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You must have already seen Victor Meutelet before his role opposite Muriel Robin in Master Crimes on TF1. Beautiful angular face, model build, steel gray eyes and devastating smile… The 24-year-old French actor has all the makings of a movie star. The proof ? He has already played a young hunk opposite Axelle Laffont in romantic comedy MILF and the courageous hero of a horror film in the Parisian catacombs, Deep Fear. But Victor Meutelet also shot for a American series successful on Netflix.

In fact, Victor Meutelet played a small role in Emily in Paris ! Yes, yes, the most Frenchie of the Rican series. In the show, he plays TimothyThe brother of Camilleor the sidekick of the title heroine portrayed by Lily Collins. Victor Meutelet recounted this experience to our colleagues atAllocinated : “The opportunity to work with a big name like Darren Star [réalisateur culte, NDLR] or having Lily Collins as a partner, it wasn’t nothing. So, obviously, I wanted to be part of this adventure. I didn’t want to miss it.” A nice line on the actor’s CV. Just like that of Master Crimeswhere he shares the screen with Muriel Robin, in the language of Molière this time.

Master Crimes : Victor Meutelet makes a lasting impression in the series

In Master CrimesVictor Meutelet plays a student in a murder case on a campus. Louise Artus, university professor, specialist in psycho-criminology, played on screen by Muriel Robin, leads the investigation. The young actor does not deserve to face the challenge of French humor. But, at the same time, he already has a nice television track record of his own. In 2018, he played the role of an ambiguous young adult in Innocents, also on TF1. Still on the first channel, in 2019, he played a high-flying thief in The Charity Bazaar, again on TF1. A year later, he took on the role of a young waiter who investigates the disappearance of his sister in the TF1 mini-series, decidedly titled Grand Hotel. In Master Crimes, Victor Meutelet once again marks the minds of viewers. If you had already remembered his face, now you have to remember his name. The new episode of Master Crimes is broadcast this Thursday, November 16 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

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The world of television is in mourning. After the death of Matthew Perry on October 28, another cult actor from a television series has died at the age of 35. This is Evan Ellingson. The former child star had notably obtained roles in 24 Hourswhere he played Jack Bauer’s nephew, or in The Experts: Miami. In the famous series, he played Horatio Caine’s son. The actor was found dead in the bedroom of his Californian home this Sunday, November 5 as revealed TMZ.

For now, the circumstances of the tragedy remain uncertain. For many years, Evan Ellingson suffered from addiction problems but managed to get out of it, as his father Michael revealed. He explained in particular that the house in which his son was found dead was a “sober-living home”. This means a property in which people who are going through withdrawal live. It’s thanks to the movie My life for yours that Evan Ellingson became known in 2009. He played alongside Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin.

Abigail Breslin pays tribute to CSI actor

Abigail Breslin also paid him a beautiful tribute on her Instagram page. “ Evan Ellingson was a kind, funny and extremely talented human being. He played my big brother in a film called My Life for Yours. Evan was a deeply caring person who truly cared about delivering his best performance, which he did. Some of his scenes in the film still give me chills“, she posted.

Very moved, the actress continued: “ We didn’t keep in touch after the film but I always remembered him as a wonderful and kind soul, someone I am grateful to have crossed paths with. My prayers and condolences to his family during this difficult time.“.

Evan Ellingson had drug problems

Evan Ellingson, who got into the business at the age of 13, had disappeared from the radar for more than ten years. He leaves behind a daughter, Brooklynn Ellingson, born in 2008. In the columns of The River’s Edge Ranch, the actor explained that he had started using drugs after the death of his brother. “ It got to a point where that’s really all I did. My whole life revolved around it. I stopped talking to my family, I went months without calling my mother. She was worried to death. » That same year, 2008, Evan Ellingston became the father of a little girl named Brooklynn.

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The Fall of the House of Usher is Mike Flanagan’s new horror series on Netflix. A show that draws on the literary horror work of the master in the field, Edgar Allan Poe. And a modernization of the cult eponymous short story by the same author. In the Usher family, at the center of the show’s plot, have you noticed that an actor has a very familiar face? The adult features of a face from yesteryear, childish, which marked an entire generation bottle-fed AND by Steven Spielberg.

