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This return to school has been very difficult for fans ofSuch a big sun since they had to attend several departures. A few days ago, it was Virgil’s character who said goodbye to this big family. His interpreter, Fred Bianconi, had also entrusted to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure : “ For a year and a half, I saw that the authors struggled to find new ideas for Virgil. They had already put him through a robbery, a bereavement, a tantrum, a career change, a descent into hell… Better give him a breakwhich was decided by mutual agreement.

Then it was the actress Lucile Krier who decided to leave the series. However, some actors surprised fansSuch a big sun making their comeback. We think in particular of Maryline or even Gaëlle. This time, it was an emblematic character from the France 2 soap opera who said goodbye. This is Guilhem, played since the launch of the series by Manuel Blanc. The actor confirmed the news on his Instagram account.

Such a big sun: a new beginning upsets the fans

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a character in a series, especially when they’ve been there from the beginning. Guilhem was one of the key figures ofSuch a big sunL. He was especially talked about for his hidden love story with Elisabeth Bastide. On his Instagram account, Manuel Blanc shared photos from the filming of the series. In the caption, he wrote: “ It’s hot on this set, and I watch with emotion as a film crew gets to work, it’s a special night since they’re coming end an extraordinary adventure five years… Goodbye to all my awesome gaming partners, to the talented directors with whom I had the chance to work, all these wonderful encounters, goodbye and see you soon, Guilhem, end clap! “. His fans did not hesitate to thank him for his many years of good and loyal service in the series. He will be greatly missed by his family.Such great sunshine.

Such great sunshine in advance of Thursday November 16, 2023 on France 2: Sylvio goes too far, Christophe feverish Follow us

Summary of episode 1277Such a big sunbroadcast Thursday November 16 on France 2. Carine talks with Bilal. She accuses him of having thrown away Boris. Of course, he makes mistakes but now he will be fired. Bilal is amazed: he thought he was protected by the hierarchy within L Cosmétiques.

Boris went to welcome a big partner from Belgium. During the discussion with Elizabeth, the latter offers to buy more products from L Cosmétiques but would like a commercial gesture. This negotiation does not work in favor of the company.

In fact, Elisabeth considers that she would sell practically at a loss if she accepted the offer of Norbert Peters. She then adjourns the interview. For his part, Laurent does not hide his concern from Carine and Boris.

He thinks that if Norbert Peters ends up turning to one of their competitors, the market will be colossal for L Cosmétiques. He even fears that turnover will fall critically.

At the same time, Elisabeth tries to motivate the troops and suggests Enric to significantly increase salaries if a target of 8% is reached. The latter finds that he is difficult to reach but Elisabeth lies to him. She assures him that the contract with the Belgians has been renewed.

Later, it is while speaking with Carine that Enric discovers that Elisabeth has gone a little too far. For his part, Boris invites Norbert Peters to the restaurant. After having a few drinks, Boris bluffs and assures that L Cosmétiques will not be able to accept his deal. Norbert Peters confesses. He admits that he has no other deals in progress with a competitor.

Father Sylvio sinks

The father Sylvio can’t help but think about Janet. The latter even goes to her house to see her. Then he sees her in the arms of Clement. He understands that she is in love with her husband and that he has no chance of one day having a relationship with her.

As he watches her, Janet realizes he is there. She calls him later to ask him to stop bothering her. She even mentions the beginnings of harassment. Father Sylvio is ashamed and knows that he has gone very far.

While talking to Christophe, he realizes that he would be better off slipping away for a few days or a few weeks to regain his senses. Its goal ? Erase Janet from your mind so as not to do the irreparable.

For his part, Christopher had murderous impulses towards Cécile but contained himself. While Achilles called her “Mom” for the first time, Christophe becomes aware of the lovely family he has. At the same time, the investigation continues into the florist. Instruction is aimed at doctors but also veterinarians.

Such great sunshine in advance of Monday November 13, 2023 on France 2: Janet has made her choice, Christophe observed Follow us

Summary of episode 1274Such a big sunbroadcast Thursday November 9 on France 2. Ludo (Folco Marchi) sleeps very badly at Jade (Shemss Audat). If he is in love with her, he cannot stand his mattress, and does not seem ready to live with her.

He talks about it to those around him and finds a room to rent in the apartment of Bilal (Malik Elakehal El Miliani) and Elise (Malya Roman). He breaks the news to Jade. She takes the news very well and also shares her desire to improve her bed.

