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Shemar Moore never left the role of Sergeant Dan Harrelson in SWAT since 2017. The American actor featured in series as famous asCriminal minds And The Young and the Restless is not yet finished with the detective series created by the Shawn Ryan tandem (Night Agentavailable on Netflix) and Aaron Rahsaan Thomas (Friday Night Lights). The streaming platform Prime Video has in fact put the fifth season of the show onlinewhile the CBS channel (its broadcaster in the United States) recently announced its termination at the end of a sixth and final burst of episodes due to budgetary restrictions.

According to the only official synopsis available at the moment, season 5 of SWAT will show Hondo “put on your hero costume to help a mother and her daughter threatened by a local mafioso. He only wanted peace and quiet, but he’s going to start a storm.”. The ex-Marine will not yet be able to rest on his laurels, to the delight of fans. However, we must prepare to say our goodbyes, which we particularly regret the tireless Shemar Mooreas he suggested on Instagram shortly after learning the bad news announced last May.

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This rant from Shemar Moore

On May 6, Shemar Moore reacted to CBS’s decision in a video posted on his Instagram account. “CBS, when I was hired to be Hondo in SWAT, received a lot of criticism for its lack of diversity. If I post this video, and I think I do, I will get in a lot of trouble with CBS because I denounce them. Because they have been wonderful to me for 26 of my 29-year career. But being abruptly told that the series is canceledwhen you made us believe last week – and the week before, and the week before that – that we would have a semblance of season 7 to at least say goodbye… So that we are suddenly told: ‘It’s finish’“, blurted out the actor, before saying: ” In my opinion, it’s not acceptable. I will get through this, but I’m upset because I worked like crazy to prove that I could do it, and I proved that I could do it.”.

The Bear: this good news for gourmet fans Follow us

Prepare the mise en place, turn the timer back, take out the pans and turn on the hotplates! The Bear returns for a third season. The excellent culinary series carried by Jeremy Allen Whitewill come back to Hulu then on Disney+ where it is broadcast in France. This renewal takes place barely six months after the broadcast of the very good season 2 in the USA.

Of fact, Nick Grad, president of the FX channel, made this season 3 official The Bear in an official press release: “The Bear, which dazzled viewers during its first season and reached even greater heights with its season 2, has become a cultural phenomenon.”It was enough for The Bear provides a third service. At the moment, however, no release date has been announced. Obviously, it is still a little too early because this formalization of a new season is very recent. And Hollywood is still currently paralyzed by actors strike which succeeded that of the screenwriters.

The Bear : how does season 2 end?

Thus, season 3 of The Bear will be an opportunity to continue the sentimental-culinary adventures of Carm, played by the touching Jeremy Allen White. Season 2 of the show gave a glimpse of even more of our hero’s past: the relationship with his alcoholic motherthe underlying depression of his brother committed suicidehis journey of star chef before the difficult return home. But that’s not all. She also put into perspective the character of Carm, torn between her job, notably the opening of the new restaurant, and her recently started romantic relationship with her crush High School. During the last episode of season 2, the latter found himself accidentally locked in a cold room with a faulty door. There, among the food and other frozen products, Carm finds herself thinking about her life. Then on his big permanent gap between his life as a couple and the life of a chef. Thinking of confessing through the door of the big fridge to a colleague who was trying to help her, Carm finally broke down with her friend who had also arrived to help her. On the way out, Carm understands that he was talking to his girlfriend and that he screwed everything up. End of season 2. We might as well tell you that we can’t wait for the future third season because it tragicomic finale brought tears to our eyes and water in our mouths for what comes next.

Spin-off on Jon Snow: bad news for Game of Thrones fans Follow us

It was in 2019 that the last episode of the series Game Of Thrones was revealed. Fans could then witness the death of Daenerys Targaryen, the coronation of Sansa Stark as queen of Winterfell or even the departure of Jon Snow towards the North. Fans of Game Of Thrones have since only hoped for one thing, and that is to find their favorite heroes. In the meantime, they were able to console themselves with the arrival of the series House of the Dragonwhich is now available on the Amazon Prime platform.

If House of the Dragon has already attracted millions of viewers, the story of this series retraces events that occurred before Game Of Thrones. Fans would therefore like to know what happens next. The theory of a Jon Snow spin-off had therefore been mentioned. Kit Harrington, who has taken on this role for years, would be delighted to see this project come to fruition. In February, he confided with great humor: “ A spin-off? I don’t know… But when I walk in the street at the moment, people recognize me less and less and it hurts my ego. I’m on the verge of wearing a fur again. When I am below the minimum number of photos with the public that I have set for myself, I think about doing a spin-off“.

Spin-off on Jon Snow: the project put on hold

The CEO of HBO, however, made a confession that is unlikely to please fans of the series. Indeed, according to him, producers would not wish to embark on everything and anything. Casey Bloyes then clarified: “ We still have scripts around Game of Thrones in development (…) But I wouldn’t say that there is anything else today that is close to getting a green light or anything“. For the moment, the spin-off on Jon Snow is therefore not in the news. Fans continue to hope to see the King of the North on their screens one day.

