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Bad news for Netflix users. The streaming platform has just canceled one of its productions. In 2023, the company with the red N has decided not to not renew several of its series. We think in particular of Valeria, Sex/Life, Titan or even The tailor. Other big productions simply ended this year. This is the case, for example, of The Crown which has just revealed today its season 6 or even Sex Education. Today, Netflix announced the cancellation of one of its series.

Fans of the Grishaverse are going to be very disappointed. The streaming platform has in fact decided not to renew Shadow and Bone. Those who followed this series were impatiently waiting to discover season 3, but it will never see the light of day. Shadow and Bone told the story of cartographer Alina Starkov. Immersed in a fantastical universe, this heroine was endowed with powers that could change the course of her world at war. This series was not the only one to have been stopped by Netflix. The platform has also announced the non-renewal of Glamourous, Agent Elvis, Farzar And Captain Fall.

Netflix: audiences in free fall

Series Shadow and Bone had reached no less than 50 million households in the first month following the release of its first season. For the second, they have dropped to 20 million. The cancellation of this production is therefore explained by this drop in audience. The writers’ strike also had a negative impact on Shadow and Bone. On X (formerly Twitter), fans of the series did not hesitate to express their disappointment and dissatisfaction. We could notably read this type of remarks: “I’m frankly disgusted”, “I’m going to cry”, “It’s really so bad”or even “But no, I don’t agree”. Netflix now faces a lot of competition with the arrival of new streaming platforms. We can therefore expect other cancellations in the coming months.

The White Lotus: everything we know about season 3 Follow us

The White Lotus season 3 is slow to see the light of day. The excellent American series, a biting satire of the above-ground bourgeoisie, was entitled to two very good seasons in 2020 and 2022. But, unfortunately for HBOthe broadcast channel, and the fans of the show, the screenwriters’ strikes then that of the actors in Hollywood have been there. The third season of The White Lotus nevertheless begins to take shape little by little. We take stock.

Fact, Mike Whitecreator of The White Lotushas already expressed the desire to put the theme “of death within religion” in the future season 3 of his series. The reason ? The first was about money and the second was about sexuality. Logic ! Money, sex, death… Or the Holy Trinity of existence. And the golden triangle of the WASP and more generally American bourgeoisie. If, for the moment, we don’t know much about the story, we nevertheless know that the production decided to put down its suitcases – and its cameras – in Thailand. A country rich in beliefs, spirituality and in ghosts !

The White Lotus: filming of the series begins soon

Thus, the filming of season 3 of The White Lotus should begin in the land of smiles, as Thailand is nicknamed, in February 2024. A date that is ultimately not so distant. Obviously, like the two previous seasons, we will follow the dilapidated itineraries of a handful of well-off people on vacation in a luxury hotel. As we speak, production is casting for 13 new roles, including nine main characters, aged between 18 and 80.. As in the other episodes, we will be entitled to archetypal characters : patriarch, CEO, actress, couple, etc… The main character of seasons 1 and 2 of The White Lotus was Tanyabrilliantly embodied on screen by the veteran Jennifer Coolidge. The disappearance of Tanya in the deadly finale of season 2 does not really suggest a return of the flagship character in season 3. But Mike White has already chosen the recurring character to return in the future season. This is Belinda Lindsey, spa director in season 1 played by Natasha Rothwell. A secondary female character, less cruel and less stupid than the others, who will become themain heroine from season 3 of The White Lotus. However, fans will have to be patient because HBO has postponed the broadcast of the sequel to 2025! We can’t bring ONLY good news.

Stranger Things: David Harbor teases the end of season 5 Follow us

It took 118 days of negotiations for SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), the union of American actors and actresses, and the studios and streaming platforms to reach an agreement guaranteeing the supervision of the use of AI, but also an increase in the minimum wage of 7% and retirement and health contributions in addition to a “streaming participation bonus”. The strike is over, the production system can finally get back into operation, the stars can resume promoting films and series. Also David Harbor Doesn’t he get asked when he’s asked? news of the finale Stranger Things.

Currently we only have very little information on season 5 from the Duffer Brothers show. A mysterious teaser. At most a few evasive statements. The actor who plays Jim Hopper, Hawkins police chief indulged in one of them during his visit to Motor City Comic Con. Present at the convention, our colleagues from the American media Deadline report that a fan, unaware that season 5 would be the last, questioned him about the possibility of a sixth season. David Harbor responded to him with cryptic remarks. “The beauty of it is thatthere is a real ending. Things will end in a very real way,” proclaimed the one we were able to (re)see at the cinema recently in Gran Turismo.

