Teased many times, is the presence of Shuma-Gorath in Doctor Strange 2 a good idea?

A few weeks ago, several rumors made of Shuma-Gorath the main antagonist of Doctor Strange 2. If it will be necessary to wait for confirmation from Marvel studios to know if this extra-dimensional creature will be the next enemy of the Sorcerer Supreme, its presence could remind that of Dormammu in the first part released in 2016. What to wonder if the ‘inclusion of this character might ultimately be a good idea, as this spring may seem redundant to MCU fans, especially since Sam Raimi’s film appears to be one of the most ambitious blockbusters of Phase 4.

Shuma-Gorath in the Marvel comics.
Shuma-Gorath in the Marvel comics. – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

That being said, Shuma-Gorath is not to be compared to Dormammu, the demon may be endowed with a much greater strength than the previous antagonist. Considered an iconic character from the Doctor Strange comics, this supervillain could also bring a horrific aspect. Given Marvel Studios’ desire – albeit simmering – to include scary elements in the MCU, Shuma-Gorath emerges as the perfect protagonist for genre expert Sam Raimi to put on a scary spectacle for audiences. In addition, the presence of this entity would convincingly introduce the Multiverse into the Marvel universe.

Who will be the antagonist of Doctor Strange 2?
Who will be the antagonist of Doctor Strange 2? – Credit (s): Marvel studios

It is for these main reasons that the choice of Shuma-Gorath seems to be a good idea. If the studios of Kevin feige must be careful not to reproduce the same springs as with Dormammu, the introduction of this demon could be particularly convincing given the stakes of Doctor Strange 2. It remains to be seen whether the film’s creative teams actually turned to Shuma-Gorath as the main antagonist, with further rumors claiming that Mephisto, Scarlet Witch and even Mordo are also Sorcerer Supreme’s rivals in the feature film. . The trailer once unveiled should tell us more about the film’s main opponent but something tells us that whoever it is, it should be particularly formidable!

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