In fact, Henry Thomas, who plays Fredrick Usher in The Fall of the House of Usheron Netflix, is actually the interpreter of Eliott in AND ! But yes, you know, the little boy who finds the alien friendly with long fingers resembling luminous merguez. We have to admit that the little boy has grown up a lot. In September 2023, Henry Thomas celebrated his 52nd birthday. The American actor had a successful career after AND but without really any other notable or leading roles. Until his meeting with Mike Flanagan, the “dad” of The Fall of the House of Usher, Hill House or The Midnight Sermons.

The Fall of the House of Usher : Henry Thomas or Mike Flanagan’s favorite actor

So, Henry Thomas and Mike Flanagan, it’s a rolling story. Elliott’s interpreter in AND played no less than eight times in front of the filmmaker’s camera. In three films (Ouija – The Origins, Jessie And Doctor Sleep) and five series (Hill House, Bly Manor, The Midnight Sermons, The Midnight Club and of course The Fall of the House of Usher). In this last show, precisely, Henry Thomas plays Fredrick, the son of the large Usher family. A second-rate businessman who is no match for his father, who swears repeatedly, completely in love with his daughter but quite suspicious of his wife’s possibly fickle behavior. He is also a possessive, jealous, toxic and vile husband who will put his wife through a real ordeal. The Fall of the House of Usher once again proves the professional chemistry between Henry Thomas and Mike Flanagan. Between a conscientious filmmaker and his involved pygmalion. “The master and his apprentice. Always in pairs they go. No more no less“, as saying Yoda master In The Phantom Menace. Besides, we told you about this cult actor from Star Wars who sticks a head in The Fall of the House of Usher ?

The Terminal List: an actor from the Prime Video series is dead Follow us

“Cedric was a loving father, devoted husband, caring son, brother, community leader and incredible friend who inspired others. He sincerely wanted everyone to become the best version of themselves. He was a gift“, we can read on Instagram since October 20. Cedric ‘Beastie’ Jones died on October 16 at the age of 46. If the causes of his death have not been officially revealed, our colleagues at Daily Mail argue that they would have been “sudden”. The actor and boxer seen in The Terminal List on Prime Video leaves behind a wife, Barbie, and three children, Brooklyn, Braxton and Bryston.

Cedric ‘Beastie’ Jones has demonstrated true acting talent during his all too short career in broadcasting. Prime Video subscribers remember seeing him in the casting of the series The Terminal List alongside Chris Pratt and Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger. We were also able to meet him in the cinema in the remake of Seven Mercenaries with Denzel Washington but also in Rage in the stomacha boxing film by Antoine Fuqua carried by Jake Gyllenhall. Cedric ‘Beastie’ Jones recently shared the poster ofEmancipation (also directed by Antoine Fuqua) with Will Smith, available on Apple TV+ since the end of last year.

Celebrities pay tribute to The Terminal List actor.

Director Antoine Fuqua was one of the first to take to social media to share a moving message for the late Cedric ‘Beastie’ Jones. “RIP to my good brother and friend. You were always the light in the room and on set. We will miss you dearly and love you always. MAY THE WIND ALWAYS BE UNDER YOUR WINGS CHAMPION as you ascend to heaven. The dream team forever“, he wrote on Instagram in the comments of a video where we can see the actor. Also experienced, the author of The Terminal ListJack Carr, for his part invited Internet users to come and pay a final tribute to the boxer in his gym, Beastie Boxing, on October 22 and thus “support his wife and three children” in mourning.

Star Wars: did you recognize this iconic actor in The Fall of the House of Usher? Follow us

The Fall of the House of Usher is the latest horror series from Mike Flanagan on Netflix. The “daddy” ofHill House and Midnight Sermons this time takes up the writings of the master on the subject, Edgar Allan Poe. In the program : terror primary, disturbing strangenessfamily dysfunctional, jealousy the tent, betrayals backdoors and… an actor of Star Wars !

In fact, one of the characters in The Fall of the House of Usher is played by a veteran of the saga from a galaxy far, far away. This is the Usher family lawyer, Arthur Pyme. A mysterious, taciturn man of few words, who simply imposes his silent presence in a room. Doesn’t that remind you of anything? Flashback : Luke Skywalker tumbling in front of Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jediof course!