David Harbor also teases a Stranger Things spin-off

Definitely in spirit, David Harbor also allowed himself a few words about the play derived from Stranger Things, which premieres in London on November 17. The spin-off could take on the narrative arc of the series, although the show is a complete story which will end in the final episode of season 5. Set approximately 25 years before the events shown on Netflix, the piece titled The First Shadow follows the arrival in Hawkins of Henry Creel who discovers “that a new beginning is not so easy… and that the shadows of the past have a very long reach”, can we read on the Phoenix Theater website.

Wednesday: we finally know the filming date for season 2 Follow us

We no longer present Wednesday Addamsdaughter of the family of freaks the best known in America, dark Pippi Longstocking, follower of cynicism and fanatic of instruments of torture. We no longer present, either, Wednesdayspin-off of The Addams Family and cardboard Netflixcarried by the revelation Jenna Ortega. The first season of the show, released at the end of 2022, was a huge success for the famous platform in addition to a real viral phenomenon on social networks. But what about a season 2? This is still pending. The recent – and legitimate – Hollywood strikes have not helped matters. But good news: we finally know the start date of filming Wednesday season 2 !

In fact, the filming of the second season of Wednesday will begin in spring 2024 in Europe. American media Deadline reports, more precisely, that the first shots of the Netflix series will begin end of April. The production sets down its suitcases -and its cameras- in Ireland. A new filming location as confirmed by Deadline, after Romania for the first season of Wednesday. For the moment, despite this new information regarding the filming of season 2, the platform has not yet disclosed an official broadcast date. We will have to wait a little longer to discover the issues – and new images – of Wednesday season 2. But we already know a little about what happens next

Wednesday : a corpse in the closet for the Netflix series

Several months ago, Jenna Ortega, in person, said in an interview that season 2 of Wednesday would be more focused on horror than romance. An obvious choice for gothic fans – or not – of the heroine dressed in black. However, we almost expected a rosewater story at the Twilight facing certain scenes a little cheesy from the first season. This is a little reassuring for all spectators allergic to candy pink sentimentality. It must be said that this is not at all the style of the Addams house. Nor Wednesday. If we know nothing about the new plots or about new characters, the production nevertheless had to part ways with an actor. Percy Hynes, who played Xavier Thorpe on screen, was fired from the series. The reason ? Several sexual assaults against him. Netflix has therefore decided to quickly get rid of this “corpse in the closet”. The actor, for his part, proclaimed his innocence on social networks with a press release in support. It remains to be seen how the production of Wednesday will make the character of Xavier disappear from the show. But one thing is certain, he will not be in season 2 of Wednesday on Netflix.

Umbrella Academy: we know the release date for season 4 Follow us

The main ambition of streaming platforms is to retain their subscribers. They also plan to gain new ones, proposing diversified and attractive programs. In this race for success, Netflix stands out from the crowd. With series like Stranger things, Umbrella Academy, Elite, Wednesday, the VOD platform has succeeded in attracting an audience of informed series fans. To maintain their interest, the streaming service regularly reveals information on upcoming series and films. From November 6 to 12, Netflix subscribers (and the simply curious) have the opportunity to follow Geeked Week.

During this event, numerous news mentioning programs from the VOD platform are shared. The trailer for the live action series Avatar: The Last Airbenderthe release date of season 2 of the animated series Arcana (whose first season was acclaimed by subscribers), for example, were revealed this November 9. Broadcast since February 2019 on Netflix, Umbrella Academy met with great success. It was viewed by millions of viewers.

Umbrella Academy : when does season 4 come out?

Suffice it to say that information regarding the series is generally eagerly awaited. Release date of the fourth and final season of the television series has been announced by Netflix. We will have to wait a few more months before discovering the adventures of the six superheroes who formed the Umbrella Academy. As a reminder, they belong to the dysfunctional Hargreeves family. In the previous three seasons, the characters had to put all their skills in common in order to avoid apocalypses.

Starring Tom Hopper (Luther), David Castañeda (Diego), Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison), Robert Sheehan (Klaus), Elliot Page (Vanya) and Aidan Gallagher (aka Number Five), the hit Netflix series will be back on our screens in 2024. We won’t know more at this time. This news should still be greeted with enthusiasm by fans.

