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Jade Pradin has always been a little too much in the shadow of Lucie Lucas in the cult TF1 soap opera, Clem. The reason ? Jade Pradin played the little sister of Clem. Or the entertainment heroine played by Lucie Lucas. But it’s not because of this that Jade Pradin left Clem after five seasons. The actress, who now works in Pmore beautiful life, even more beautifulthe famous reboot from the cult series France 3 on TF1, gave the real reasons for his departure from Clem. And it’s not at all because of a so-called rivalry with Lucie Lucas.

The day Jade Pradin slammed the door of Clem

Jade Pradin played Salomé, Clem’s sister in the eponymous soap opera on the first channel, for no less than five seasons. An important role, but of secondary importance, played by the actress of 2009 has 2015. A little piece of life that we don’t get rid of that easily. It was through social networks, almost ten years ago, that Jade Pradin bowed out almost impromptu. “I confirm that I no longer play the role of Salomé Boissier in season 6 (of ClemEditor’s note)”, says the person concerned on Facebook. “And that I will therefore not be in this new season… Nor in the 1st episode!“Goodbye, thank you, as someone else would say.

Clem : the real reasons for Jade Pradin’s departure

Jade Pradin, in the same publication, bluntly revealed the real reasons of his departure from TF1 production. And, the least we can say is that his departure was prompted by a specific reason. “I found the proposed scenario a little too ‘hot’ for a high school student like Salomé but I know that, since then, scenes have been excluded.”, adds the ex-actress of Clem. She also took advantage of her 2.0 platform to reassure her fans: “On the other hand, I have not stopped filming, on the contrary, I keep you regularly informed of my news.The character of Salomé, like that of Clem, was very popular with fans of the soap opera Clem.

Jade Pradin makes a comeback in PBLV

Jade Pradin concludes: “I have extraordinary memories of these six years of filming, shared with a wonderful team, both in terms of actors and technicians, a great experience for me! I will be sure to tell you about all my next projects, which are just as entertaining.In 2024, we surprisingly find Jade Pradin in the reboot of More beautiful life titled More beautiful life, even more beautiful. It was TF1 which resurrected the late flagship program of France 3. In this other soap opera, which is getting a makeover, Jade Pradin plays Morgane Tanguyniece of Yolande Sandréheroine of the show since season 11, who will fall in love with the character of Jules. A new start for the actress who is definitely a loyal subscriber to the first channel’s soap operas. Whether in Clem or in More beautiful life, even more beautiful.

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Game Of Thrones is undoubtedly the most popular American series of the 2010s. The reason ? Sex, blood, tears, fantasy, gargantuan dragons and political conspiracies you name it. Not to mention an incredible gallery of characters played by talented actors and actresses. Take Arya Stark. She is one of the flagship heroines of GoT and favorite protagonist of a gaggle of fans of the series. However, Maisie Williams, its actress, recently returned to the dazzling fame that resulted in the HBO series. And the whole aspect toxic carried by this celebrity early linked to the role of Arya.

A difficult experience for Maisie Williams

During the first season of Game Of Thronesin 2011, Maisie Williams was only 14 years old! An age perhaps a little too young to be part of such a colossal production and destined to become a hit in the HBO catalog. It is during preadolescence, or even adolescence itself, that we construct ourselves in relation to the image that is sent back to us by the outside world. And that we build a personality, in addition to an inner strength. Obviously, with the success of GoT throughout the world, and all the veneration that the character of Arya has aroused season after season, Maisie Williams has enjoyed quite a bit. The British actress, who will celebrate her 27th birthday this year, detailed all the difficulties of growing up as a normal young girl on the sidelines of an extraordinary series.

Game Of Thrones ruined his adolescence

I struggled to feel good in my own skin.”, says Maisie Williams in an interview with Sunday Times. “I was lost for a long time and I was aware of it. But I couldn’t put into words how I felt at the time. I understood that this had to do with my identity. This made me very uncomfortable.Next to the public figure that she was forced to construct for herself, the interpreter of Arya did not, according to her, have had the chance to construct herself as a person. Game Of Thrones, and the weight of success on her teenage shoulders, weighed heavily on her. Not to say that the fantasy show wasted a large majority of his adolescence in the limelight.