Grey’s Anatomy: this bad news will break fans’ hearts Follow us

It’s an understatement to say that season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy is waiting. The ABC channel, which broadcasts the Shonda Rhimes series in the United States, announced the renewal of the longest-running medical show in television history last March. The good news, however, had a bitter taste after the departures of Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) and Kelly McCreary (Maggie Pierce). The network also indicated in its press release that Krista Vernoff would hand over her position as showrunner to Meg Marinis. This new burst of episodes was ultimately delayed by the writers’ and actors’ strike which broke out last spring in Hollywood.

As the end of the social movement looms, fans of Grey’s Anatomy can hope to see their favorite series again soon. However, we will unfortunately have to expect its return in a reduced version. The strike has in fact forced ABC to review its program schedule but also the number of episodes downwards. Season 20 will therefore only consist of ten episodes and will thus become the shortest in the history of the show, just after the nine parts of the inaugural season. Grey’s Anatomy is not, however, the only series to be the subject of a drastic cut.

These other series will be shortened like Grey’s Anatomy

ABC not only dropped the ax on Grey’s Anatomy because of the strike of Hollywood actors and screenwriters. The channel also had to shorten the next seasons of Grey’s Anatomy: Station 19, The Rookie: the Los Angeles cop And Good Docgold, expected by 2024. On the competition side, the American network CBS should also subject the same fate to the essential NCIS which will only return with thirteen episodes for its twenty-first season. Its filming resumes from this month of November 2023 with a view to broadcast next year. A diet that will not please the fans!

DCEU: bad news for fans, this flagship series is canceled Follow us

The red cape of Superman is at half mast again. Some time after the ouster ofHenry Cavill in the role of the cult superhero. Today, it is a television series that is stopped by the kryptonite of programming. Superman & LoisIt’s over. The show derived from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), barely costumed reboot Lois & Clarkflagship series of 90’sends with its fourth and final season.

In fact, the American channel The CW has just cut this new series from its current catalog. Superman & Lois, which just completed its third season, will not be renewed after its fourth. So fans of superhero entertainment still have a little breathing room to say goodbye to Clark Kent And Lois Lane. And this even if we do not yet know the broadcast date. The future season 4, of factowhich will thus be the final one in the series, will arrive in 2024. In the program : Last 10 episodes to conclude the main plot mixing romance And Super powers.

DCEU: the president of The CW speaks about the cancellation of this show

Brad Schwartzpresident of the Entertainment section at The CW, reflects on the end of Superman and Lois not without a certain pride. “During the three seasons, Superman & Lois redefined both the superhero genre and the family drama. Tyler [Hoechlin, NDLR] and Elizabeth [Tulloch, NDLR] have embodied these classic characters with new depths and complexity never before explored in Superman.” It’s nice for Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, that, interpreter of Superman and Lois in Lois & Clark. Brad Schwartz adds: “We are grateful for their years of hard work. And, as Superman takes his final flight, the team leaves us with an absolutely epic goodbye with these 10 episodes to watch as a family.Superman & Lois began in 2021 and will end in 2024. We thought the Kryptonian was a little more solid than that.

The Last of Us: this good news will delight fans Follow us

Where is the actors’ strike in Hollywood? The latest news is that recent negotiations between SAG-AFTRA (the actresses and actors union) and AMPTP, which represents studio bosses, are progressing rapidly. “Over the weekend we discussed all open proposals, including AI, with AMPTP,” said Fran Drescher during an official speech. Discussions continue this week with the aim of agreeing on the studios’ proposals regarding AI. “We are now beyond cautious optimism, I would say,” whispers a source close to the matter to our colleagues at Deadline.

As the end of the social movement looms, the giants of Hollywood are preparing to put the production system back into action. To start with HBO who has interrupted his filming for several months. This Thursday, November 2, 2023, Casey Bloys, president of the network, made major announcements on its schedule during a press conference. Present in the room, a journalist from Variety reports that filming for season 2 of The Last of Us would start “early 2024”. However, the series will not return to screens until at least 2025. In the meantime, we can still watch its inaugural season on Prime Video via the Warner Pass.

The Last of Us fans can’t wait any longer

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Internet users express their dismay. Season 2 of The Last of Us is a little too long for their taste. “I thought we would have gotten her sooner, please hurry”, “Filming is finally going to start!” “, “I can’t wait to discover other post-apocalyptic adventures! “, ” Thank you so much !!!!! I was waiting for this news”, “Does this mean the actors signed a deal with the studios? Who transmits this information to the media? Have the actors already been contacted”, “I have done my rewatch. S1 was Banger f*** the haters we’re waiting for Abigail Anderson here”, “I thought they were done filming”we can read in particular.