The Boys, season 4: Homelander triumphant on the first official poster Follow us

Season 4 of The Boys is a bit long overdue… Well, the fans still got the spin-off Gen V to wait between two seasons of The Boys. And, it must be admitted, the finale of this derivative series puts season 4 of the parent series into perspective. The reason ? Cameos from Butcher and Homelander at the end of this very first season. Moreover, the first two posters official season 4 releases The Boys are dedicated to them. Coincidence? We don’t believe it.

In fact, the two character posters of The Boys season 4 are the polar opposites of each other. On the first, we discover a Butcher who is not at the party, sullen face, hands in his pockets, balloons on the ground. On the second, we discover a triumphant Homelander, his arms forming the V of victory, with confetti in the background. Strangely, the colors chosen on the two posters are the same. Blue, white, red… Or the colors patriotic from America. If we go further in the analysis, the two posters are two sides of the same coin. But we can go much further in the same analysis.

The Boys, season 4: Butcher defeated VS Homelander winner

So the first two posters are totally complementary. The two work together, like a mirror reflection. If Butcher pulls his face, the ground stained with balloons and confetti, Homeland celebrates the victory with the same moving confetti. There is a sort of before and after, immobile but eloquent, on these two posters. We can therefore imagine that this season 4 will once again be the scene of a power struggle between the two holders of superpowers. On the one hand, the ambiguous morality by Butcher. On the other, the dictatorial madness from Homelander. We return to the finale of the previous season, the third, in which the two antagonists fought each other endlessly. This new and future season could well be the conclusion to the fratricidal duel between Butcher and his brother-enemy Homelander. At the very end of season 3, we witnessed a real political shift in which Homelander, played by the brilliant Anthony Starrbecomes a kind of Trump endowed with superpowers. It is obvious that season 4 will push this super-political madness to the maximum. For the moment, the fourth season of The Boys does not yet have a release date set. It should be available current 2024 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Crown season 6: these scenes were “really unpleasant” to shoot Follow us

On November 16, Netflix will put online the first burst of episodes of the sixth season of The Crown. This final burst of episodes will cover the scandals that rocked the British monarchy from the end of the 90s to the beginning of the 2000s. Showrunner Peter Morgan will certainly return to the tragic disappearance of Lady Dianadied in a car accident alongside her companion, the Egyptian producer Dodi Al-Fayed, under the Pont de l’Alma, in Paris, in the late hours of August 1997. If the producers of the series assured having approached this episode with extreme delicacy, the princess’s interpreter, Elizabeth Debickihad some difficulty filming the scenes dealing with the death of his character.

Season 6 of The Crown will show the last days of Lady Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, but certainly not the tragedy of which they were victims. These last sequences were nevertheless “very difficult, heavy, frantic and incredibly overwhelming” for Elizabeth Debicki. The actress explains herself in an interview relayed by Tele-Leisure : “At times it almost seems like a bestial reaction to being chased, by so many comedians playing journalists, because you have nowhere to go, you can only endure, for a minute or so, before realizing that it’s completely unsustainable.” She adds : ” No one should have to go through this, trying to film these scenes in broad daylight in Paris, having to move from one place to another with all these people around you. You feel trapped. It’s a really unpleasant experience.”

How Elizabeth Debicki managed to survive The Crown

Elizabeth Debicki continues : ” It really is horrible to have so many people yelling at you and expect something from you. As a result, Peter Morgan wanted to add a little lightness to the scenario so as not to descend into pure and simple horror. “I really needed it. I needed to have fun and that’s what we did, as much as possible,” reports the actress in an interview. She concludes by praising the performance of her comrades, Rufus Kampa and Fflynn Edwards, who lend their features respectively to Princes William and Harry in the first episodes of season 6: “Their energy was perfect, they are very open and very warm.”

Stranger Things (Netflix): the first scene of season 5 is revealed! Follow us

Stranger Things this is THE event series Netflix. Since its first season released in 2016, fans have devoted a real cult to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schnapp), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) And the others. In this fantasy drama series, a group of friends find themselves forever bonded when they encounter strange phenomena in their hometown of Hawkins. And for six years, millions of fans around the world were able to diligently follow their adventures. Season 4, released in 2022, also made a real hit on the platform, breaking numerous records. Unfortunately, for season 5, they will still have to be patient…

In fact, while the screenwriters’ strike was raging in Hollywood, Stranger Things was seriously impacted. Leaving the filming of season 5 on hold, which is still not finished, to the great despair of fans. But to wait, the creators of the Netflix series have reserved a little surprise for Internet users, and not the least! They have in fact revealed a big clue on the very first scene of season 5. Namely an extract from the script on which we can read: “The sound of the cold wind. The growling of the trees. And… a child’s voice, singing a familiar song”. A few words that have already sparked strong reactions on the web! On the other hand, no explanation on the meaning of this beginning of the script…

What does the first scene of Stranger Things season 5 mean?