Maisie Williams grew up with GoT

In fact, it must be admitted, Maisie Williams literally grew up with GoT. But, also, with her on-screen avatar, Arya, who is one of the most annoying characters in the series. Between the brutal death of his father by decapitation, the separation from his family, the wanderings alone in Westeros, her revenge plotted in the shadows, the brutal trials of life… Arya is a true survivor. Even if she left many feathers each time. A bit like her actress. “It’s very complicated for me to remember all this, to talk about it openly, because it was very difficult.”The culmination of this unhappiness? An intimate scene, in which her character offers her virginity to her lover, Gendry, caused great controversy at the time. Fans of the show, who saw Arya grow up at the same time as the adventure progressed, got on their big hair via social networks, described this scene as “ weird ” Or ” annoying“. And everyone gave their two cents without thinking about how the actress felt. Filming such a scene, for its performer, is not easy. So examined from all angles on the networks, re-shared on porn sites or commented on excessively in the press must not have helped things. Maisie Williams concludes that she nevertheless enjoyed playing the character but that it may have come a little too early in her budding acting career. And, de factoin her life as a young girl.

Alyssa Milano (Charmed): the actress reveals who Phoebe should have been in a relationship with at the end of the series Follow us

Broadcast from 1998 to 2006 on The WB, the series Charmed was followed by millions of viewers during the 2000s. A true television phenomenon, the soap opera, discovered in France on M6, continues to be broadcast each year thanks to multiple rebroadcasts. And far from drying up, the enthusiasm for the Halliwell sisters remains alive despite the passing years. As a reminder, the conventions which bring together the cast of the American series are regularly a hit. And fans don't hesitate to travel far to meet the actors and actresses who played in Charmed.

A cult series

Let us briefly review the facts. In this American TV show, viewers made the discovery of the three Halliwell sisters: Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Characters respectively played by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano. Actress Rose Mac Gowan played the role of Paige Matthews, after the departure of Shannen Doherty, from season 4. After the death of their grandmother, the three sisters find themselves in the family mansion. In the latter, Phoebe does the discovery of a mysterious book in the attic. After reading a formula written there out loud, she and her sisters develop magical powers. They then learn that they are powerful witches and that they must protect the innocent against demons and other evil forces.

Phoebe, a character with tumultuous loves

As the episodes progress, the three women learn to master their powers. They also face their enemies while trying to manage their daily lives without revealing their secret identity. In Charmed, Alyssa Milano plays the role of Phoebe Halliwell, a resourceful, clever and empathetic young woman. The youngest sibling will develop powers of premonition at the start of the series. Phoebe is the character who will experience real adventures in terms of love. She will in fact live a passionate love story with Cole (Julian McMahon), a half-demon, half-human being whose initial mission was to eliminate the three witches. After being in a relationship with Cole, Phoebe will ultimately have no other choice than to defeat him with his sisters. She will then have a romantic relationship with Jason Dean (Eric Dane), the boss of the newspaper where she works.

Alyssa Milano's opinion on Phoebe's love affairs

At the end of the series, Phoebe meets a cupid named Coop (Victor Webster). In a short clip showing the characters' future, we can see that she had three girls with him. This last relationship did not really enchant Phoebe's fans. Actress Alyssa Milano gave her opinion on the issue while attending the Orlando MegaCon in early February. The subject of Phoebe's love affairs was indeed put on the table, and when asked with what character she thought Phoebe should have gotten on with her life, Alyssa Milano responded like this: “Who are you all thinking of?” Cole forever! Cole and Phoebe forever.” An opinion that many fans of the series certainly share with her.

Riverdale: this flagship actress suffers from a very restrictive ILLNESS Follow us

Lili Reinhart, aka Betty Cooper in Riverdale, recently revealed that she had a very restrictive illness. The American actress is the victim ofalopecia. Understand: udoes not lose hair or body hair accelerated by this autoimmune disease. Lili Reinhart wanted to reassure her fans of the news, and inform them at the same time, via her social networks.

Lili Reinhart suffers from alopecia

It's via a video on his account TikTok as Lili Reinhart, revealed by the emblematic series Riverdale in 2017, revealed she had alopecia. An autoimmune disease that causes hair loss (or body hair or sometimes both at the same time). A disease that is still relatively confidential today, even little known, which is even a taboo among women. The American actress took advantage of her notoriety to make prevention on alopecia and reassure his fans who are worried about his condition. Because Lili Reinhart, in addition to suffering from alopecia, regularly goes through depressive episodes.

@lilireinhart Red light therapy is my new best friend. #alopecia #mentalhealth ♬ original sound – Sam Huberty

The actress has already done prevention

In 2020, already, the interpreter of Betty in Riverdale took advantage of her sounding board to confide that she was facing depression.I no longer saw the light, I felt that I could die”, said the person concerned in a zoom interview with the site Refinery29. It was through the same interview that Lili Reinhart confessed that she saw a psychotherapist. The goal ? Try to get better and then do prevention around this insidious evil that is depression. She added: “It's really very hard (…). I've seen a lot of people like this during breakups or bereavement.