This way, he can feel comfortable coming to spend the night with her from time to time. For their part, Elise and Fanny decide to separate. Despite their love, the two women do not have the same desires and prefer to give each other their freedom.

Janet turns the page

Janet (Tonya Kinzinger) and Clement (Yvon Back) return from their stay in Rome. This romantic weekend did them a lot of good. Janet returns with a smile on her face and her colleagues at the hospital do not fail to notice it.

While she is working, she is called by the father Sylvio (Marcel González). She calls him back later. He tries to convince her to resume marauding with him. He regrets that she wants them to work together more.

He is convinced that they can remain friends despite their attraction. But Janet wants to save her marriage and prefers to make a reasonable choice, that of not seeing him again.

Christophe tries to get out of it

Cecile (Marie-Gaëlle Cals) is increasingly suspicious of Christopher (Hubert Benhamdine). At the police station, she asks for details on the investigation Hugo (Bibi Tanga).

The latter wants to answer her, but she asks him not to mention their conversation with the rest of their colleagues. For his part, Christophe also wants to obtain information from the medical examiner, but Hugo declines his invitation to join for a basketball match.

Such great sunshine canceled on France 2, fans are disappointed Follow us

Such a big sun was canceled this Thursday, November 9. Fans will have to wait before knowing how Elise and Fanny’s relationship will evolve or even finding out if Christophe will be unmasked. This evening, the public channel is not going to broadcast a new episode of its series. France 2 has, in fact, decided to cancel its daily soap opera to allow Caroline Roux to present the show The event at 8:40 p.m. The journalist will receive Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior and numerous political guests.

During the show, they will notably raise questions about the theme of “Immigration: how to control it? “. A live program will follow with experts who will answer the questions asked. This first issue will be devoted to the immigration bill. Since the end of the summer, France 2 has already canceled 6 episodes. And at the moment, there has been no information about a possible rebroadcast. However, Such a big sun in prime time would necessarily please many faithful. Regarding the episode of this Thursday, November 9, fans will have to wait until Friday, November 10 to find their favorite actors and the progress regarding the investigation into Aubert’s disappearance.

An episode of Un si grand soleil full of twists and turns

In this episode, Cécile focuses on the attitude of the florist. Christophe’s behavior seems suspicious to him. Besides, she will be very disturbed by a video surveillance image where we see the serial killer from behind. For Elise, she has difficulty accepting her separation from Fanny. The latter wants a child. Elise finds support from her friends but goes through a complicated period. For his part, Ludo very rarely mentions his girlfriend. He remains very mysterious about him and does not want to present it at the moment. As for Janet, she is trying to forget Sylvio. To do this, she offers Becker a short weekend in Rome.

Special effects to “pimp” reality

If Un si grand soleil is such a success with the public, it is because the series is a pioneer in terms of special effects. Indeed, producers use innovative techniques. “This technology allows us to go further, to be more ambitious, in terms of writing,” explained Olivier Roelens, executive producer at France TV Studio. And to conclude: “We are no longer satisfied with just what we can find in reality. Being able to “pimp” reality in this way obviously boosts the creativity of authors and directors. » To know the rest of the adventures of the actors ofSuch a big sun, See you Friday, November 10 on France 2 to watch your new episode!

Such a great sun: after Guilhem, another emblematic character leaves the series Follow us

The sun is setting for fans of the daily France 3 soap opera. Indeed, after Fred Bianconi (Virgile), Lucile Krier (Noémie) and Manuel Blanc (Guilhem), it is the turn of another flagship character ofSuch a big sun of leave the series. Furthermore, it was only last week that Guilhem’s interpreter announced that a page was turning for him after five years of good and loyal service. It was through a moving post on social networks that the actor informed the public of his upcoming departure.“Goodbye to all my great acting partners, to the talented directors with whom I had the chance to work, all these wonderful encounters, goodbye and see you soon, Guilhem, end clap”he wrote.

Perhaps the departure of Aïssam Medhem, alias Akim, one of the police officers from the police station currently on the Buddha Blue case, will mark the end of this massacre. Without saying too much, the young man was rather clear in his recent Instagram stories. In the first, the actor reposts that of one of his filming accomplices. “Five days, a real adventure with my brother @aïssammedhem, take care of yourself brother”, we can say. In another, we can see a clap with the name “Aissam” written next to a heart. The main interested party, for his part, commented “Last Dance” (“The last dance” in French).

