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Summary of episode 1559 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Friday November 17 on TF1. Bastien is caught red-handed. When he renders his duty to Francis (Emmanuel Moire), the latter realizes that it is far too sharp for the young man to have done it without help.

He admits to having used artificial intelligence, but assures that it was the first time. François gives him a second chance and suggests that he redo an assignment within 48 hours. The teenager is grateful to him.

Later, Bastien helps Violette who is overwhelmed by her cell phone. She offers to help Bastien with his English homework as a thank you. The latter accepts. After class, they go to Spoon for a drink and study.

They are surprised by Bastien’s father. The latter thinks that Violet (Salomé Benitha) is his son’s girlfriend. Bastien corrects him: she’s a friend. Salomé receives a proposal from her biological mother so that they can see each other.

Soraya tries everything for everything

Warned by Mona (Catherine Benguigui), Soraya (Kenza Saïb-Couton) arrives at Spoon to confront Noor (Sahelle of Figuereido). She begs her to forgive him for his affair with Gabriel (Martin Mille). The lawyer assures him that she will leave him in order to get her back.

She expresses her regrets to him and maintains that they will not be able to live happily without each other. But Noor doesn’t want to hear anything: she will never forgive him. Back at the office, Soraya collapses in Gabriel’s arms and leaves him.

Later, the young man is at the Spoon with Charlie (Clémence Lassalas). Gabriel is disappointed when he meets Noor. The legal assistant tells him that Soraya has left him. He makes her understand that the lawyer only did it for her and that he hopes they can forgive each other.

Corentin always more threatening

Laurent is in police custody. He is defended by Soraya. The latter is reassuring with him. The father of Corentin (Elias Goldberg) regrets not having reported him to the police when he could but he was beyond his control.

He simply has a hard time contemplating losing him. All he has left is him since the death of his wife. Laurent admits that he was not an ideal father when his wife died, as he was so devastated by sadness.

Dorian (Rayan Huber) is reassured: the police have found traces of Corentin and are on the verge of arresting him. Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) suggests that they meet at Mont Saint-Clair. He accepts to entrust it to Luna (Paloma Reynaud). The latter is convinced that Camille is trying to get him back. But now, he thinks he needs to hear what she has to say to him so as not to feel guilty.

If Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) can trace Corentin’s phone and sees that he is heading towards Spain, she thinks it is a decoy. The teenager could still be in Sète to carry out his revenge…

Dorian goes to the meeting with Camille. But the latter does not come there. Indeed, Luna meets her in Sète. She wonders what she’s doing there. By mentioning the message, Luna understands that Camille never arranged to meet Dorian.

They go as quickly as possible to Mont Saint-Clair to find Dorian. But it is too late, the young man waiting for Camille faces Corentin. The latter explains to him that if he moves from the bench where he is sitting, a bomb will explode…

New Amsterdam in advance of November 22, 2023 on TF1: Max and Veronica at war Follow us

New Amsterdam fans are now following the disagreements between Max and the surly Veronica Fuentes, the resistance of other service practitioners and the arrival of a mysterious patient in New Amsterdam. Warning, spoilers…

So, just to be up to date, and even ahead of time, here is a little summary in advance of episodes 14, 15 and 16 of season 4 which are broadcast on November 15 on TF1 from 9:10 p.m. In episode 14, Max and Helen return to New Amsterdam to mourn the loss of Dr. Kapoor. There, the two realize that the rest of the department has gone to war against Veronica Fuentes. For his part, the hospital chaplain, in the middle of distributing food to homeless people in the company of Max, feels unwell. This was without counting on the son of the late Dr. Kapoor, Rohan, who suffered an overdose. Warning, other spoilers…

New Amsterdam : what happens in episodes 15 and 16 of season 4?