Mark Hamill unrecognizable in The Fall of the House of Usher

Thus, Mark Hamill, eternal Luke Skywalker in the cult saga Star Warslends his features to Arthur Pym in The Fall of the House of Usher on Netflix. Despite his hunched shoulders, his thick beard and his small glasses, we recognized Mark Hamill by his eyes. And his very angular face, resculpted after a brutal road accident at the end of the 70s. Despite this, we notice that the American actor takes great pleasure in playing the role of Pym in the Netflix series. He wanders like a ghost of the Force while being enveloped in a dark aura reminiscent of his father, Darth Vader. In The Fall of the House of Usherhe is the only character who is not a member of the rich family. He is both the guardian angel who protects the flock of bad sheep and the executioner who performs the dirty work on behalf of the patriarch, Roderick Usher. And you, did you recognize Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, in the Arthur Pym costume from The Fall of the House of Usher ?

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The behind-the-scenes rumors were rife on the set of Friends. In the special episode of the series broadcast in 2021, David Schwimmer made a surprising revelation to his comrades. “The first season, I had a huge crush on Jen”he admitted. “It was mutual”, Jennifer Aniston responded immediately. Ross’ interpreter continued: “We were each a couple, so we never crossed that line, we respected that”. And Matt LeBlanc adds his two cents with his particular sense of humor: “My ass!” ». “We conveyed the love we had for each other in Ross and Rachel”concluded Jennifer Aniston.

After David Schwimmer, it’s Matthew Perry’s turn to get naked. According to our colleagues at PageSixthe actor reveals in the pages of his autobiography published last year Friends, my loves and this terrible thing, the actor reveals that he had a crush on Jennifer Aniston before the start of the series. “ I was immediately infatuated with her (and how could I not be?) and I liked her, and I had the impression that she was intrigued too – and that maybe it was okay give something “, he writes. In love with his future friend, he was quick to tell her that he had been selected for the casting of Friends : “You’re the first person I wanted to tell.”.

Were Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry together on the set of Friends?

Matthew Perry felt Jennifer Aniston somewhat distant when he told her, albeit in an awkward manner, the good news. The actor, however, did not shy away and proposed to his friend on a date. Things didn’t exactly turn out the way he imagined. “ She declined (which seriously complicated things to actually date her), but she said she’d love to be friends with me.”, he reveals. Chandler’s interpreter then said to the actress: We can’t be friends! “. If he still hadn’t managed to get rid of his feelings of love at the start of filming FriendsMatthew Perry ended up borrowing the friendship integers.

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Against all odds, or almost, Jonathan Majors is indeed present in season 2 of the series derived from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Loki. A relatively surprising presence when we know that Jonathan Majors is currently at the heart of a legal scandal.

In fact, the rising star of the MCU was arrested last March in the streets of New York. The reason ? He allegedly harassed and hit a young woman who was similar to his girlfriend. Jonathan Majors has denied the facts since his arrest by the local police but the case continues. A legal battle is just beginning even though the actor has already been declared persona non grata in many spheres ofentertainment American.

Jonathan Majors affair: the actor returns in Loki season 2

Despite his legal troubles, Jonathan Majors is finally back in a production of Marvel Studios. A surprise for the spectators but not necessarily for the production of the show. Kevin Wrightproducer of Lokirecounts in Variety : “For the moment, I don’t know any more than you and it would have been hasty to act without knowing what happened.Thus, the studios adopted the policy of burying their heads in the sand in the face of the Jonathan Majors Affair. The actor was ultimately not cut from the series thanks to the presumption of innocence. He will nevertheless return to court on October 25, 2023. A new passage even though the series Loki currently airing its second season on Disney+. Jonathan Majors, aka Kang the Conqueror in the MCU, is supposed to become the new antagonist of the Marvel universe in the future Avengers 5. In the meantime, numerous other testimonies overwhelm the actor. To be continued.

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Idris Elba is an iconic face of the small screen. The massively built British actor played the dangerous Stringer Bell in the cult series The Wire and the tortured cop John Luther in the eponymous show Luther. Today, Idris Elba suffers from a busy career and acting work stakhanovist.

In fact, Idris Elba began therapy more than a year ago because of his acting profession. This one continues movies And series at a breakneck pace. In the podcast Changes with Annie Macmanushe tells : “I’ve been in therapy for about a year. That’s a lot, right? I talk about change a lot during my sessions. I am thinking of changing my behavior.“Idris Elba details having developed “unhealthy habits” in the entertainment industry.

