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Broadcast from 1998 to 2006 on The WB, the series Charmed was followed by millions of viewers during the 2000s. A true television phenomenon, the soap opera, discovered in France on M6, continues to be broadcast each year thanks to multiple rebroadcasts. And far from drying up, the enthusiasm for the Halliwell sisters remains alive despite the passing years. As a reminder, the conventions which bring together the cast of the American series are regularly a hit. And fans don't hesitate to travel far to meet the actors and actresses who played in Charmed.

A cult series

Let us briefly review the facts. In this American TV show, viewers made the discovery of the three Halliwell sisters: Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Characters respectively played by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano. Actress Rose Mac Gowan played the role of Paige Matthews, after the departure of Shannen Doherty, from season 4. After the death of their grandmother, the three sisters find themselves in the family mansion. In the latter, Phoebe does the discovery of a mysterious book in the attic. After reading a formula written there out loud, she and her sisters develop magical powers. They then learn that they are powerful witches and that they must protect the innocent against demons and other evil forces.

Phoebe, a character with tumultuous loves

As the episodes progress, the three women learn to master their powers. They also face their enemies while trying to manage their daily lives without revealing their secret identity. In Charmed, Alyssa Milano plays the role of Phoebe Halliwell, a resourceful, clever and empathetic young woman. The youngest sibling will develop powers of premonition at the start of the series. Phoebe is the character who will experience real adventures in terms of love. She will in fact live a passionate love story with Cole (Julian McMahon), a half-demon, half-human being whose initial mission was to eliminate the three witches. After being in a relationship with Cole, Phoebe will ultimately have no other choice than to defeat him with his sisters. She will then have a romantic relationship with Jason Dean (Eric Dane), the boss of the newspaper where she works.

Alyssa Milano's opinion on Phoebe's love affairs

At the end of the series, Phoebe meets a cupid named Coop (Victor Webster). In a short clip showing the characters' future, we can see that she had three girls with him. This last relationship did not really enchant Phoebe's fans. Actress Alyssa Milano gave her opinion on the issue while attending the Orlando MegaCon in early February. The subject of Phoebe's love affairs was indeed put on the table, and when asked with what character she thought Phoebe should have gotten on with her life, Alyssa Milano responded like this: “Who are you all thinking of?” Cole forever! Cole and Phoebe forever.” An opinion that many fans of the series certainly share with her.

Charmed: accused of having Shannen Doherty fired, Alyssa Milano responds! Follow us

The rumor irrevocably sticks to Alyssa Milano's skin. For more than 20 years the actress has been accused of having been at the origin of dismissal of Shannen Doherty from the Serie Charmed. The explosive animosity between the two stars of the series broadcast on M6 from the end of the 90s is not even an open secret. If the program has bowed out, it is not uncommon for new testimonies to revive the controversy. Holly Marie Combs thus threw fuel on the fire no later than December 2023. The producer of the show would have given the interpreter of Piper Halliwell an ultimatum: “It’s either one or the other.”. “Alyssa told us thatshe wouldn't stay if Shannen stayed and she threatened us with file a complaint for harassment at work“, threw the latter two months ago.

Alyssa Milano's regrets

It took more than sixty days for Alyssa Milano to break the silence in which she walled herself. Summoned to react, the actress who played Phoebe in the cult series finally spoke on February 2, as reported by our colleagues from Tele-Leisure : ” That makes me sad. Not for me or my personal life. I'm sad for the fans. I am sad that'a series that means so much to so many people either today tarnished by a toxicity that continues to spread almost a quarter of a century later. As a reminder, Shannen Doherty, aka Prue, slammed the door after three seasons. His departure was announced in 2001. The affair, which was highly publicized at the time, even legendary today, has still not stopped fueling rumors and other highly flammable conversations.

Alyssa Milano strikes back!

