Fabrice Deville (Un si grand soleil): the actor reveals what he doesn’t like in the series Follow us

Broadcast since 2018, the television series Such a big sun follows the adventures of a group of residents of Montpellier. Followed by millions of viewers, it is broadcast every day on France 2. It was in 2019 that actor Fabrice Deville joined the cast of the famous television series. He interprets the role of Florent Graçay, the boyfriend of Claire Estrela, a character played by actress Mélanie Maudran. Florent Graçay’s life is complex. The lawyer is in fact the father of two children : Enzo (Teïlo Azaïs) and Kira (Coline Ramos-Pinto), who is his adopted daughter. He juggles relationships with his associates, clients and loved ones.

A recent bereavement

Last December, the actor, who often mentioned professional constraints that he has suffered since he starred in the television series Such a big sun, faced tragedy. Indeed, his brother Laurent died suddenly. Fabrice Deville announced the sad news on his Instagram account. He posted a photo in which he appeared with his missing brother. Paying homage to himhe added the following message: “Not being able to tell everyone, my friends, my family, I am announcing to you that my darling brother, Laurent, left us this evening (…) I already miss you terribly. Peace to your soul, my brother whom I love.”

A character who lacks depth according to Fabrice Deville

Several things irritate Fabrice Deville about the character which he performs in Such a big sun. Interviewed by Télé-Leisure, the actor did not hesitate to address these points. He first explained that he felt frustrated with his role. He finds that Florent Graçay lacks relief. “ I decided to return my character less smooth. But it’s more of a personal job,” did he declare. He further discussed the characters’ dialogue, saying that certain expressions sometimes seemed inappropriate. “Once, in a dialogue, they wrote to me, “What are you doing? ”, it made me hysterical. No one says that, apart from a doctor from the 80s. It really characterizes my character like someone from retro”, he explained to our colleagues.

A desire to develop his character

Fabrice Deville, however, attempts to demonstrate weighting. During his interview with Tele-Leisure, he clarified that he respects the work of the authors, the screenwriters. He added that he is nevertheless counting on them to give more prominence to Florent Graçay. Another point of contention between him and the production: his hairstyle, which he finds out of date. On this subject, he assured our colleagues: I fight to stop the hairdryer which makes me a doctor’s hairstyle from the 80s. Anyway, put a leather jacket on Florent, you’ll always have the impression that I’m a minister.” Fans rest assured, he added that he plans to continue starring in the series for the time being.

Alyssa Milano (Charmed): the actress reveals who Phoebe should have been in a relationship with at the end of the series Follow us

Broadcast from 1998 to 2006 on The WB, the series Charmed was followed by millions of viewers during the 2000s. A true television phenomenon, the soap opera, discovered in France on M6, continues to be broadcast each year thanks to multiple rebroadcasts. And far from drying up, the enthusiasm for the Halliwell sisters remains alive despite the passing years. As a reminder, the conventions which bring together the cast of the American series are regularly a hit. And fans don't hesitate to travel far to meet the actors and actresses who played in Charmed.

A cult series

Let us briefly review the facts. In this American TV show, viewers made the discovery of the three Halliwell sisters: Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Characters respectively played by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano. Actress Rose Mac Gowan played the role of Paige Matthews, after the departure of Shannen Doherty, from season 4. After the death of their grandmother, the three sisters find themselves in the family mansion. In the latter, Phoebe does the discovery of a mysterious book in the attic. After reading a formula written there out loud, she and her sisters develop magical powers. They then learn that they are powerful witches and that they must protect the innocent against demons and other evil forces.

Phoebe, a character with tumultuous loves

As the episodes progress, the three women learn to master their powers. They also face their enemies while trying to manage their daily lives without revealing their secret identity. In Charmed, Alyssa Milano plays the role of Phoebe Halliwell, a resourceful, clever and empathetic young woman. The youngest sibling will develop powers of premonition at the start of the series. Phoebe is the character who will experience real adventures in terms of love. She will in fact live a passionate love story with Cole (Julian McMahon), a half-demon, half-human being whose initial mission was to eliminate the three witches. After being in a relationship with Cole, Phoebe will ultimately have no other choice than to defeat him with his sisters. She will then have a romantic relationship with Jason Dean (Eric Dane), the boss of the newspaper where she works.

