This theory about the Netflix series Fate the Winx Saga claims that Bloom and Beatrix are sisters!

Although Netflix still hasn’t officially renewed Destiny The Winx Saga for a season 2, the theories are already well underway. Indeed, if some fans are convinced that Farah could be Bloom’s real mother, others hope to see Daphne land on the screen. She is – in the cartoon – the older sister of our favorite heroine, considered one of the most powerful fairies in the Other World and able to play with the elements. Yet, there is another theory that claims Bloom’s sister is actually already on the show, right from the start. And for good reason, a user on Reddit recently developed a hypothesis according to which Beatrix and the young woman embodied by Abigail Cowen would be from the same family.

Aster Dale in Destiny the Winx Saga
Aster Dale in Destiny the Winx Saga – Credit (s): Netflix

Not content with pointing out that the two young women both had red hair, the latter also recalled that they also have a strange point in common. Indeed, they were also found when they were younger at Aster Dell. A sacred coincidence which for the Internet user is not one! As he then explains: “I think the main reason Rosalind kept Bloom on Earth has to do with the Dragon Flame since it is Burnt-Traceable magic. Besides, Rosalind knew that the trio (Saul, Farah and Ben) were going to set her up, implying that she couldn’t train Bloom and Beatrix afterwards. “

Rosalind trapped in Destiny The Winx Saga
Rosalind trapped in Destiny The Winx Saga – Credit (s): Netflix

So it makes sense to leave Bloom on Earth and take Beatrix with her to ask Andreas – who almost died in Aster Dell – to raise her in her place “. A theory supported by another user who also added: “She chose to separate them so that they learn not to trust anyone when it comes to knowing their past and getting answers.“. A rather plausible hypothesis given the events of the first season. An epic twist that is definitely one of those things we would like to see in season 2 of Destiny The Winx Saga.

Credits: Reddit


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