If fans of Charmed tear each other apart again, Alyssa Milano has turned the page. We recently saw her in the Netflix series Insatiable alongside Debby Ryan, or also brandishing the standard of the #MeToo movement, of which she has been one of the leading figures since 2016. The interpreter of Phoebe also regularly discusses psychological aftereffects left by the most famous series of his career. Despite the bad language, she ensures not having had “the power to get anyone fired” at the material time.A mediator has been appointed and, after speaking to the cast and crew, he gave some insight into what needed to change for the series to continue,” reports the accused who does not, however, deny the tensions with Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs on set. “Once Shannen left, we had five more successful seasons and I will always be grateful for that,” she concludes to calm things down.

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No one has forgotten Prue’s death (Shannen Doherty) in the finale of season 3 of Charmed broadcast in 2001. No one is ignoring the behind-the-scenes rumors about this sudden disappearance either. “ I’m 30 and I don’t have time for all the drama in my life anymore. I’m going to miss Holly a lot and that’s the one thing I want to make clear.”Shannen Doherty has already explained in an Entertainment Tonight interview. I really enjoyed my time with Charmed and especially with the crew, cast and employees. I had the opportunity to create a character, learn and perform my own stunts and direct three episodes of the series. At this moment in time, I think I’ve accomplished everything I set out to accomplish by returning to a TV series.”

At the microphone of the Let’s Be Clear podcast, Holly Marie Combs recently issued another version of the facts. Flashback. The departure of Shannen Doherty made official, a meeting was organized in the office of producer Jonathan Levin. Piper’s interpreter remembers it like it was yesterday: “ I asked Jonathan Levin: Why did you hire Shannen just to fire her? shortly after?’.He answered me : ‘We didn’t want to do that. We were trapped. Basically, we’re in a position where it’s one or the other. Those around us told us it was Shannen or Alyssa. Alyssa threatened to sue us for hostile work environment’“. If there was no fight or “harsh words exchanged”, Alyssa Milano’s ultimatum pushed Shannen Doherty towards the exit.

Alyssa Milano almost left Charmed

I don’t know if she was fired, we never found out what happened. I can tell you that we worked with her for 3 years andthere were difficult days“, reported Alyssa Milano on the show Watch What Happens Live in 2013. The day after Shannen Doherty’s departure, the wildest rumors arose about the future of Charmed. According to one of them, the actress who lent her features to Phoebe would have considered slamming the door following the departure of the one who was then one of his best friends. A contract renegotiation would nevertheless have convinced her not to throw in the towel.

Charmed: Alyssa Milano responsible for Shannen Doherty’s firing? Follow us

The bickering between the actresses of Charmed are as cult as the series itself. Electric atmosphere on set, low blows in front of the camera, jealousy on the promo tour, disagreements with the production… The mysteries of filming Charmed there is nothing charming about them. Latest fact? It seems that we know the real reasons for Shannen Doherty’s departure in the midst of the show’s success.

In fact, in his podcast Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Dohertythe main interested party explains that it is her former co-star, Alyssa Milanowhich got him fired from Charmed. Words which are then corroborated by the third wheel of the carriage, Holly Marie Combsanother gaming partner in the series, guest in a special episode of the online show dedicated to Charmed. Watch your eyes, fasten your seat belt and keep your ears open!

Charmed : confusion around the power of three

So, Holly Marie Combs, a.k.a. Piper In Charmedremembers on the microphone of the show: “He (Jonathan Levinthe producer of the series, Editor’s note) said he didn’t want to but had his back against the wall. (The production) found herself in a position where it was one or the other.Here, repeating the production’s statements, the American actress explicitly details that it was necessary to fire either Shannen Doherty or Alyssa Milano. But a choice had to be made. Only one could stay in Charmed. “Alyssa threatened to sue us for hostile work environment.”, adds Holly Marie Combs. “(She) archived all the times she felt uncomfortable on set.Finally, Shannen Doherty, according to what she has said all these years, slammed the door on her own in 2001. She was replaced at short notice by the former muse of underground cinema from Gregg Araki, Rose McGowan. Alyssa Milano became Shannen in place of Shannen.