Alyssa Milano's opinion on Phoebe's love affairs

At the end of the series, Phoebe meets a cupid named Coop (Victor Webster). In a short clip showing the characters' future, we can see that she had three girls with him. This last relationship did not really enchant Phoebe's fans. Actress Alyssa Milano gave her opinion on the issue while attending the Orlando MegaCon in early February. The subject of Phoebe's love affairs was indeed put on the table, and when asked with what character she thought Phoebe should have gotten on with her life, Alyssa Milano responded like this: “Who are you all thinking of?” Cole forever! Cole and Phoebe forever.” An opinion that many fans of the series certainly share with her.

The Scott Brothers: Sophia Bush reveals what job Brooke would do in 2024 Follow us

Sophia Bush is branded by The Scott brothers. The series for teenagers and young adults had such an impact on the 2000s that we cannot think of it without thinking of the interpreter of Brooke Davis. And vice versa. Because Sophia Bush, despite her other roles, notably in Chicago P.D.remains forever linked to Brooke in The Scott brothers. So much so that the American actress imagined the job what her heroine would do on screen in 2024. And, we have to admit, we tend to agree with her!

Brooke Davis was an idealist in high school

We all remember Brooke Davis in The Scott brothers. Brilliant student, altruistic comrade, very popular student at her high school. There Prom Queen par excellence but without the OCD and cheerleader side, in short. Brooke is also a young girl who is very involved in school life. She hates injustices and likes to represent her comrades against the administration. Obviously, such involvement and such ease make her a sort of politician of campus. This is what would have tipped off his interpreter, Sophia Bush.

Sophia Bush thinks Brooke would go into politics

I always joke about the high school elections which had a real impact on Brooke”, says Sophia Bush in an interview given to E!News alongside the promotion of the feature film Junfiction in which she plays. The actress speculates on what Brooke would have become in 2024 as the character accompanied her at specific moments in her life. She evolved along with her as if Sophia and Brooke were two sides of the same coin.I would like her to be a politician who gives impassioned speeches to harangue a crowd who needs her. This would suit him so much!Brooke Davis 2024? And why not !

Sophia Bush talks about the Scott Brothers reboot for the umpteenth time

In the same interview, Sophia Bush also mentioned the potential – or not, it depends – reboot of the Scott Brothers. A sea serpent that comes up regularly in the various interviews with each performer on the show.Never say never…”, teases the interviewee who knows that the series still means a lot to its fans today. “I think that for a long time, our response was always negative because we were not ready to start this project.” Could it be that the star and his cronies have changed their minds? Nothing is less sure. But, even though, here, Star Ac’ and L’Ile de la Tentation have made their comeback, we can well imagine the return of Scott Brothers in the more or less near future. And, why not, also, Avril Lavigne while we’re at it… Just to have definitely taken a twenty-year leap into the past, all without DeLorean!

Here it all starts in advance of Thursday January 18, 2024 on TF1: Teyssier rises against Leroy, David reveals his alcoholism Follow us

Summary of episode 843 of Here it all begins broadcast Thursday January 18, 2024 on TF1. Hortense finishes preparing the romantic evening for Vic And Enzo. Determined to rekindle the flame between her sister and her partner, who are somewhat lacking in intimate moments, she leaves with Mehdi a whole menu composed of aphrodisiac foods, roses and candles in her sister’s room. But then, as she leaves class, Vic listens to Hortense’s voice message next to Enzo. The young aspiring chef understands that his partner has spoken about their intimate problems with his sister.

He wished she didn’t. He strictly refrains from talking about it to those around him so as not to damage the image that others have of his relationship. He refuses to follow her into the bedroom but Vic asks him to at least talk about their problems. She criticizes him for always avoiding this conversation which is indeed necessary. The young man once again flees from the possibility of speaking with her. He pretends to be afraid that she will repeat everything to her sister.