In episode 15, Veronica Fuentes gets Max kicked out of New Amsterdam with the help of security guards. However, he makes her understand that she must resign otherwise he will again and again prevent her from doing her work in the hospital. Because nothing has gone right since she took office and made decisions. But Max is one step ahead: he has a very compromising file on Veronica Fuentes which he entrusts to Karen. In the ward, Dr. Wilder and Castries are faced with a terminally ill patient. In episode 16, Max and Lauren take care of a patient who claims to have fallen in his shower. The rest of the department suffers the blow after a very drunken night in a karaoke bar. There has been no news from Dr. Wilder for some time, which greatly worries Ben. In this more than strange and heavy atmosphere, Leyla announces bad news to Bloom. There’s all this and more in episodes 14, 15 and 16 of the fourth season of New Amsterdam. So, make your medical appointment without further delay on TF1 on November 22, 2023 at 9:10 p.m.

Such great sunshine in advance of Thursday November 16, 2023 on France 2: Sylvio goes too far, Christophe feverish Follow us

Summary of episode 1277Such a big sunbroadcast Thursday November 16 on France 2. Carine talks with Bilal. She accuses him of having thrown away Boris. Of course, he makes mistakes but now he will be fired. Bilal is amazed: he thought he was protected by the hierarchy within L Cosmétiques.

Boris went to welcome a big partner from Belgium. During the discussion with Elizabeth, the latter offers to buy more products from L Cosmétiques but would like a commercial gesture. This negotiation does not work in favor of the company.

In fact, Elisabeth considers that she would sell practically at a loss if she accepted the offer of Norbert Peters. She then adjourns the interview. For his part, Laurent does not hide his concern from Carine and Boris.

He thinks that if Norbert Peters ends up turning to one of their competitors, the market will be colossal for L Cosmétiques. He even fears that turnover will fall critically.

At the same time, Elisabeth tries to motivate the troops and suggests Enric to significantly increase salaries if a target of 8% is reached. The latter finds that he is difficult to reach but Elisabeth lies to him. She assures him that the contract with the Belgians has been renewed.

Later, it is while speaking with Carine that Enric discovers that Elisabeth has gone a little too far. For his part, Boris invites Norbert Peters to the restaurant. After having a few drinks, Boris bluffs and assures that L Cosmétiques will not be able to accept his deal. Norbert Peters confesses. He admits that he has no other deals in progress with a competitor.

Father Sylvio sinks

The father Sylvio can’t help but think about Janet. The latter even goes to her house to see her. Then he sees her in the arms of Clement. He understands that she is in love with her husband and that he has no chance of one day having a relationship with her.

As he watches her, Janet realizes he is there. She calls him later to ask him to stop bothering her. She even mentions the beginnings of harassment. Father Sylvio is ashamed and knows that he has gone very far.

While talking to Christophe, he realizes that he would be better off slipping away for a few days or a few weeks to regain his senses. Its goal ? Erase Janet from your mind so as not to do the irreparable.

For his part, Christopher had murderous impulses towards Cécile but contained himself. While Achilles called her “Mom” for the first time, Christophe becomes aware of the lovely family he has. At the same time, the investigation continues into the florist. Instruction is aimed at doctors but also veterinarians.

Here it all starts in advance of Wednesday November 15, 2023 on TF1: Carla reveals the truth, Clotilde lies Follow us

Summary of episode 796 ofHere it all beginsbroadcast Wednesday November 15 on TF1. Jasmine (Zoï Séverin) is always concerned about the balance between her career as a chef and her life as a mother. The young woman must give up a revision session with Thibault (Félix Pacaut) and Jimmy (Joan Becmont).

She had in fact planned to participate in a musical awareness workshop with Nael to the nursery. She must make a choice. At the moment, she prefers to focus on her relationship with her son whom she has not seen for a month, because of her mission in Shanghai.

The chef Guinot (Catherine Marchal) notices his absence. The latter questions Thibault. The young student explains Jasmine’s hesitations to him. Claire decides to speak with Jasmine. She explains to him that she was able to pursue her career while raising her son, Louis.

The young chef can do the same, she’s sure. However, Jasmine no longer feels any pleasure in cooking. She only thinks about her son and no longer feels any enthusiasm. The boss offers him to join the brigade of Salome (Aurélie Pons) in her concept of a restaurant without a menu.

Jasmine accepts! For his part, Thibault asks Jim to be more tender with the latter. She needs support and certainly not his judgments. He promises his brother to make an effort.