Faced with the revelations from the creators of the series, theories and speculations are rife on season 5 of Stranger Things. Particularly on the words “familiar songs”. It is true that music has been, from the start, at the heart of the show. We will cite in particular the titles Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clashor Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, which have taken on a considerable scale. Both in the series and on social networks. So, is it one of those two songs? For the moment, no further information. But one thing is certain, fans are already impatient to discover the finale of the hit series. “OMG I’m so excited”, “Does that mean it’s coming soon?? », “The best day of the year”, “I can’t wait for the final season” ! And you, can’t wait to discover season 5?

White Lotus: when will season 3 of the biting and crazy series be released? Follow us

White Lotus is a recent series created by the American channel HBO. A satire on the bourgeoisie modern American that shoots red bullets at small and big cross of its very archetypal characters. For the moment, White Lotus has two (very good) seasons under its belt, released in 2021 and 2022. But season 3 is still awaited. And, bad news, she’s not going to show up anytime soon. Explanations…

In fact, the recent screenwriters strike in Hollywood has seriously delayed many productions, both cinematographic and television. Thus, season 3 of White Lotus should not be released before 2025 as told by our colleagues at Télé Star. Effectively, Casey BloysCEO of HBO, confided this fateful date in an interview with Variety. Normally, season 3 of White Lotus was scheduled for 2024.

White Lotus : season 3 should address the theme of death

Mike Whitecreator of White Lotusgave Variety a bit of a crack at the future season 3 of the series biting And crossed out. “The first season focused on money, the second on sex…”, details the showrunner in the American media. “The third, I think, will be a satirical and funny look at death within religion. And more broadly Western spirituality.” We therefore hope that Jennifer Coolidgethe flagship interpreter of Tanyathe only character who appears in the first two seasons of White Lotus, will return in the form of ghost in the third. Indeed, she dies on screen during the semi-brutal, semi-grand guignolesque finale of season 2. Off the coast of Sicily after an incredible confrontation, of which only she has the secret, with mafiosi on a boat. We can well imagine the priceless Tanya coming back to haunt new characters in season 3 of White Lotus. Answer in 2025?

Gen V: did you understand everything at the end of season 1? [SPOILERS] Follow us

Gen V came as a pleasant surprise. The spin-off of the excellent series The Boysin addition to establishing itself as a first door opening onto an extended universe, dynamites post-teen series. The eighth episode of season 1, the last, landed on Prime Video. A conclusion that meets expectations. But have you fully understood what is at stake in this ending? Attention, spoilers

In fact, at the end of episode 7 of Gen VCate kills the dean of Godolkin University. The reason ? The latter had drugged and manipulated her for several years. Not to mention his involvement in the famous project named The forest and the death of Golden Boy. On their side, Married, Andrew, Emma And Jordan were unable to do anything in the face of Cate’s boiling anger. Obviously, as a series derived from The Boysseason 1 Gen V ended in a big bloodbath.

Gen V : the finale is a conclusion opens on The Boys

Flashforward. Cate and Sat are in the basement of the university. Their mission: to deliver students who have been captured and held prisoners by The Forest. The two budding superheroes enter into a frenzy and unprecedented violence. Many victims are to be counted in their duo carnage. Emma tries to resonate with Sam, but to no avail. The latter is finally put out of harm’s way after the intervention of Andre who tumbles like a real hero. Marie is offered a place among the Seven if she puts an end to the chaos reigning in the halls of Godolkin. That is to say, she is mandated to kill Cate. Marie is not ready to kill Cate but tries to bring her to her senses anyway. Without success. This final episode of the first season of Gen V also gives pride of place to two cameos luxury of the parent series: Homelander And Butcher. The first intervenes in all this discord because Marie did not stop Cate in her mass killing. Hop, black screen. END. The second appears in a scene post-credits aiming to make a link between the two shows. We then understand that Gen V And The Boys converge towards each other. Either for the season 2 of the first, either the season 4 of the second. Still, this finale remains much more coherent than certain films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) which combine Multiverse and cameos.