The broadcast of the fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale ended in June 2021. And while the filming of the season 5 has just started, it could already be that the series American be renewed for a season 6. How will the adventures of June Obsorne ? This is the question many fans are asking. And it may well be that they are not ready to end. Indeed, in a recent interview with Radio Times, Ann Dowdthe interpreter of Aunt Lydia in the show, was asked about the future of the series. She even made some secrets and confirmed some rumors.

For Ann Dowdno doubt. The Handmaid’s Tale will indeed be renewed for a season 6. However, she does not yet have a clue about the plot and content of this sixth season, much to the dismay of fans. She says in this interview: “The writers are very smart. They don’t say anything to the actors. So I have no idea what will happen next. I just know there will be a season 5 and 6. […] I imagine Reed (the director) will be fully involved.”. However, Hulu, the platform on which the series is broadcast, has not yet nothing confirmed as for this potential season 6.

A spin-off of The Handmaid’s Tale in preparation?

The Hulu platform has already acquired the rights to adapt The Testamentsone of the last novels by Margaret Atwood published in 2019. It would be a spin-off of The Handmaid’s Tale, set 15 years after the events of the series. And the character of Aunt Lydia, played by Ann Dowd would be central to this new dystopia. In the interview with RadioTimes, the actress also gives her opinion on a spin off related to his character and that of Commander Lawrence: “I would love ! But in this case, I want a different costume. I think Lydia needs a little flirting”. It only remains to know How? ‘Or’ What The Handmaid’s Tale will end.


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