Aïssam Medhem, alias Akim, leaves Such a big sun

The clues were too big for the team to Leisure TV does not come into direct contact with the chain. Verdict: Akim’s character will indeed leave the series in January. Note, the door does not close completely for its interpreter. The production thus made it clear that this departure “remains open”, this means that Aïssam Medhem could return in future storylines. To the extent that he is linked to Guilhem, Akim could meet the same end as his comrade. Moreover, Olivier Szulzynger, producer of the series, recently warned us in the columns of Pocket TV. Two characters will leave at the same time. “For one, we wanted a happy ending, but a second asked us to be released. We therefore chose to cross their destinies, and ultimately, it ended in tragedy with the death of one of the heroes. But which one? »he was able to confide.

Such great sunshine in advance of Friday November 3, 2023 on France 2: Sabine kisses Hugo, Janet regrets Follow us

Summary of episode 1269Such a big sunbroadcast on Friday November 3 on TF1. Hugo (Bibi Tanga) apologizes after her mood swing last time. Sabine (Gaëla Le Devehat) is understanding. Anyone can be the victim of a misunderstanding.

To make amends, he offers to invite her for a drink. Furthermore, he would like to thank her: it is thanks to her that he was able to complete his defense and obtain his new status as a criminologist. Sabine, as modest as ever, believes that she doesn’t have much to do with it.

She thinks she didn’t help Hugo that much. However, the medical examiner truly felt pushed by her. It allowed him to acquire the energy he needed to finish his dissertation.

When they join the Savages after their respective days of work, they toast this victory. The evening seems very pleasant for them. They even decide to have dinner together, then Sabine asks Hugo to come to her house. Once they arrive, the young woman kisses him passionately and the forensic doctor gives in…

For his part, Yann (Constantin Balsan) does not want to disturb them and suggests Johanna (Aurore Delpalce) to go to another place than the Savages in order to leave them alone.

Moreover, MB (Frédérique Kamatari) is under the spell ofAlex (Benjamin Bourgois). With him, she lives a relationship without any fuss. She shared her feeling with Sabine earlier today. The teacher encouraged her to have some quality time with Alex!

Janet feels guilty

Janet (Tonya Kinzinger) is terribly angry with herself for having kissed the father Sylvio (Marcel González). Irresistibly attracted to him, she exchanged a languorous kiss with him, behind her husband’s back, Clement (Yvon Back).

She is distant but tries to make up for it by offering her husband an evening near the Thau pond. But Commissioner Becker has a lot of work to do. He will not be able to honor this invitation. He pushes his wife to ask a friend to come to their house for dinner.

At the end of the day she finds Father Sylvio. She confides in him her guilt for having kissed him. He too is very troubled by the desire he feels for her. But he regrets nothing and kisses her again. If Janet is obviously still very attracted to the man of faith, she pushes him away and tells him that she does not want to cheat on her husband.

Christophe ready for anything?

Meanwhile, investigators follow a new lead thanks to Aubert’s surveillance. They identify one of his employees as being the brother of an incarcerated trafficker. They decide to explore this path further.

The police are looking for any element to bring down the person at the head of this organization… For his part, Christopher (Hubert Benhamdine) decides to meet with Aubert (Frédéric Pellegeay) to get rid of him…

Prime Video: this great classic of horror cinema is soon coming to series Follow us

There are countless adaptations of genre films in series format. Among the latest titles affected, Alien is about to be released in several episodes on the Disney + streaming service. According to The Hollywood ReporterNoah Hawley (creator of Fargo And Legion), will have the mission of carrying out this project which will distance itself from the cinematographic saga. “This isn’t a story about Ripley. He is one of the greatest characters of all time and I think his story was told perfectly. So I don’t want to touch it. It’s a story that takes place on Earth,” has already informed the showrunner to our colleagues at Vanity Fair. On the casting side, Alex Lawther (The End of the F**king World) and Samuel Blenkin (Peaky Blinders) will play the main roles.

While the return ofAlien is looming, a classic of horror cinema is preparing its return to the small screen. Produced by Steve Spielberg, Poltergeist by Tobe Hooper (Chainsaw Massacre) will be adapted into a series by Amazon Prime Video. According to Vanity Fair, the currently very mysterious project will be produced by Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey, both behind Life on our planet on Netflix, on behalf of the company Amblin, parent company of the King of Entertainment. However, this is not a first for the film. A television adaptation titled Poltergeist: Raiders of the Supernatural had seen the light of day at the end of the 90s. No broadcast date for this second reboot has yet been communicated.