Clotilde lies to Joachim

Joachim realizes that Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) is working with Mark (Stéphane Blancafort) on his seminar project with Master’s students. He really likes his concept of hybrid cuisine.

But Joachim notices something that bothers him: Clotilde chose to be helped by Marc and not by him. The boss tries to explain to him that he invited himself into her work session and that he helped her a lot. Joachim has difficulty accepting his explanations. He is jealous.

While he asks Clotilde if anything has ever happened between Marc and her, she lies and assures him that no. For his part, Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) does not think Clotilde capable of energizing the Master’s students. He would prefer it to be him who leads the seminar.

Carla unpacks the truth

Carla (Aaricia Lemaire) and Souleymane (Dembo Camilo) have a conversation. She explains to him that she pushed him aside for fear of hurting him by talking about the search for his own biological parents. Unfortunately, the issue is no longer on the agenda.

Her birth record was destroyed in a flood. She also explains to him that she sees him as a brother and not as a boyfriend. If he suffers the blow, Souleymane shows elegance and listens to his needs.

Carla’s parents leave the Institute, they thank Anthony (Frédéric Diefenthal) for his great kindness. One last element bothers them: Carla is going to experience her pregnancy at boarding school, which is not the most comfortable.

Antoine then offers to welcome her into his home, still thinking that she is in a relationship with Souleymane. Carla accepts. While Antoine is delighted to soon become a grandfather, Carla sets things straight: this whole story with Souleymane was a lie…

Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Tuesday November 14, 2023 on TF1: Corentin’s plan discovered, Jack threatened Follow us

Summary of episode 1556 of Tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast Tuesday November 14 on TF1. Alex (Alexandre Brasseur), Gilles (Laurent Gamelon) and Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre) are still learning the profession of restaurateur. They bought too many supplies and unfortunately do not yet have enough customers to exhaust the stocks.

They have an idea: sell their tapas to Bart (Hector Langevin). If Mona (Catherine Benguigui) is doubtful about this audacious proposal, Bart on the contrary sees it as an opportunity to enhance his aperitif corner. He takes it from them!

While they are having lunch together and taking stock of this first week, the young restaurateurs receive a reservation request for a group of six people. They work hard to receive them in the best conditions.

The investigation accelerates

Laurent (Alexandre Thibault) is questioned by the police as part of the investigation into the kidnapping and injuries that were inflicted on the teenagers over many days. This most frightening escape game is reminiscent of the idea he wanted to launch two years ago before the pandemic aborted the project.

If the father of Corentin (Elias Goldberg) denies having any involvement in this large-scale kidnapping, the police insist: perhaps it is not him but his son who is hiding behind this painful episode.

Indeed, Corentin has still not been found and the police are convinced that his death was invented. The father does not know what to answer and asks investigators to focus on finding his son. Meanwhile, those that Corentin wanted to divide are more united than ever.

Indeed, Dorian visits Nathan (Adrien Gabeulet). He explains to her that he is sorry for having caused her pain by getting into a relationship with Luna (Paloma Reynaud). He always wants to count on her friendship. Nathan accepts and assures him that he is no longer angry with him for his affair with the young woman.

Jack threatened

George (Mayel Elhajaoui) tries to access Corentin’s secret computer, found in the lining of his mattress. The young man secured everything using passwords. The police officer can count on Laurent who helps him find the main password in order to turn on the computer.

Later, Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) finds traces of purchases made by the teenager. He obtained blood bags, the handgun used to injure Dorian (Rayane Huber) but also gas cylinders. It is therefore now certain that Corentin participated in the organization of this theater of horror, but without his father.

Roxane ends up cracking the last file and realizes that Corentin wanted revenge on Dorian, because he emerged unscathed from the collapse while the accident was caused by an error on the part of his mother.

But he also wanted to harm Lizzie (Juliette Mabilat) and Jack (Dimitri Fouque), who were in the same classroom as him during the incident and did not help him. Roxane is convinced that he will try to put an end to the trio. If the police decide to place the teenagers under house arrest and offer them police protection, Jack finds himself on the street at night. Corentin follows him…

Such great sunshine in advance of Monday November 13, 2023 on France 2: Janet has made her choice, Christophe observed Follow us

Summary of episode 1274Such a big sunbroadcast Thursday November 9 on France 2. Ludo (Folco Marchi) sleeps very badly at Jade (Shemss Audat). If he is in love with her, he cannot stand his mattress, and does not seem ready to live with her.

