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This return to school has been very difficult for fans ofSuch a big sun since they had to attend several departures. A few days ago, it was Virgil’s character who said goodbye to this big family. His interpreter, Fred Bianconi, had also entrusted to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure : “ For a year and a half, I saw that the authors struggled to find new ideas for Virgil. They had already put him through a robbery, a bereavement, a tantrum, a career change, a descent into hell… Better give him a breakwhich was decided by mutual agreement.

Then it was the actress Lucile Krier who decided to leave the series. However, some actors surprised fansSuch a big sun making their comeback. We think in particular of Maryline or even Gaëlle. This time, it was an emblematic character from the France 2 soap opera who said goodbye. This is Guilhem, played since the launch of the series by Manuel Blanc. The actor confirmed the news on his Instagram account.

Such a big sun: a new beginning upsets the fans

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a character in a series, especially when they’ve been there from the beginning. Guilhem was one of the key figures ofSuch a big sunL. He was especially talked about for his hidden love story with Elisabeth Bastide. On his Instagram account, Manuel Blanc shared photos from the filming of the series. In the caption, he wrote: “ It’s hot on this set, and I watch with emotion as a film crew gets to work, it’s a special night since they’re coming end an extraordinary adventure five years… Goodbye to all my awesome gaming partners, to the talented directors with whom I had the chance to work, all these wonderful encounters, goodbye and see you soon, Guilhem, end clap! “. His fans did not hesitate to thank him for his many years of good and loyal service in the series. He will be greatly missed by his family.Such great sunshine.

Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Friday November 17, 2023 on TF1: Soraya leaves Gabriel, Dorian in danger of death Follow us

Summary of episode 1559 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Friday November 17 on TF1. Bastien is caught red-handed. When he renders his duty to Francis (Emmanuel Moire), the latter realizes that it is far too sharp for the young man to have done it without help.

He admits to having used artificial intelligence, but assures that it was the first time. François gives him a second chance and suggests that he redo an assignment within 48 hours. The teenager is grateful to him.

Later, Bastien helps Violette who is overwhelmed by her cell phone. She offers to help Bastien with his English homework as a thank you. The latter accepts. After class, they go to Spoon for a drink and study.

They are surprised by Bastien’s father. The latter thinks that Violet (Salomé Benitha) is his son’s girlfriend. Bastien corrects him: she’s a friend. Salomé receives a proposal from her biological mother so that they can see each other.

Soraya tries everything for everything

Warned by Mona (Catherine Benguigui), Soraya (Kenza Saïb-Couton) arrives at Spoon to confront Noor (Sahelle of Figuereido). She begs her to forgive him for his affair with Gabriel (Martin Mille). The lawyer assures him that she will leave him in order to get her back.

She expresses her regrets to him and maintains that they will not be able to live happily without each other. But Noor doesn’t want to hear anything: she will never forgive him. Back at the office, Soraya collapses in Gabriel’s arms and leaves him.

Later, the young man is at the Spoon with Charlie (Clémence Lassalas). Gabriel is disappointed when he meets Noor. The legal assistant tells him that Soraya has left him. He makes her understand that the lawyer only did it for her and that he hopes they can forgive each other.

Corentin always more threatening

Laurent is in police custody. He is defended by Soraya. The latter is reassuring with him. The father of Corentin (Elias Goldberg) regrets not having reported him to the police when he could but he was beyond his control.

He simply has a hard time contemplating losing him. All he has left is him since the death of his wife. Laurent admits that he was not an ideal father when his wife died, as he was so devastated by sadness.

Dorian (Rayan Huber) is reassured: the police have found traces of Corentin and are on the verge of arresting him. Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) suggests that they meet at Mont Saint-Clair. He accepts to entrust it to Luna (Paloma Reynaud). The latter is convinced that Camille is trying to get him back. But now, he thinks he needs to hear what she has to say to him so as not to feel guilty.

If Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) can trace Corentin’s phone and sees that he is heading towards Spain, she thinks it is a decoy. The teenager could still be in Sète to carry out his revenge…

Dorian goes to the meeting with Camille. But the latter does not come there. Indeed, Luna meets her in Sète. She wonders what she’s doing there. By mentioning the message, Luna understands that Camille never arranged to meet Dorian.

They go as quickly as possible to Mont Saint-Clair to find Dorian. But it is too late, the young man waiting for Camille faces Corentin. The latter explains to him that if he moves from the bench where he is sitting, a bomb will explode…

Such a great sun: after Guilhem, another emblematic character leaves the series Follow us

The sun is setting for fans of the daily France 3 soap opera. Indeed, after Fred Bianconi (Virgile), Lucile Krier (Noémie) and Manuel Blanc (Guilhem), it is the turn of another flagship character ofSuch a big sun of leave the series. Furthermore, it was only last week that Guilhem’s interpreter announced that a page was turning for him after five years of good and loyal service. It was through a moving post on social networks that the actor informed the public of his upcoming departure.“Goodbye to all my great acting partners, to the talented directors with whom I had the chance to work, all these wonderful encounters, goodbye and see you soon, Guilhem, end clap”he wrote.