Why Prime Video is taking a dangerous gamble with its new series

(Re)adapt Poltergeist supposes assuming possible consequences linked to the rumors surrounding the production of a “cursed” film. The first, harmless, concerns the realization that we suppose to have been assumed by Steven Spielberg, officially credited as producer and co-writer, in place of Tobe Hooper. The other three stories are darker. First, young actor Oliver Robins almost died at the hands of a clown puppet who strangled him during filming. Then, her comrade Dominique Donne was killed by her companion the year the film was released. Finally, Heather O’Rourke, iconic face of Poltergeist, died following an infection during an operation. She was 12 years old and appeared in three opuses of the saga…

Such great sunshine in advance of Tuesday October 31, 2023 on France 2: Janet presents for Sylvio, Sabine meets Alex Follow us

Summary of episode 1266Such a big sunbroadcast on Tuesday October 31 on France 2. After the death of Jessicathe father Sylvio (Marcel Gonzalez) is upset. He knows he can find comfort in Janet (Tonya Kinzinger).

For months, and particularly during his hospitalization, the man of faith has been able to build bonds of trust with the doctor. Together, they formed a true friendship, even at the risk of fueling the jealousy of Becker.

The latter understands: she feels the same thing when she loses a patient. Father Sylvio would like to be able to help the justice system but none of the homeless people he knows want to inform him of Jessica’s company.

For his part, Aubert (Frédéric Pellegeay) is not worried by the opening of an investigation into Jessica’s death. His goal remains the same: for his business to grow and for them to go far away to live in the sun.

Commissioner Becker (Yvon Back) obtained a letter rogatory from the judge to be able to follow Aubert. He is convinced that by monitoring his every move, he will be able to catch him in the act.

After speaking with Father Sylvio, who expressed his dismay, Christopher (Hubert Benhamdine) goes to Aubert’s nursery and buys him a carnivorous plant. Quite a symbol in the eyes of his children…

Sabine gets a taste for life again

After difficult months of feeling manipulated, Sabine (Gaëla Le Devehat) gradually picks up the thread of her life. She continues to give private lessons to Hugo (Bibi Tanga). An opportunity for the professor and the forensic doctor to get to know each other. But Sabine seems to have her mind elsewhere.

After class, she accepts the offer ofEve (Emma Colberti) to go have a drink with Manu (Moses Santamaria) and Alex (Benjamin Bourgois). Even if Manu doesn’t want to force their hand, Sabine has a nice time and learns more about Alex.

While Johanna (Aurore Delplace) calls him, she explains to him that she is enjoying an evening which is doing her a lot of good. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time!

Such great sunshine in advance of Thursday October 26, 2023 on France 2: Léonor and Marc kiss, Julie leaves Montpellier Follow us

Summary of episode 1263Such a big sunbroadcast on Thursday October 26 on France 2. While passing by the hospital to visit Leonor, Enric learns that she is going out today. He offers to take her home but Léonor takes the opportunity to clarify things: their relationship is not going anywhere, they must separate. Fatalist, Enric accepts the situation. For his part, Mark takes his afternoon to pick up Léonor at the hospital. Before driving her home, he stops at the water’s edge, at a place where they used to go when Louis was small. Marc confides to his ex-wife thathe was afraid of losing her and kisses him.

At the same time, Chloe thinks a lot about Marc and hesitates to call him. She takes the blame when Ethan tells him that Marc and Léonor seemed very close at the hospital. As for Garylearning that Laurent And Marion had started divorce proceedings, he jumped at the opportunity to telephone the woman with whom he had already had an affair in the past to ask her out for a drink. Marion accepts.

Jade confesses the whole truth

At the police station, Clement congratulate Yann And Hugo for the investigation into the stolen watches. The young should only receive a suspended prison sentence because the insurance company refused to file a complaint. At the motorcycle shop, Jade thanks Sandra for his understanding. She also admits to him that she had lied and that she had never been a saleswoman before taking this position. Sandra replies that she knew but that the important thing is that she is competent.

Manu offers to Alex to go for a drink at the hut at the end of the day. He wants to ask Eve to bring a friend but Alex tells him that he has not yet mourned his history with Julie. On the way back, Manu suggests to Eve that they organize a meeting between Alex and Sabine. For his part, Julie flies to Paris where she takes a test in a palace. If she is taken, she will settle in the capital. Once alone, Alex’s ex-partner breaks down in tears…