Bérénice can no longer escape

The selections for Pastry Days are open. Many big names will compete against Emmanuel Teyssier during a large-scale tournament. The perfect opportunity for students to shine. The director of the Institute plans to form a brigade made up of students from all levels. He chooses Carla, Berenice, Tommy And Ethan. The other students are very surprised to see Bérénice selected. The young woman cannot stand the atmosphere in the kitchen and especially being reprimanded by her superiors. She risks being undermined during the tests by Teyssier’s aggressiveness and intransigence…

Marc loses a precious thing

Teyssier is very upset against Marc Leroy. The latter organized the unusual cooking test module without his authorization. For the director, it was a coup from the boss to overtake him within the Institute. Furthermore, he is very angry with her for not having warned him about his alcoholism. David. He believes that he should not have handled this quietly by advising the student of an addiction specialist himself. Constance tries to reason with her but nothing helps. Teyssier wants to fire Marc…

Marc suspects that he will have to leave the Institute so he apologizes to his sons for having taken so many risks through this module. Jimmy took the opportunity to thank him on the contrary for having pushed them to their limits. At first, he didn’t see the point in these challenges. Ultimately, he learned a lot of things from him. Marc is very touched. He will have at least succeeded in one thing: reconnecting with his sons.

For his part, David admits to Lionel, Jasmine And Solal that he is an alcoholic. He explains that since the attacks he suffered from Duchesnais, he has fallen into alcohol. Since then, David has hidden from them that he drinks all day. His friends are shocked but proud of him. Jude congratulates him and renews his friendship, assuring him that he will always be there to support and help him whatever happens. This is a big step in David’s life!

Clear, Olivia, Clotilde And Anthony see resounding effects in the students who participated in Marc’s module. Maturity, self-confidence… They are no longer the same! If they were initially doubtful, they must recognize that Marc’s method works. They plead his case with Teyssier who agrees to keep him on the teaching staff. On the other hand, there is no longer any question for Teyssier of being friends with him…

SAT in advance of Monday January 22 on TF1: Maxime reveals his true face Follow us

Exit Natacha Lindinger, welcome Helene of Fougerolles. The actress, who we saw in the detective series Balthazaris the new star of the soap opera SAT. New actress, new face and new season for the heroine. Indeed, six new episodes are offered by TF1 which broadcasts the program every Monday evening from 9:10 p.m. Here is a little summary in advance of the episode January 22 next. And a little recap of the previous episodes which are broadcast this Monday January 15. Attention, spoilers

SAT : what happens in the January 22 episode?

Maxim reveals his true face. He has a very specific idea about the future of the castle. His intentions cause an uproar within the school which will close to make way for a five-star hotel. For his part, Anne Marie is furious. SatShe is disappointed when she discovers Maxime’s true nature. With Laurent And Xavier, she is looking for a way to undermine Maxime’s plan for school. Xavier, in fact, decides to apologize toAurélie for his past behavior. This episode is the last of the new season of SAM starring Hélène de Fougerolles in the title role on TF1. Attention, others spoilers

SAT : what happens in the January 15 episode?

Flashback on the previous episode. If Sam is so angry with Maxime it’s because the two slept together. And not just anywhere: in the principal’s office! Sam, in full pre-menopause, is totally disoriented. The fault is his hormones which fluctuate according to his moods and vice versa. The proof ? On a whim, she asks the village mayor, Laurent, in marriage. The latter, completely crazy about Sam, accepts without seeing the problem in the situation. But his family does not view the marriage proposal favorably. Attention, others spoilers

SAT : what happens in the second episode of January 15?

Sam, despite herself, finds herself complicit in a kidnapping. But she can count on her friends Xavier and Aurélie to support her. But that no longer works at all with Laurent. An argument breaks out between the village mayor and Sam. Obviously, their marriage is called into question. In addition to their argument, Laurent demands that Sam confess the reasons for the kidnapping to the police. There’s all this and more in the final episodes of the new season of SAT. Find the heroine played by Hélène de Fougerolles on Monday evening on TF1 from 9:10 p.m.

