Even James Cameron, the director of the Avatar franchise, couldn’t convince her to reprise her role in future films.


Michelle Rodriguez is an actress with a fiery temper. And not just in the motorized franchise Fast & Furious. Take Avatar, another ultra-popular and ultra-profitable saga. The American actress did not wish to return to Avatar – The Waterwaysequel to the first Avatar of the name, released last December-. A firm refusal, without the possibility of negotiations. In 2009she embodied Trudytough-skinned soldier and outstanding pilot. One of these roles badass as she knows so well how to endorse them in well-burned blockbusters.

Fact, Michelle Rodriguez refused to don Trudy’s paramilitary outfit in the James Cameron franchise. She explains this radical decision to Vanity Fair : “Dude…”, launches the actress nonchalantly to the journalist during the interview. “I saw jim [surnom de James Cameron, NDLR] recently and he told me he was thinking of bringing me back.” The filmmaker would have explained to him, according to his words, that many characters had returned in other forms in Avatar 2. And it is the truth. We necessarily think of Stephen Langwho goes from human in the first film to Na’vi in the second, and Sigourney Weaver, who embodies neither more nor less than the Na’avi daughter of her character who died at the end of the first film. However, these transformation ideas did not at all thrill Michelle Rodriguez. She adds that she replied to James Cameron that it was “out of the question” to come back. I died a martyr!“, she balances with a prickly humor.

Michelle Rodriguez: living avatar among the dead characters

However, this would not be the first time that Michelle Rodriguez has seen one of her characters resurrect on screen thanks to the magic of cinema. It was also the main attraction of one of the many episodes of Fast & Furious whose title we forgot. But also in Machete Killsfollowing more than dispensable from the cult machete, where she also returned from the dead. Finally, in resident Evil, even if we all skipped that she was also playing in there, she also comes back to life. So why not in Avatar ? It would seem that the death of Trudy on the screen, a real patriotic sacrifice as we like in American cinema, is a real moment of satisfaction for the actress. This one concludes with her legendary badass banter: “Looks like they don’t know what to do with the girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend. Do we keep it or kill it?“Anyway, the fanboys And fangirls by Michelle Rodriguez will be able to find her very soon beautiful and alive in the cinema. And that in no less than two blockbusters with Dungeons & Dragonsnext April 12 at the cinema, then Fast Xtenth installment of the saga Fast & Furiousin theaters May 17, 2023. Double dose of Michelle the loudmouth in the flesh.


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