Amouranth recently unveiled his huge salary on OnlyFans. It must be said that the star streamer of Twitch has a huge community and has made a name for herself in the game with the category “ hot tub “. But today, place in France! Amouranth was passed by DamDam during a jacuzzi stream. Long live France !

Amouranth beaten on its own ground by DamDam

It’s a big surprise! If Amouranth benefits from immense popularity but above all from the international scene thanks to the Englishman, the star of Twitch was overtaken by the French DamDam. Proof that the French-speaking web knows how to hit hard when necessary after the Pixel War as the ultimate proof. But why did the French streamer embark on a jacuzzi stream?

It was during the last Z Event, which was at the heart of the controversy for the 2022 edition, that DamDam promised a live ” hot tub from a certain amount of donations. A stream probably expected by the fans when we see the number of viewers. Amouranth was running at 11,000 against 14,300 for DamDam at the same time.

At DamDam, several big streamers have passed a head like ZeratoR, the organizer of the famous Z Event, or Mistermv. Of course, this live took the form of a jokesimple amusing pastiche.

No way for DamDam to start a career in the category « Hot Tub “, we reassure you. It was about parody a trend of Twitch while having a good time as the sun hits hard, very hard. Without forgetting the opportunity for the French streamer to honor her word of the Z Event 2021.


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