Andor, season 2: Disney+ reveals bad news for fans Follow us

Andorspin-off series of Star Wars and film prequel Rogue Onewill have been a good surprise in 2022. A clever mix of genres and a great extension of the universe, the show immediately won over fans of the cult saga. So, everyone is waiting (impatiently) for the second season ofAndor. Lucasfilm and Disney+, against all expectations, are releasing very sad news for aficionados of the adventures of Cassian Andor in a galaxy far, far away.

In fact, Lucasfilm has just revealed its calendar of Disney+ productions coming for next year. And Andor, season 2, unfortunately not for the moment. Worse : Andor is even largely absent from the series unveiled by the firm for 2024. We find The Acolyteseason 3 of The Bad Batch, Skeleton Crew or even season 2 of Tales of the Jedi. But noAndor at the arrival. However, the spin-off series was originally planned for release this month.August 2024.

Andorseason 2: no announcement from Lucasfilm and Disney

Andor's absence can be explained by the very tense socio-political context in American entertainment. Indeed, filming of the second season was almost finished before the Hollywood screenwriters' strike in May 2023. Unfortunately, here too, for Lucasfilm and Disney, after the writers' strike, there was also the actors' strike in Hollywood. Two consecutive social movements which blocked film and series production in the United States. Andor, season 2, is currently at a standstill. We imagine that filming is either finished or in the process of being finalized. On the other hand, it is very strange not to have a release date, even elusive, sometime in 2024 or sometime in 2025, in the Lucasfilm line up.. May the force be with them, us and even Cassian Andor.

Here it all starts in advance of Wednesday November 15, 2023 on TF1: Carla reveals the truth, Clotilde lies Follow us

Summary of episode 796 ofHere it all beginsbroadcast Wednesday November 15 on TF1. Jasmine (Zoï Séverin) is always concerned about the balance between her career as a chef and her life as a mother. The young woman must give up a revision session with Thibault (Félix Pacaut) and Jimmy (Joan Becmont).

She had in fact planned to participate in a musical awareness workshop with Nael to the nursery. She must make a choice. At the moment, she prefers to focus on her relationship with her son whom she has not seen for a month, because of her mission in Shanghai.

The chef Guinot (Catherine Marchal) notices his absence. The latter questions Thibault. The young student explains Jasmine’s hesitations to him. Claire decides to speak with Jasmine. She explains to him that she was able to pursue her career while raising her son, Louis.

The young chef can do the same, she’s sure. However, Jasmine no longer feels any pleasure in cooking. She only thinks about her son and no longer feels any enthusiasm. The boss offers him to join the brigade of Salome (Aurélie Pons) in her concept of a restaurant without a menu.

Jasmine accepts! For his part, Thibault asks Jim to be more tender with the latter. She needs support and certainly not his judgments. He promises his brother to make an effort.

Clotilde lies to Joachim

Joachim realizes that Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) is working with Mark (Stéphane Blancafort) on his seminar project with Master’s students. He really likes his concept of hybrid cuisine.

But Joachim notices something that bothers him: Clotilde chose to be helped by Marc and not by him. The boss tries to explain to him that he invited himself into her work session and that he helped her a lot. Joachim has difficulty accepting his explanations. He is jealous.

While he asks Clotilde if anything has ever happened between Marc and her, she lies and assures him that no. For his part, Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) does not think Clotilde capable of energizing the Master’s students. He would prefer it to be him who leads the seminar.

Carla unpacks the truth

Carla (Aaricia Lemaire) and Souleymane (Dembo Camilo) have a conversation. She explains to him that she pushed him aside for fear of hurting him by talking about the search for his own biological parents. Unfortunately, the issue is no longer on the agenda.

Her birth record was destroyed in a flood. She also explains to him that she sees him as a brother and not as a boyfriend. If he suffers the blow, Souleymane shows elegance and listens to his needs.

Carla’s parents leave the Institute, they thank Anthony (Frédéric Diefenthal) for his great kindness. One last element bothers them: Carla is going to experience her pregnancy at boarding school, which is not the most comfortable.

Antoine then offers to welcome her into his home, still thinking that she is in a relationship with Souleymane. Carla accepts. While Antoine is delighted to soon become a grandfather, Carla sets things straight: this whole story with Souleymane was a lie…