This morning, at 7:50 a.m., the guest of Lea Salame on France Inter was Apple. She is a French author and composer, active since 2014. She is particularly known for having released four EPs: On the run (2016), Roughly (2017), Loopholes (2019) and Consolation (2022). This morning, she confided in her intimate life with France Inter. The show presents her as the “new prodigy of French song”. While she is only 26 years old, she has indeed chained two music victories. She has also announced that she will perform Consolation tomorrow evening. An event she describes as ” special “.

She first confided in the reasons that led her to produce her latest album, Consolation. It is for her a ” logical sequence ” with the previous album, “Flaws”. This last album thus addresses ” things difficult”. Only it contains “more hope and light than in the previous album”, she confessed. It was then that she confided in his early career in music. Léa Salamé asked him: “Would you say if this is the album where you feel the most free, the closest to you? You told how much you felt prevented, manipulated, even harassed by the music industry when you arrived very young in this profession. There, you emancipated yourself, emancipated from what they wanted you to do? ». Apple confides while today she feels completely freedom of artistic choice. She hasn’t felt free in what she’s been writing for a long time, at least since her album Roughlyshe said.

Apple now feels freer in its artistic choices

On the release date of this album, she was indeed not even twenty years old and did not yet feel sufficiently confident. Léa Salamé also remembers that the artist had to “putting on dresses with flowers” and “sing 40-year-old man lyrics”. However, it was not her, this image did not correspond to her. “I can’t be a 40-year-old man by being a 19-year-old woman, it’s impossible”, she considers. Today, things have changed. She even became the owner of her music, sinceshe is her own producer.


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