“Is this a joke?” »: this Netflix series canceled, there will be no season 3 Follow us

Bad news for Netflix users. The streaming platform has just canceled one of its productions. In 2023, the company with the red N has decided not to not renew several of its series. We think in particular of Valeria, Sex/Life, Titan or even The tailor. Other big productions simply ended this year. This is the case, for example, of The Crown which has just revealed today its season 6 or even Sex Education. Today, Netflix announced the cancellation of one of its series.

Fans of the Grishaverse are going to be very disappointed. The streaming platform has in fact decided not to renew Shadow and Bone. Those who followed this series were impatiently waiting to discover season 3, but it will never see the light of day. Shadow and Bone told the story of cartographer Alina Starkov. Immersed in a fantastical universe, this heroine was endowed with powers that could change the course of her world at war. This series was not the only one to have been stopped by Netflix. The platform has also announced the non-renewal of Glamourous, Agent Elvis, Farzar And Captain Fall.

Netflix: audiences in free fall

Series Shadow and Bone had reached no less than 50 million households in the first month following the release of its first season. For the second, they have dropped to 20 million. The cancellation of this production is therefore explained by this drop in audience. The writers’ strike also had a negative impact on Shadow and Bone. On X (formerly Twitter), fans of the series did not hesitate to express their disappointment and dissatisfaction. We could notably read this type of remarks: “I’m frankly disgusted”, “I’m going to cry”, “It’s really so bad”or even “But no, I don’t agree”. Netflix now faces a lot of competition with the arrival of new streaming platforms. We can therefore expect other cancellations in the coming months.

Netflix: a famous French actress clashes with the platform Follow us

It is a scandal that still excites the French more than fifteen years after its revelation. He inspires today a documentary which is in the Top 10 of the most watched original programs on Netflix. Directed by Baptiste Etchegaray and Maxime Bonnet, The Bettencourt Affair : Scandal among the richest woman in the world paints an explosive portrait of the heiress of the L’Oréal family, between manipulations and betrayals linked to her fortune. The documentary mini-series returns in particular to the illegal financing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign in the presidential elections or even to his tax evasion.

Questioned by the directors as part of the documentary, Arielle Dombasle delivers a testimony leading. She is in fact the one who introduced François-Marie Banier to Liliane Bettencourt who will pay him a total of 917 million euros in ten years. She again who now attacks Netflix and the production company of the mini-series, Quad Box, both accused of having orchestrated a “staged” Or “it’s all fiction, shortcuts, biases”. “His truncated interventions punctuate the program and put her at the center of an affair of which she was onlyone witness among others“, its representatives specify in a press release.

Netflix is ​​put on notice

In the press release, we also learn thatArielle Dombasle “had demanded, and obtainedthat Production grants him the possibility of reviewing his testimony so that she validates the editing of her remarks and their insertion in the program”. “She sincerely hoped, based on the written promises of the production, that her testimony would serve a truth, honesty and objectivity completely absent from the final product,” add its representatives. ” Victim […] of a fictionalized masquerade » And ” of a lie”, the actress declares having served notice on Netflix and Quad Box “so that the truth is revealed about the fraudulent use of his testimony, which causes him both material and moral harm.” To be continued!

Netflix: Internet users SHOCKED by this documentary series based on a true story Follow us

After Gregory And the Fourniret affairit’s another documentary series that arouses the curiosity of users Netflix. To know The Bettencourt Affair: scandal among the richest woman in the world. A mini series based on a true story which traces the life and journey of one of the most powerful and influential women in France, Liliane Bettencourt. She is notably the heir of Eugène Schueller, founder of the group L’Oreal. Now a shareholder for the group, his fortune amounts to several billion dollars. In 2016, she was even ranked as the 11th richest person in the world according to the magazine Forbes.

You will have understood, the life of Liliane Bettencourt keen. And the documentary-series from Netflix, broadcast over three episodes, was the most watched series this Monday, November 13. Particularly because it reveals behind the scenes and behind the scenes of this life full of glitter, in reality filled with family and government conflicts. Not counting an operation of ftax levy of several hundred million euros. A story that is of particular interest to Internet users, who were happy to binge-watch the documentary series and comment on it on social networks. And we can say it, The Bettencourt Affair truly shocked the web! Between fraud, manipulation, money, abuse of power… users Netflix were scandalized by the life of this woman.

