Is Tokyo intended to take the place of the Professor in future episodes of La Casa de Papel?

It’s a theory that is starting to gain momentum on social networks! The hypothesis that Tokyo is the sole survivor of the breakage (which explains why it is she who narrates the intrigue of La Casa de Papel) has won over many fans. So much so that some even went so far as to imagine that the young woman told the story of the robbery to the son of Nairobi, live from his cell in prison. And if for the moment, nothing has been confirmed on the side of the showrunner Alex Pina, the serivores who can no longer wait for the arrival of part 5 on Netflix, do not seem ready to stop speculating. Indeed, on Reddit the surfer named Arno1903 very recently created a new topic to expand its version of the final outcome of the series.

Will Tokyo train the future robbers of La Casa de Papel?

Indeed, the latter indicates: “I support the theory that Tokyo is the only survivor, but I don’t agree that it tells the story of the prison. In my opinion, it tells the story to a new generation of the Resistance, which consists of the descendants of the current membersAmong the future students of Tokyo, the internet user cites the son of Nairobi but also the daughter of Lisbon, the son of Stockholm (whom he also imagines as being the future leader) and the children of Bogota and Berlin Even more astonishing, his theory also includes Alicia’s future unborn child: “And what further helps this theory is the fact that Alicia is also pregnant and will probably join the robbers in part 5“. A hypothesis that we find intelligent because it would allow to conclude the series in the best way and that we therefore decided to share with you. What do you think? Also discover this theory on gold and robbers in Casa de Papel part 5.



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