Last night, Episode 6 of Season 8 of The Blacklist aired on NBC. So it’s time to find out our verdict of “The Wellstone Agency”.

Last week, in episode 5 of season 8 of The Blacklist, viewers discovered that Liz had no limits in her quest for revenge against Reddington. Although she was not physically present in this episode, her aura was omnipresent. So what happened last night? The editorial ‘of melty invites you to discover its verdict of episode 6 of season 8 of The Blacklist. “The Wellstone Agency” was an episode in its own right since even if the plot continued, it was notably used to commemorate actor Clark Middleton, who passed away on October 4, 2020, and write the ending of his recurring character, Glen, effectively …

A beautiful tribute
A beautiful tribute – Credit (s): NBC

This episode 6 of season 8 of The Blacklist managed to do both of these things with a touching farewell to Clark Middleton through his character. While the episode also contributed to Red’s pursuit of Liz, its most poignant goal was the loss of DMV Regional Manager Glen Carter to West Nile Virus as it did in real life. Besides, Reddington honored his friend’s last wish. Even though there were some dark and overwhelming moments, the episode was marked by a few touches of lightness. For years, Glen had claimed to have befriended singer Huey Lewis. In the spirit of preserving the lie and not leaving his mother devastated, Glen had posthumously commissioned Red to track down Lewis and persuade him to attend the Glen Memorial … Thing he succeeded with the help from the Task Force! This twist was both fun and amazing.

Red kept his word!
Red kept his word! – Credit (s): NBC

“The Wellstone Agency” also highlighted a member of the Task Force, that is to say Park, which has always been relayed in the background. In this episode of The Blacklist, she had blood on her hands. It was therefore not surprising that she became a psychopath after the death of her friend Melissa from her injuries. After having killed the man in charge, with several blows of the ashtray, Park asked for the help of Reddington … She thus became a new mole for the criminal within the FBI. Her lies to Hiccup risk backfiring on her. In any case, this episode was also marked by the absence of Liz, perhaps to allow the arc of other characters to be developed. In any case, “The Wellstone Agency” was poignant and managed to pay a nice tribute to actor Clark Middleton.

Credit: NBC


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