toy boy is a Spanish series that was born in 2019. But it was only in 2020 and after its arrival on Netflix that it started to be talked about. The pitch? After spending more than seven years in prison, Hugo Beltrán, a stripper from the Costa del Sol in Marbella is released on parole. He was accused of having killed the husband of his mistress Macarena Medina, a wealthy businesswoman. Innocent, this handsome young man decides to do everything to find who the real culprit is and for that, he obtains the help of his lawyer Triana as well as the support of his stripper friends. Shows more caliente than each other, surprising investigations, sex, drugs… All the elements are there for this series to be a hit and it is.

Since its broadcast on the streaming platform, toy boy is a real hit with young people. The cast may have something to do with it either since we find María Pedraza, revealed in Elite and Money Heist. And we are not talking about Jesús Mosquera, José De La Torre, Carlo Costanzia or even Raudel Raúl Martiato, all very handsome men, who play the strippers in the series. This Friday, February 11, 2022, Netflix broadcast the eight episodes of season two, to the delight of fans! Moreover, those who watched this second edition in just a few days are already wondering if the series will be renewed or not for a third season.

Toy Boy renewed for season 3?

At the editorial office of melty, we assume that this will be the case! The reason ? Besides the fact that toy boy is currently in fifth position in the top 10 series watched in France this Monday, February 14, 2022 on Netflix, given what happened in the last episode, one would think that there will indeed be a sequel. Spoiler alert! While Hugo Beltrán finds himself again in prison with Rania’s brother called The Turk, who has also been arrested and who only wants to kill the stripper, Macarena Medina was shot in front of his son. These events can clearly suggest that there will be a season three. If Netflix confirms the renewal of Toy Boy, it is very likely that we will find the episodes of the next edition at the beginning of the year 2023.


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