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Over the years, Charmed has become one of the most iconic series of its generation. A cult show from the 2000s, it has won over millions of fans around the world. Particularly for the trio of Piper, Phoebe and Prue on screen, played respectively by Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty. But contrary to appearances, the three actresses were far from getting along so well in reality. In the Let’s Be Clear podcast, Shannen Doherty spoke in particular about the tensions that existed between her and Alyssa Milano during filming. Dramas that occurred behind the scenes, which also pushed him to leave the series after season 3.

Shannen Dohertythe interpreter of Prue in Charmedcriticizes in particular Alyssa Milano for wanting to separate her from their friend Holly Marie Combs. During season 2, the Piper actress was hospitalized to have a potentially cancerous tumor removed. While Shannen Doherty hoped to come see her at the hospital, Alyssa Milano and her family allegedly prevented him from visiting her. She tells Holly Marie Combs in the podcast: “I waited 24 hours after your operation to go and then it wasn’t possible. I was told I couldn’t enter. Alyssa and her mother kept people from seeing you. At the time, you didn’t know it. I remember you texted me: – ‘Hey miss, are you going to come see me?’ ». A difficult time to live through for those currently battling cancer, leading to a feeling of guilt.

Shannen Doherty (Charmed) swings at Alyssa Milano

“I was angry that I wasn’t allowed to come see you and shocked at the way it was imposed. This created a wedge between the two of us, which continued throughout season 2. I think I cried every night”then adds Shannen Doherty. Fortunately, the two actresses of Charmed have managed to put water in their wine and are now reconciled. Alyssa Milano notably made his mea culpa, recognizing his share of responsibility in this quarrel. “A lot of the friction between us is because I felt like we were competing.. Rather than in a fraternity that the series talked about so much. And I feel some guilt about the role I played.”, she said. No doubt, the Halliwell sisters have managed to ease tensions within their trio. Phew!

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Charmed is a cult series from the 90s. Mainly for its trio of witch heroines camped first by Shannen Doherty (Prue), Alyssa Milano (Phoebe) And Holly Marie Combs (Piper). But if there is something else of worship in CharmedThose are the getting mad etcdiva aprices repeatedly from Shannen Doherty. So much so that the main actress of the first seasons left – or was fired, depending – from the famous show. This one doesn’t even appear in thefinal episode of the series during a nostalgia sequence desired by production. Explanations…

Brad Kernproducer of Charmed, speaks about the absence of Shannen Doherty in the final episode of the show. “I tried to make her appear in flashbacks or in photos like crazy.”, details the showrunner in an interview given to TVLine in 2016. “But the studio told me, although I was later told that it was false, that we had to pay a fee for Sannen per episode. Obviously, we couldn’t afford it.” Brad Kern adds that the studio dissuaded him from using a photo without Shannen Doherty’s consent. Even absent from the series, the actress made the producers of Charmed.

Charmed : witchcraft and old refrains

In fact, in the same interview, Brad Kern states that not having been able to include the character of Prue in the finale of Charmed, like a tribute, and after their quarrels, haunted him for a long time. He adds: “ We can’t end the series without paying tribute to Prue. But the leaders made it clear to us that it was either impossible to do or impossible to pay for. I had to make a choice. I had to choose between paying for a photo of Shannen or being able to bring back the performers of Patty, Penny Or Leo.” Upon arrival, the divorce between Shannen Doherty and Charmed was well consumed in 2001. That is to say a few years after the start of the series. It is also important to remember that a major rivalry between the actress and her playing partner, Alyssa Milano, did not help things settle down. Shannen Doherty also made a choice at the time. That of definitively slamming the door of Charmed, thus definitively burying his career on television. Or even his career altogether.