Netflix users in shock

Quickly, there were many reactions on the web. Shocked by the documentary series The Bettencourt Affair, Internet users gave their clear opinions. And we can say it, this mini-series Netflix shocked more than one! “The story of Liliane Bettencourt broke my heart. Like what, all the money in the world doesn’t necessarily make you happythere are only people with bad intentions around you”, can we read on X, formerly Twitter. Or : “The ‘docu’ on Bettencourt, the rich take us too much for idiots”, “But it makes me angry how EVERYTHING around Bettencourt abused her. It makes me so sad, that rats around her”, “I’m looking at the Bettencourt affair, it’s too crazy”“Omg the new documentary on Bettencourt, the money shocks me too much”. Mixed opinions of course, but just as surprised as each other in the face of the documentary’s revelations Netflix. Who will be the next personality to be highlighted?

Terminator: enigmatic teaser for the Netflix anime Follow us

He’ll be back. Terminator finds a new lease of life on Netflix. The famous platform has just unveiled a first teaser all in mystery. A brief video in the form of an announcement of the return of the famous robot played on screen by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The difference with the rest of the cult saga? This is a anime.

In fact, this teaser is the promise of a future meeting between the Terminator and the Netflix platform, between anime fanatics and aficionados of the saga initiated by James Cameron. Enough to forget the bad episodes of the past saga The Rising of the Machines in 2023? Everything is possible. But the prospect of diving into the Terminator mythology in anime increases our curiosity about this project that comes out of nowhere. Or almost.

Terminator : the robot soon back on Netflix

So, Terminator – The Anime Series pays for a teaser to increase the sauce. Or rather a non-teaser. Because there is (almost) nothing to sink your teeth into in this video of a few seconds. We can see a sentence written in Japanese then its translation into English: “There is no fate”. Understand, in the language of Molière, “There is no destiny.” Okay, the tone is set straight away. We expect the Terminator to arrive, just to make the viewer salivate a little more. But no. This is followed by the box stamped Netflix. We then understand that this is a Terminator anime coming very soon to the famous platform. And then… And then that’s it. No visual, no teaser in the teaser. Only clue: the studio GI production. A somewhat reassuring name, for connoisseurs, since they have overseen Attack on Titan. A very popular anime for a handful of years, in particular thanks to its clever artistic direction and its Dantesque visuals. Another downside, however, is that Netflix does not communicate the release date of the future program either. We will have to be patient in the present. And for the future.

Netflix renews this fantastic series only 9 days after its release Follow us

Castlevania is an animated series produced by Netflix adapted from the cult video game of the same name. Two years later, in 2023, the famous platform is following up the show with Castlevania – Nocturne. A spin off, in due form, surpassing the parent series, which is currently a hit on Netflix. Trailer !

Fact, Castlevania – Nocturne is so successful on the platform that it was immediately renewed for a season 2. So far, nothing unusual. But Castlevania – Nocturne breaks records for speed in terms of series renewal. This sees the fire move to the for its second season barely ten days after its release on Netflix. 9 to be more precise!

Netflix: what is the animated series Castlevania – Nocturne ?

Castlevania – Nocturne is an anime which has 8 episodes of around thirty minutes. This is a spin-off prequel has Castlevaniathe parent series, because the events of this spin-off take place 3 centuries previously. Richter is now the last member of the Belmont clan. This new adventure takes place in the middle of a period of French Revolution. But the popular uprising is the least of our hero’s worries. Indeed, Richter finds himself faced with an alliance between the counter-revolutionary aristocracy and the vampire Erzsebet Bathory. A bad guy super-powerful who will give Richter a hard time. Clive Bradley, creator of the animated series, is delighted with its success on Netflix. In an interview given to Colliderthe showrunner details: “We are excited to show you Castlevania – Nocturne which is the next chapter in the life of Richter Belmont. This season 1 paves the way for other episodes but it also offers everything we love about this franchise.” With the renewal of Castlevania – Nocturne for a season 2, Clive Bradley can sleep soundly. With a stake under the pillow, anyway, just in case…