He talks about it to those around him and finds a room to rent in the apartment of Bilal (Malik Elakehal El Miliani) and Elise (Malya Roman). He breaks the news to Jade. She takes the news very well and also shares her desire to improve her bed.

This way, he can feel comfortable coming to spend the night with her from time to time. For their part, Elise and Fanny decide to separate. Despite their love, the two women do not have the same desires and prefer to give each other their freedom.

Janet turns the page

Janet (Tonya Kinzinger) and Clement (Yvon Back) return from their stay in Rome. This romantic weekend did them a lot of good. Janet returns with a smile on her face and her colleagues at the hospital do not fail to notice it.

While she is working, she is called by the father Sylvio (Marcel González). She calls him back later. He tries to convince her to resume marauding with him. He regrets that she wants them to work together more.

He is convinced that they can remain friends despite their attraction. But Janet wants to save her marriage and prefers to make a reasonable choice, that of not seeing him again.

Christophe tries to get out of it

Cecile (Marie-Gaëlle Cals) is increasingly suspicious of Christopher (Hubert Benhamdine). At the police station, she asks for details on the investigation Hugo (Bibi Tanga).

The latter wants to answer her, but she asks him not to mention their conversation with the rest of their colleagues. For his part, Christophe also wants to obtain information from the medical examiner, but Hugo declines his invitation to join for a basketball match.

Here it all starts in advance of Friday November 10, 2023 on TF1: a miscarriage for Carla? Follow us

Summary of episode 793Here it all beginsbroadcast on Friday November 10 on TF1. Souleymane wants to tell the whole truth to his father, once the parents of Carla will be gone. In the vegetable garden, he reveals Pink that he is not the baby’s father. Her ex-mother-in-law promises not to say anything until the young woman’s parents leave but emphasizes that Carla made the decision, alone, to keep the baby and that she does not have to drag Souleymane into this story. .

At the lunch break, Rose puts pressure on Carla. The latter turns to Berenice who reveals to him that Rose has a special history with motherhood. In particular, she tells him about her recent failed IVF attempt. According to her, Rose must be jealous to see Carla pregnant. The young woman then has an idea… Later, she begins to cry in front of Hortense and tells her that Rose is picking on her because she is pregnant. Made aware of this situation, Anthony blames Rose for picking on Carla. The Armand daughter blames the blow. At the end of the day, Rose joins Carla at the park and accuses her of having used her failed IVF to pass herself off as a victim. She adds that the first year is a toxic person and will never be a good mother. In the middle of an argument, Carla starts to bleed…

Jasmine in full doubt, Jude falls into alcohol

Back from China, Jasmine thinks she cannot reconcile her career as a chef and her role as a mother. Thibault talks to her about her father to try to convince her that it is possible. Jimmy intervenes and reminds his brother of their father’s numerous absences. Teyssier summons the students to tell them that the end-of-term evaluations will take place at the end of the month. Surprise, the grade will count for half of their year’s final grade. The director takes the opportunity to put pressure on Jasmine. He expects her to be valedictorian. Jasmine lacks motivation but lets herself be convinced by the Leroy brothers who offer her three-person revision sessions.

Jude wants Teyssier to supervise his Master’s project. But the young man lacks self-confidence and is destroyed by the director who does not even take the time to taste the dessert he had made. Upon entering the commissary, he catches David drinking corks of alcohol. According to him, drinking a small dose of alcohol every two hours allows him to forget his anxiety attacks. Jude lets himself be tempted by this experience.