Her difficult breakup with Cole Sprouse

In fact, at this time, Lili Reinhart experienced a painful separation from her boyfriend and playing partner in RiverdaleCole Sprouse. It's not easy to draw a line between professional and private life, even more so when you work with the person who shares your life. In addition, the romance between Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse was heavily publicized on the sidelines of the show, which was very popular with the public. A spotlight that the actress would have done well without at the time of the success of Riverdale. It was after this very difficult breakup that Lili Reinhart experienced her first depressive episodes. Today, alopecia is added to his history of depression: “I was just diagnosed with alopecia in the middle of a major depressive episode.” In the famous TikTok video, Lili Reinhart remains positive despite an imposing dermatological machine used especially to treat skin problems. The goal ? Create stimulation to regrow hair. The actress, in the face of all this, remains strong and determined. Like always.

Wednesday (Netflix): This actress appears unrecognizable, Internet users are wondering Follow us

A Netflix must-have for teens from Tim Burton, ” Wednesday “, was able to transport viewers into the dark world of a young girl. The latter, endowed with supernatural powers, manages to find her place within a private school dedicated to marginalized students. Since her arrival on the platform in November 2022, she has accumulated over 341 million hours watched in just one week, thus rising to the rank of undisputed triumph, even surpassing titans such as Stranger Things. So, this performance instantly sent Jenna Ortega into the big leagues of cinema. It was with nostalgia that the main actress shared moving details about her audition, without having any idea of ​​such a success. Previously known for his notable role in the horror franchise Scream, Ortega is now retiring from it to focus on filming season 2 of Wednesday. The young artist also shared her recent thoughts on the dance that has become iconic in the series.

What does season 2 of Wednesday have in store for us?

If fans of the series thought they had seen everything, they are far from it… In fact, as revealed by Jenna Ortega, the series Wednesday is preparing to release its second season. The talented actress shared hints about what's next in the series, announcing that she will be filming “definitely towards a little more horror”. Thus, during the prestigious Emmy Awards ceremony, Jenna Ortega highlighted: I think each episode will feel more like a movie, which is a good thing.“, leaving admirers in suspense. In her new role as producer of the series, the American actress now occupies a central position for this next season, promising even more action scenes. However, you will have to be patient, because filming of the second season of Wednesday is scheduled for April in Ireland, announcing a broadcast for the beginning of 2025 on Netflix. This waiting period promises to be the start of an even more captivating and ambitious horrific experience. Jenna Ortega also responded to rumors circulating around Lady Gaga's possible participation in the new season.

This totally transformed actress

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week was held from Wednesday January 16 to Sunday January 21 and attracted a good number of international celebrities. In fact, we found Gwendoline Christie there, recognized by her role as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. At 45, this actress recently played director Larissa Weems in the series Wednesday. The latter, parading as a model for Maison Margiela, made the internet talk following a spectacular transformation in the expert hands of makeup artists. “I can't tell you how meaningful this is to me, because I have loved fashion for so long and for over 30 years I have wanted to take part in a show like this. » she confided following her participation in the event.


On an emotional runway for Maison Margiela Artisanal, designed by John Galliano, Gwendoline Christie closes a show of extravagant, fantasy fashion. #anothermagazine #fyp #tiktokfashion #fashion #sewing #margiela #maisonmargiela #johngalliano

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Sarah Michelle Gellar: this very bad news for fans of the actress Follow us

After being discreet on the big and small screen, Sarah Michelle Gellar made a stunning comeback on Paramount+ last year. Created by Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf), series Wolf Pack sees her play an FBI investigator, Kristin Ramy, sent to a small town in California where a mysterious supernatural creature is rampant after a spectacular forest fire. Bitten by the supernatural bug, Everett (Armani Jackson) and Blake (Bella Shepard) discover an attraction to fraternal twins from their high school, Harlan and Luna. It doesn’t take long for the four teenagers to understand that they have become werewolves…

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s huge disappointment

The adventure only lasted one short year and one short season. According to the American media TVLineParamount+ hoped to boost audiences for the series thanks to a hypothetical season 2. Delays caused by the screenwriters’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood last year finally convinced the executives of the platform toabandon their project. If new episodes had been filmed, it would have been necessary to wait until 2025 to broadcast them, a period of time too long to guarantee their profitability. This brutal decision will further frustrate fans of the series from the creator of Teen Wolf that the one and only season of the show ends on a huge cliffhanger. We also imagine the huge disappointment of Sarah Michelle Gellar who was also involved in the production of the program.