Netflix: why did the platform cancel this zombie series? Follow us

Lost Vegas is still not available on Netflix. Kezako Lost Vegas ? Quite simply the animated spin-off series of the hit film Army of the Deadsigned Zack Snyder, released on the famous platform in 2021. The project had been in the pipeline for some time but has just been purely and simply canceled by Netflix. Explanations…

In fact, Zack Snyder announced the sad news for his fans in an interview given to Total Film. “We wrote all the scripts, did all the animations and recorded all the voices.”, explains the director of Batman V Superman in the American media. “So you can watch it even if it’s the slightly crazy outline form.. You can even watch the entire series!” Nevertheless, Lost Vegas won’t be leaving the editing room anytime soon. Never, even, if we are to believe the words of the filmmaker in Total Film. Netflix, for its part, does not seem to have given any particular reasons for the cancellation of the animated series. But Zack Snyder still has more up his sleeve!

Netflix: adios Lost Vegaswelcome Rebel Moon

Lost Vegas will not be released on Netflix. It is a fact. Zack Snyder added in the same interview: “At one point in this unreleased animated series, the main characters cross a dimensional portal. They meet other heroes from another dimension.” There, Zack Snyder says that these would be the protagonists of Rebel Moon. Kezako, Rebel Moon ? Its colossal blockbuster in two parts which must land on… Netflix! We therefore understand that the demiurge had imagined an extended cinematographic and serial universe in which Army of the Deadits aborted animated spin-off Lost Vegasand the diptych Rebel Moon were all connected to each other. “In Rebel Moonthe characters are in a bar and one of the Aliens coming from Lost Vegas. It was definitely the same universe!” It’s a safe bet that Snyd’ fans would have been delighted with such a crossover interweaving several mediums, film as well as series, live action as well as animation. The latter will, however, be able to alleviate their sorrow when Rebel Moon on Netflix. Because this film, in two parts, will indeed be released on the streaming platform. Do not panic !

Stranger Things (Netflix): the first scene of season 5 is revealed! Follow us

Stranger Things this is THE event series Netflix. Since its first season released in 2016, fans have devoted a real cult to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schnapp), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) And the others. In this fantasy drama series, a group of friends find themselves forever bonded when they encounter strange phenomena in their hometown of Hawkins. And for six years, millions of fans around the world were able to diligently follow their adventures. Season 4, released in 2022, also made a real hit on the platform, breaking numerous records. Unfortunately, for season 5, they will still have to be patient…

In fact, while the screenwriters’ strike was raging in Hollywood, Stranger Things was seriously impacted. Leaving the filming of season 5 on hold, which is still not finished, to the great despair of fans. But to wait, the creators of the Netflix series have reserved a little surprise for Internet users, and not the least! They have in fact revealed a big clue on the very first scene of season 5. Namely an extract from the script on which we can read: “The sound of the cold wind. The growling of the trees. And… a child’s voice, singing a familiar song”. A few words that have already sparked strong reactions on the web! On the other hand, no explanation on the meaning of this beginning of the script…

What does the first scene of Stranger Things season 5 mean?

Faced with the revelations from the creators of the series, theories and speculations are rife on season 5 of Stranger Things. Particularly on the words “familiar songs”. It is true that music has been, from the start, at the heart of the show. We will cite in particular the titles Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clashor Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, which have taken on a considerable scale. Both in the series and on social networks. So, is it one of those two songs? For the moment, no further information. But one thing is certain, fans are already impatient to discover the finale of the hit series. “OMG I’m so excited”, “Does that mean it’s coming soon?? », “The best day of the year”, “I can’t wait for the final season” ! And you, can’t wait to discover season 5?

Netflix: this little nugget is really worth the detour Follow us

History has never been as popular in cinema as it is on the small screen. In recent years, filmmakers have focused their cameras particularly on the Second World War. We think in particular of Dunkirkbrilliant fresco by Christopher Nolan, crazy Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino or the epic Midway by Roland Emmerich. For its part, Netflix is ​​also interested in the subject with original productions like The Munich Vise, The Battle of the Scheldt or even more recently the adaptation ofIn the west, nothing is new, praised by the Academy of Oscars last year.