New Amsterdam in advance of November 15, 2023 on TF1: Max and Helen in London Follow us

Fans of New Amsterdam now follow the adventures of Max and Helen in London. Meanwhile, their colleagues are still in New Amsterdam. The fourth season of the cult hospital series continues between moving in, change staff, accident serious and confusion family. Attention, spoilers…

So, just to be up to date, and even ahead of time, here is a little summary in advance of episodes 11, 12 and 13 of season 4 of New Amsterdam which are broadcast on November 15 on TF1 from 9:10 p.m. In episode 11, Max and Helen finally settled in London. For her part, Helen is starting in her new position: Medical Director at NHS Hampstead Hospital. But Max can’t find a job in the UK. Other change: Veronica Fuentes presents the new head of the department of holistic medicine in the presence of the Dr. Mia Castries. A patient arrives in the department after being struck by lightning, Lauren therefore needs Layla to take care of it. THE Dr.Wilder, for her part, launches a sling against Veronica Fuentes in the company of the other department heads. Attention, others spoilers

New Amsterdam : what happens in episodes 12 and 13 of season 4?

In episode 12, all is not rosy in London. Max is looking for work but gets rejected from all these job interviews. In New Amsterdam, the Dr. Frome takes care of a police officer who is exhausted. Lauren, she receives a strange patient basketball fan. Dr. Wilder treats a former patient of Helen’s who has cancer. But she doesn’t really trust the practitioner. In episode 13, Max helps both a football player and taxi drivers. Helen is going through a difficult time with her mother who doesn’t agree at all with her lifestyle. Dr. Frome comes face to face with a man suffering from a fit of madness in the New Amsterdam emergency room. THE Dr. Reynolds also has his work cut out for him with a victim of a major road accident. There’s all this and more in episodes 11, 12 and 13 of the fourth season of New Amsterdam. So, make your medical appointment without further delay on TF1 THE November 15, 2023 has 9:10 p.m..

Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Thursday November 9, 2023 on TF1: Noor does not forgive, the teenagers saved Follow us

Summary of episode 1553 of Tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast Thursday November 9 on TF1. Bart (Hector Langevin) continues to be led along by Eloise (Alienor Bouvier). Since falling from the balcony with her sister, Adèle, Eloïse has taken her place in her relationship with the boss of Spoon.

For now, she stays the course and manages to fool everyone. But Bart begins to notice some differences in the behavior of the one he believes to be Adèle. Eloïse is, unlike her sister, manic.

When he wakes up in the morning, the shopkeeper realizes that the entire apartment is tidy and cleaned. While he tries to get closer to her, Eloïse pushes him away. She prefers not to go any further and tells him so. But later, she finally decides to let go and enjoys sharing a sensual moment with Bart. She even liked it…

Noor rejects Soraya

Soraya (Kenza Saïb-Couton) waits Noor (Sahelle de Figuereido) outside her house in the early morning. She begs her to forgive her relationship with Gabriel (Martin Mille). The lawyer knows that she has done a lot of harm to her sister.

Noor, however, is certain that her eldest does not realize the extent of her suffering. Later, Soraya goes to the hospital. She wants to talk to Noor again. She knows how much she has hurt her but Noor puts her at odds in front of everyone. Victory (Solène Hébert) quickly puts an end to the scandal.

It’s almost too late. Soraya was accused in front of everyone who was at the hospital at the time. Noor collapses next to Victoire. The nurse lost the love of her life and her sister. She doesn’t see how she could forgive him for such an act. For her part, Soraya goes to Gabriel. She explains to him what happened. Solid, the couple continues to remain united in the face of pain.

Teenagers survive

Dorian (Rayane Huber) wakes up in the hospital. After being operated on for his gunshot, the teenager regains consciousness. Very agitated, he asked his parents to contact the police so that they could provide as much information as possible. It ensures Karim (Samy Gharbi) that Corentin (Elias Goldberg) has been killed while the others face an equally dire fate.

The investigators decide to search the building in which the teenagers are held prisoner. For his part, the policeman announces to Corentin’s father that he is dead… For their part, the young people struggle to escape this trap.

While they are already feeling weak from lack of water and food, they smell gas. The more time passes, the more they lose their means. Luna (Paloma Reynaud) struggles not to lose consciousness while Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) no longer responds.

After Dorian tells the police everything he knows, Karim manages to spot an attraction project that had been abandoned due to the pandemic. When they arrived on scene, the police were certain that the teenagers were inside.

But now, gas canisters surround the building and risk exploding at any moment. The police decide to overcome their fear and rush into the building. They find the unconscious teenagers and save them from certain death.