The anger of Sarah Michelle Gellar fans

Internet users were quick to react to Paramount+’s decision. On X (formerly known as Twitter), the anger is heard. This series was weird at first, but it has improved! I was hoping she would come back! “, “It’s been so long since this series came out and only now they’re talking about… No respect for the fans or anyone”, “They should really let a better platform do it”, “I was completely invested in this series and I was impatiently waiting for season 2. It ended with an unfinished story. No explanation, just regrets. Rrrrrrr”, “I just rewatched the series and to be honest, the information was long overdue. I’m not surprised but I didn’t expect it either. In fact, I was taken and I was hoping for a season 2“, can we read in particular on social networks. The star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer n / A no other projects in sightaccording to ImdB.

Sex and the City: fired, this spin-off actress gives a big rant Follow us

In 2021, the producers of Sex and the City delighted fans of the cult series with a spin-off titled And just like that where we find part of the original cast, namely Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbs) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York). This official sequel proposes to reunite with best friends in their fifties with its share of challenges to overcome both in the sentimental and professional sphere. In addition to the distribution new facessuch as Nicole Ari Parker (Chicago P.D., Empire) but also actress Sara Ramirez, who played Callie Torres in Grey’s Anatomy.

What role does Sara Ramirez play in the Sex and the City spin-off?

When she joined the cast ofAnd just like that, actress Sara Ramirez inherits the role of Chez Diaz, Carrie’s non-binary boss who is in a relationship with Miranda. If she feels an affinity with her character, especially after having come out herself, the actress did not continue the adventure. According to her, the production would have punished her for speaking out in favor of the Palestinian population against Israel last October. “ Casting directors and agents blacklist actors and workers who post anything in support of Palestinians and Gaza for ensure that they will no longer work”, she said recently on Instagram. A little bomb dropped in the face of Hollywood.

Why was Sara Ramirez fired from the Sex and the City spin-off?

Attacked, the production of the spin-off of Sex and the City remains silent, surely so as not to fuel a possible scandal. “ Sara was not fired because she supports Palestine and the ceasefire. Sara was fired because Che no longer brought anything to the series”, specified relatives of the producers in the columns of the DailyMail. According to them, the actress was “on the chopping block” since the last season: “After Che and Miranda broke up, the character no longer had any value and fans found him boring. The story of a struggling actor was a waste of air time and Sara knew it. Sara must accept that it’s not Grey’s Anatomy and that his character was not a central element of the storyline.” These anonymous witnesses recall that Cynthia Nixon also supported Palestine without being fired.

Hélène de Fougerolles too “snobby”: this decision which changed the life of the actress Follow us

She is currently present on the small screen in the series Sat. Hélène de Fougerolles plays a somewhat crazy French teacher. But apparently, the famous actress was not very keen to accept this role. In an interview for our colleagues from TV Star, she admitted to having thought for a long time before accepting this project. Out of snobbery. I imagined that it would be more interesting to interpret a character that I would create from A to Z,” she confides frankly. But those around him strongly advised him to accept this challenge. “ I was told by my agent that I didn't realize how lucky I was to be offered a role like this, with such partners. »

Hélène de Fougerolles: her secrets about her character that she plays in Sam

And one thing is certain, she can thank her agent for giving her good advice. “ It turns out that I turned 50 during filming and this heroine uninhibited me. She behaves as badly as a man, and it’s gratifying that a woman can have this kind of attitude.” For 20 minutes, the actress spoke about the vision she has of her characterwhich she describes as “free, which has so much to play with. A little lame sometimes but so endearing. I don't know how long I was gone but what luck to be able to play a role like that! “. And with this French teacher, the actress shares certain points in common : “I thought there was more of Sam in me. At the same time, she will end up looking like me. I hope I managed to put a little of myself into this character, to put a few flaws. She used to have them but they were less obvious. Today my sensitivity has spilled over a little onto the character. »

The actress confides in her relationship with the body

In his interview for TV Star, Hélène Fougerolles also spoke about her relationship with the body. And like many actresses, she denounces diktats. “ As Pamela Anderson is doing at the moment by showing off without makeup, I would like us to be able to reflect on what we want and what we agree to look like. In SatI'm very happy because I'm being put to my best advantage. This is not the case in Wild Souls, which I have just filmed and where I am rough around the edges. There is no one forcing me to do it, but I still feel obliged to be pretty and to look younger than my age… »

New York Special Unit: this actress recounts the rape of which she was a victim Follow us

Since the wave #MeToo which swept over the American, even global, film and series industry, the words of women became more and more free. Gone is the yoke of patriarchy, the muzzle of decorum. Silence is not forgetting, as an old standard from the rap group Lunatic proclaims. Today, it was Mariska Hargitay who decided to speak out to highlight a rape of which she was a victim.