Perhaps the departure of Aïssam Medhem, alias Akim, one of the police officers from the police station currently on the Buddha Blue case, will mark the end of this massacre. Without saying too much, the young man was rather clear in his recent Instagram stories. In the first, the actor reposts that of one of his filming accomplices. “Five days, a real adventure with my brother @aïssammedhem, take care of yourself brother”, we can say. In another, we can see a clap with the name “Aissam” written next to a heart. The main interested party, for his part, commented “Last Dance” (“The last dance” in French).

Aïssam Medhem, alias Akim, leaves Such a big sun

The clues were too big for the team to Leisure TV does not come into direct contact with the chain. Verdict: Akim’s character will indeed leave the series in January. Note, the door does not close completely for its interpreter. The production thus made it clear that this departure “remains open”, this means that Aïssam Medhem could return in future storylines. To the extent that he is linked to Guilhem, Akim could meet the same end as his comrade. Moreover, Olivier Szulzynger, producer of the series, recently warned us in the columns of Pocket TV. Two characters will leave at the same time. “For one, we wanted a happy ending, but a second asked us to be released. We therefore chose to cross their destinies, and ultimately, it ended in tragedy with the death of one of the heroes. But which one? »he was able to confide.

Such great sunshine in advance of Thursday October 26, 2023 on France 2: Léonor and Marc kiss, Julie leaves Montpellier Follow us

Summary of episode 1263Such a big sunbroadcast on Thursday October 26 on France 2. While passing by the hospital to visit Leonor, Enric learns that she is going out today. He offers to take her home but Léonor takes the opportunity to clarify things: their relationship is not going anywhere, they must separate. Fatalist, Enric accepts the situation. For his part, Mark takes his afternoon to pick up Léonor at the hospital. Before driving her home, he stops at the water’s edge, at a place where they used to go when Louis was small. Marc confides to his ex-wife thathe was afraid of losing her and kisses him.

At the same time, Chloe thinks a lot about Marc and hesitates to call him. She takes the blame when Ethan tells him that Marc and Léonor seemed very close at the hospital. As for Garylearning that Laurent And Marion had started divorce proceedings, he jumped at the opportunity to telephone the woman with whom he had already had an affair in the past to ask her out for a drink. Marion accepts.

Jade confesses the whole truth

At the police station, Clement congratulate Yann And Hugo for the investigation into the stolen watches. The young should only receive a suspended prison sentence because the insurance company refused to file a complaint. At the motorcycle shop, Jade thanks Sandra for his understanding. She also admits to him that she had lied and that she had never been a saleswoman before taking this position. Sandra replies that she knew but that the important thing is that she is competent.

Manu offers to Alex to go for a drink at the hut at the end of the day. He wants to ask Eve to bring a friend but Alex tells him that he has not yet mourned his history with Julie. On the way back, Manu suggests to Eve that they organize a meeting between Alex and Sabine. For his part, Julie flies to Paris where she takes a test in a palace. If she is taken, she will settle in the capital. Once alone, Alex’s ex-partner breaks down in tears…

Plus belle la vie: the massacre continues, a new actor leaves the series, “It’s a bit dry but…” Follow us

Fans rejoiced at the news: after its sudden stop on France 3, More beautiful life must make a comeback. This time it is TF1 which will produce and broadcast the cult series. According to the first channel, the main elements which made the program successful should be there: “We are committed to meeting the expectations of fans who have been asking for the return of their favorite soap opera for several months, and to welcoming a new audience around new storylines.”recently declared Ara Aprikian, deputy general director in charge of content at the first channel.

In The Parisianthe production team even added: “A team of screenwriters is mobilized to take up the challenge by integrating all the ingredients that made the series successful: anchoring in society through the life of a Marseille neighborhood and romantic stories, echoing the current affairs.” What to put mouth watering for all fans of More beautiful life. And yet in reality, everything does not happen so idyllic. Indeed, if the broadcast is scheduled for January 2024, the resumption of the series will be without several of its emblematic actors. At the end of September, it was Pierre Martot who announced that he would not return. However, he played Captain Léo Castelli for 18 seasons on France 3.

The list of absentees is growing in More beautiful life

For their part, Caroline Riou and Théo Bertrand were thanked by production. And this Tuesday, October 3 in an Instagram story, it was Florian Lesieur who declared that he would not be in the casting either. He played Noé Ruiz and was very present in the last two seasons. “Many of you ask me if I am going to resume Plus belle la vie. No, I won’t do it again! It’s a little dry but there you go. I am on good terms with everyone. But I have a lot of projects that fell through, especially for cinema.”, blurted the young actor. One more face that will not make a return to the series. It’s starting to do a lot… Especially since certain actors have not yet confirmed their return, like Roxane Turmel or Serge Dupire. So this version of More beautiful life made by TF1 smells like a flop? The answer in January.