H (Netflix): this good news for fans of Jamel Debbouze and Ramzy Bedia Follow us

In 1998, the first episode of series H was born. This sitcom brought together a group of comedians crazy people, including Jamel Debbouze, Eric Judor, and Ramzy Bedia. The plot took place at the Raymond Poincaré hospital in Trappes, in the Paris suburbs, where Jamel played the switchboard operator. There was also Clara, the head nurse, Aymé the nurse, and Sabri the stretcher bearer. For four seasons, viewers followed the daily life of this completely crazy clinic. Gaffes, jokes, professional errors, everything was commonplace. In other words, extraordinary medical staff.

Jamel Debbouze explained in 2016 that the “Alain De Greef’s big idea at the time was to put Eric and Ramzy, Jamel Debbouze, Catherine Benguigui, Sophie Mounicot and Jean-Luc Bideau in the same bowl. » He added that all scenes were filmed in public. In addition, the benefits were transcended and totally natural laughter. Touched during his interview, the comedian said at that time that: “It’s an experience that still wakes me up at night. H never left me, and the rest is already in my mind. »

Jamel Debbouze has more than one trick up his sleeve

Although the series was a resounding success, it was bought by Netflix, which broadcasts the episodes in full on its platform. After years in the hospital, good news was announced! Ramzy Bedia will be back on screen. Indeed, Jamel Debbouze has thought of everything. In fact, a year ago, the comedian announced the launch of his new series Terminal. In the same spirit as H, Terminal this time takes place in an airport.

According to information from BFMTV, filming has started, with actors such as Ramzy Bedia, Tristan Lopin, and Camille Chamoux in the cast. Canal+ described the series saying: “Directed by Jamel Debbouze and Mohamed Hamidi, this sitcom tells everyday life – on land and in the air – of the funniest, most endearing, and most incompetent crew in the entire history of French aviation. » H fans are eagerly waiting release date of this new series.

Gen V: good news for fans of The Boys spin-off Follow us

Who wants some extra Gen V ? The übergore and post-teen spin-off of Tea boys will be entitled to a second season. Logically, the series is a huge success for the platform Amazon Prime Video. Gen V is number 1 on said platform in no less than 130 countries. Fans of the parent series, The Boysare indeed there!

Vernon Sandershead of television at Amazon MGM Studios declared in an official press release: “Expand the universe of The Boys with Gen V, such a daring series, was an incredible adventure.” He explains that he knew from the start that Gen Vwould push the limits” when the project was discussed with the showrunners and creators Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg And Seth Rogen. And we can say that Amazon Prime Video had some flair with this spin-off.

Gen V : “a ruthless approach” according to Prime Video

Still according to the head of television at Amazon MGM Studios: “Their approach is ruthless and that’s exactly what audiences love. This is why the series is premiering in more than 130 countries.“Vernon Sanders also contextualizes that Gen V is the “original series” from Amazon Prime Video “most viewed” in 2023. The spin-off of The Boys thus enjoying the same dazzling success as its predecessor. At the same time, the idea of ​​resetting the setting of the parent series in a university with students with superpowers sounded pretty good from the start. A fun and gory series that dynamites campus entertainment with a bang sex, drugs And superpowers. No wonder fans – and the public – are asking for more! According to Eric Kripke, the writers are already working on writing season 2 of Gen V. For now, we’ll have to wait a little… Amazon Prime Video has not yet released a date for this one. Season 1 of Gen Vfor its part, ends on November 3, 2023 on the platform.

Vikings Valhalla: sad news for fans of the series Follow us

Vikings Valhalla It’s over ! No, the spin-off of the cult series Vikings did not reach its final season. This one simply bows out after a cancelation in due form. Netflix did not renew the series after season 3, to the great dismay of fans but especially of its creator, Jeb Stuart. The latter did not expect such move from the famous platform.

In fact, the showrunner of Vikings Valhalla wanted to go further than just three seasons for its spin-off of Vikings. However, Netflix decided otherwise by dropping the ax on the show. A metaphorical decapitation yet very much in the tone of the series following Vikings. Season 3 of Vikings Valhalla will be, de factothe very last.

Vikings Valhalla : Jeb Stuart announces the end of the series with regret

Jeb Stuart posted a farewell message to Vikings Valhalla : “I’m very grateful to have had three seasons to tell the stories of Leif, Harald And Freydis. I knew from the start that I wanted to show the evolution of these three famous Vikings. And explain how they managed to become icons.” This press release mentions the cancellation of the show without really qualifying it as such or pointing the finger at Netflix. The showrunner regretfully announces the end of his show. “When we started this project five years ago, I worked hard on casting and with this great crew to begin a journey that we all wanted to be satisfying. We can’t wait for fans to see the conclusion of this story.” Some time ago, Jeb Stuart told the American media Collider that he had a “plan” for three more seasons. Unfortunately for him, the Netflix platform decided otherwise by cutting Vikings Valhalla of their program schedule. The final season of the Vikings show is expected in 2024.