. This first edition notably aroused strong reactions from viewers and Internet users. The event also brought together more than 2,000 people at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. From highlights, that of the prize won by Aya Nakamura. The most listened to French-speaking singer in the world has been crowned female artist of the year. A coronation which incorporates a very particular symbolism. Indeed, the young woman was notably snubbed in previous Music victories. Among the other big winners, Gazo, representative of drill, who was crowned male artist of the year. The man also won Spotify's album of the year, the ceremony's partner.

Tiakola also won three prizes. The 23-year-old Ile-de-France artist won an award for new pop album of the year (Melo). He also won the Flame for R&B song (Cheers, in collaboration with Hamza). Finally, he won the prize for the afro-inspired piece (Soza). Rat Luciano, figure of Marseille rap, for his part, received the Eternal flame, awarded to pioneers of the genre. It was given to him by SCH, another star of the Marseille city scene. Another highlight widely commented on on social networks: the opening signed Fary. The stand-up star indulged in a few mockery about rappers and their lack of oral fluency which would sometimes be felt according to his words. “ Gazo, he can do erasures orally “he said, provoking laughter in the room.

Rapper Dinos shocked viewers and Internet users

Speaking on stage rapper Dinos rightly echoed Fary's jokes. The artist launched into an astonishing speech after winning the prize for rap album of the year, for Winter in Paris. “ As we are in front of the whole (music) industry, I want to say that we need to be more united”, he declared live. In particular, at the start of the year, he portrayed the first rapper to sing at the Caesars. But Dinos also allowed himself a lyrical flight which surprised the audience. “ We only have one life. If you want to dream, travel, fuck whoresdo what you want, but enjoy it, live! “, he said.

The sentence particularly shocked Twitter, where Internet users shared their reactions. “ He is stamp “, shared a first commentator. “ It's embarassingbecause it is not natural “, raised another person. “ Rappers, they have to make sounds in their own corner, but not take the public speakingit's never good. “, indicated a third Internet user.

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