Mariska Hargitay or one of the most famous faces of American TV

In fact, Mariska Hargitay plays Olivia Benson in the indestructible detective series New York Special Unit. A taciturn but stubborn cop role that the American actress, born in California, has taken on since 1999 ! It’s because of New York Special Unit that Mariska Hargitay has carved out a robust professional career on the small screen. But her status as a recognized actress does not prevent her from being a woman like the others once the cameras are turned off. With all that this can unfortunately imply in a patriarchal society.

Mariska Hargitay was raped when she was 30

Thus, Mariska Hargitay confessed, in an interview with People, to having been raped several years ago.I was raped when I was in my thirties…”, says the actress bluntly. “It wasn’t sexual at all. It was domination and control. A crushing hold. He was a friend. Then he wasn’t anymore.” The female star of New York Special Unit says that she “tried by all means” to get out of it. She details having tried everything to get out of this toxic relationship: “I tried jokes, being charming, setting boundaries, being reasonable, saying ‘No‘. He grabbed me by the arms and slammed me to the ground.“Mariska Hargitay, obviously, was afraid of all this”escalates into violence”.

Mariska Hargitay struggled to preserve her mental health

A horrific scene worthy of a horror film. The interpreter of Olivia Benson in New York Special Unit added in the same interview: “I now understand that it was sexual violence. But I was afraid it would become even more violent. I froze, a common reaction to trauma when you can’t escape.” She says she had the impression of “come out of your body”. A recurring testimony in cases of sexual assault and violence.I couldn’t believe this had happened to me.”, adds Mariska Hargitay. “So, I deleted everything. I know, today, that it was my empathetic side that made this choice. And it was this choice that allowed me to get through it. (…) I did what I had to do to survive.” Et to preserve one’s mental health from such trauma, both insidious and brutal.

Mariska Hargitay wants to help women victims of sexual violence

The actress explains that she even minimized the act of her attacker when she spoke about it to her husband, Peter Hermann, also an actor. It was by talking to those around her that Mariska Hargitay understood that it was indeed a sexual assault. “I had my awareness, I made my own assessment.“She says she understood”clearly” what was done to him. “(…) Many people still think today that rape is the act of a man emerging from behind a bush. There, it was a friend who made a unilateral decision.Mariska Hargitay concludes by saying that she has helped many victims of sexual violence since becoming aware of what happened to her. The aura of his flagship and solid character in New York Special Unit surely helped those concerned to be able to identify with her. “We are strong and we always find a way to get through it.”, underlines Mariska Hargitay. On the importance of women’s voices, again and again, including in a post-MeToo era.

Netflix: this Oscar-winning actress returns in a badass role Follow us

“Tonight, we broke the f***ing glass ceiling!” I came to devour it and I exploded it!“, blurted Michelle Yeoh last winter when she had just won LOscar for best actress for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. The actress from Malaysia made history by becoming the first Asian woman to win the precious statuette in the female lead category. She had also been crowned best actress in a comedy at the Golden Globes a few weeks earlier: “We need this because there are so many people who have felt ignored and it’s not just the Asian community. This is for the Asian community but also for all those who have been identified as minorities. We deserve to be heard, we deserve to be seen, we deserve to have the same opportunities and that way, we will have our place! “.

2024 is off to a flying start for Michelle Yeoh. The Oscar-winning actress carves out a special place in the credits of Sun Brothers. Available on Netflix since January 4, 2024, this eight-episode series co-created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu focuses on “what it means to be a son, what it means to be a brother, and also what it means to try to keep a family togetheraccording to its executive producer. We're doing an extreme version of it because it's a crime family and people are shooting at them and trying to kill them. But the conflicts that they have – the problems that they have internally, the emotional problems – are very, very universal.” We follow more precisely a member of a triad from Taipei traveling to Los Angeles to protect his mother and brother who know nothing about their activities. The result is as impressive as ever!

Which actors do we find in the new Netflix series?

On the casting side, the streaming giant pulled out all the stops. The star ofEverything Everywhere All at Once opposite Justin Chien (The Resort) and Sam Long Li. We also find Joon Lee (Bittersweet, Fighting Men of China), Alice Hewkin (The Crown, Sex Education), Jon Xue Zhang (Marvel's Eternals, The Gentleman), Jenny Yang (Busy Tonight), Madison Hu (The Boogeyman, Bizaardvark) and Rodney To (Easter Sunday, Parks and Recreation). We will closely examine the critical feedback from Internet users!