The streaming giant is back at it again this fall with another retelling of a Pulitzer Prize-winning classic. Available since September 2, All the light we can’t see follows the intersecting destinies of two heroes of the Second World War over the course of a decade. On one side, Marie-Laure Leblanc, a young blind French woman taking refuge with her uncle. On the other, Werner Pfennig, a German teenager who is a true genius in radio transmissions. Thanks to a shared secret link, they find faith in humanity and see a glimmer of hope. A great success signed by Shawn Levy (Free Guy, Night at the Museum), with Louis Hofmann (Dark), Lars Eidinger, Marion Bailey, Hugh Laurie and Mark Ruffalo.

Internet users validate the new Netflix mini-series

All the light we can’t see is unanimous on social networks. Internet users are saying a big “yes” to this new, very well-made mini-series. ” I have Netflix and look All the light we cannot see. Incredible how for a modest sum and without subsidy, they can release series infinitely better than anything your artists stuffed with public money can do, ” All the light we can’t see on Netflix this mini-series is really gripping and moving. 1 or 2 more episodes we wouldn’t have been against it. (Yes I shed my little tear)“, “Okay I launched the Netflix mini series called All the light we can’t see, I’m on episode 3 and it’s so captivating, beautiful in terms of images and lights, if you don’t know what to watch or if you’ve already seen, curious about your opinions”we can read in particular on X (formerly Twitter).

Netflix: the platform gives a little gift to its subscribers Follow us

It’s time to take stock on Netflix! The platform is pleased with the great success of its reduced-price subscription with advertisements, although it was very controversial when it was introduced last year. “Our ad-supported plan has nearly 5 million monthly active users worldwide, with an average age of 34,” reports Jeremi Gorman, president of global advertising. As a reminder, the streaming giant offers to watch its programs interspersed with advertisements for the modest sum of €5.99 per month, compared to €10.99 and €13.49 for the Essential and Standard offers.

While its competitors are also making the switch to advertising, Netflix is ​​celebrating the first anniversary of its offer with a very symbolic little gift to its subscribers. A press release from the platform reveals that the streaming service will offer an attractive promotion to its most loyal customers from the first quarter of 2024. “After watching three consecutive episodes, members will be offered a fourth ad-free episode,” can we read in the official message published by the firm this November 1st. This should please binge-watching enthusiasts as winter approaches!

Netflix offers a new feature

Beyond this little gift, Netflix will offer a new feature next week to subscribers to the offer with advertisements. They will be able to download films and series to watch them offline within a few days. Explanations: “We have improved the subscriber experience by offering better video quality in our ad-supported offer (1080p instead of 720p), access to Netflix on two devices simultaneously and from the end of this week the possibility of downloading programs . All subscribers to the ad-supported offer can now download their favorite series and films, making Netflix the only streaming service to offer downloading in an ad-supported offer.. A way for the platform to encourage its future customers to subscribe to its most profitable plan.

The Tailor: Netflix will release season 3 very soon Follow us

On July 28, Netflix put the second of the Tailor. The series from Turkey follows the story of Peyami, a famous tailor whose life is turned upside down by dark secrets while he makes the wedding dress for his best friend’s fiancée. The second round of episodes broadcast last summer allowed the platform’s subscribers to discover the rest of the story of the character played by Çağatay Ulusoy and to get to know new protagonists. Widely acclaimed by Internet users, the series is preparing to make a strong comeback as winter approaches.

Rare thing, three seasons of Tailor were turned. It was therefore obvious to fans that new episodes would soon arrive on Netflix. They will not have to wait long since the platform announced that it would broadcast the third season of the Turkish show from November 3. We can bet that it will rise to the top of the most viewed series on the streaming service. Let us add that the trailer for season 3 is already available on YouTube. And these first images are already making our mouths water!

Internet users love the Tailor

On X (formerly known as Twitter), followers Netflix are unanimous: The tailor is one of the platform’s greatest successes. ” I think that The tailor is one of the nicest surprises you can find on Netflix”, “I loved it… Like all Turkish series, I shed my little tear… They are strong!! I never cry. “It’s only Turkish series or films that succeed”, The tailor on Netflix, this nugget! I feel obliged to be the spokesperson for this Turkish series! », “Magnificent series. The actors are great. Can’t wait for season 3″, “The 2 seasons are magnificent, it’s almost a shame that they are going to do a 3rd season in my opinion”we can read in particular.