Idris Elba: the actor needs balance in his life

Luther’s interpreter continues in the same interview: “It’s not because I don’t love myself or anything like that. I simply developed unhealthy habits over time and particularly because of this work in the industry. A place where you are rewarded for these habits. I’m a real workaholic but that’s not really good for life in general.” Idris Elba explains that there is nothing “too extreme” in his life. He adds that he needs “to be balanced” because “his job takes him away for months and then forces him to repeat this cycle over and over again.In 2023, the Mental Health became a priority post-COVID-19. Many stars and artists no longer hesitate to talk about it in public or during interviews. This is progress in addition to a change in morals. Idris Elba was recently featured inHijack on AppleTV+.

Plus belle la vie: the massacre continues, a new actor leaves the series, “It’s a bit dry but…” Follow us

Fans rejoiced at the news: after its sudden stop on France 3, More beautiful life must make a comeback. This time it is TF1 which will produce and broadcast the cult series. According to the first channel, the main elements which made the program successful should be there: “We are committed to meeting the expectations of fans who have been asking for the return of their favorite soap opera for several months, and to welcoming a new audience around new storylines.”recently declared Ara Aprikian, deputy general director in charge of content at the first channel.

In The Parisianthe production team even added: “A team of screenwriters is mobilized to take up the challenge by integrating all the ingredients that made the series successful: anchoring in society through the life of a Marseille neighborhood and romantic stories, echoing the current affairs.” What to put mouth watering for all fans of More beautiful life. And yet in reality, everything does not happen so idyllic. Indeed, if the broadcast is scheduled for January 2024, the resumption of the series will be without several of its emblematic actors. At the end of September, it was Pierre Martot who announced that he would not return. However, he played Captain Léo Castelli for 18 seasons on France 3.

The list of absentees is growing in More beautiful life

For their part, Caroline Riou and Théo Bertrand were thanked by production. And this Tuesday, October 3 in an Instagram story, it was Florian Lesieur who declared that he would not be in the casting either. He played Noé Ruiz and was very present in the last two seasons. “Many of you ask me if I am going to resume Plus belle la vie. No, I won’t do it again! It’s a little dry but there you go. I am on good terms with everyone. But I have a lot of projects that fell through, especially for cinema.”, blurted the young actor. One more face that will not make a return to the series. It’s starting to do a lot… Especially since certain actors have not yet confirmed their return, like Roxane Turmel or Serge Dupire. So this version of More beautiful life made by TF1 smells like a flop? The answer in January.

Another actor from “Plus belle la vie” announces that we will not see him again for the return of the series in 2024 on TF1 Follow us

More beautiful life is preparing to make its return to TF1 in January 2024. After a thirteen month break, many actors have publicly announced that they will not participate in the new season. Another actor, although present since the first season, has now joined this list. But who is it about? In a recent interview, Pierre Martotwho has played Captain Léo Castelli since 2004, said he had refused to resume filming from the Serie. In fact, he wishes to prioritize other professional projects that are close to his heart.

“I was not available for the resumption of filming because I’m at the theater. For the future, there is nothing decided or certain, neither on my side, nor on the production side”, explained Pierre Martot. The actor had already taken a prolonged break in the series in 2011 to take care of his son after a serious road accident. He also returned to the screens five years later. The actor also wanted to express his gratitude for being able to play his character for fourteen years. Indeed, More beautiful life allowed him to meet the general public. Furthermore, he emphasized economic importance of the series for the city of Marseille.

More beautiful life: the departure of many actors

The absence of Pierre Martot suggests that the character of Claire, played by Annie Gregorio and who is Léo’s companion on screen, could also not to appear In More beautiful life. However, they will not be the only ones missing. Actors Thierry Ragueneau (François) and Caroline Riou (Laetitia) revealed that they had been licensed by production, even if they were willing to continue their participation. Caroline Riou also suggested that Théo Bertrand, who plays her son Kevin in the series, could also be absent.

But that’s not all. Some actors simply chose not to return on their own. This is the case of the historical actress Rebecca Hampton (Céline), from the actress Marie Mallia (Lola) but also the actor Simon Ehlracher (Romain). Two other major absences will be felt, namely those of the actor Michel Cordes, who committed suicide and Marwan Berreni, missing since August 3. Actors have also suggested thatthey had not been called back, like Emanuele Giorgi (Francesco) and Prudence Leroy (Fanny). It seems that this new season of More beautiful life will be very different from what fans have known so far.