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Summary of episode 1559 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Friday November 17 on TF1. Bastien is caught red-handed. When he renders his duty to Francis (Emmanuel Moire), the latter realizes that it is far too sharp for the young man to have done it without help.

He admits to having used artificial intelligence, but assures that it was the first time. François gives him a second chance and suggests that he redo an assignment within 48 hours. The teenager is grateful to him.

Later, Bastien helps Violette who is overwhelmed by her cell phone. She offers to help Bastien with his English homework as a thank you. The latter accepts. After class, they go to Spoon for a drink and study.

They are surprised by Bastien’s father. The latter thinks that Violet (Salomé Benitha) is his son’s girlfriend. Bastien corrects him: she’s a friend. Salomé receives a proposal from her biological mother so that they can see each other.

Soraya tries everything for everything

Warned by Mona (Catherine Benguigui), Soraya (Kenza Saïb-Couton) arrives at Spoon to confront Noor (Sahelle of Figuereido). She begs her to forgive him for his affair with Gabriel (Martin Mille). The lawyer assures him that she will leave him in order to get her back.

She expresses her regrets to him and maintains that they will not be able to live happily without each other. But Noor doesn’t want to hear anything: she will never forgive him. Back at the office, Soraya collapses in Gabriel’s arms and leaves him.

Later, the young man is at the Spoon with Charlie (Clémence Lassalas). Gabriel is disappointed when he meets Noor. The legal assistant tells him that Soraya has left him. He makes her understand that the lawyer only did it for her and that he hopes they can forgive each other.

Corentin always more threatening

Laurent is in police custody. He is defended by Soraya. The latter is reassuring with him. The father of Corentin (Elias Goldberg) regrets not having reported him to the police when he could but he was beyond his control.

He simply has a hard time contemplating losing him. All he has left is him since the death of his wife. Laurent admits that he was not an ideal father when his wife died, as he was so devastated by sadness.

Dorian (Rayan Huber) is reassured: the police have found traces of Corentin and are on the verge of arresting him. Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) suggests that they meet at Mont Saint-Clair. He accepts to entrust it to Luna (Paloma Reynaud). The latter is convinced that Camille is trying to get him back. But now, he thinks he needs to hear what she has to say to him so as not to feel guilty.

If Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) can trace Corentin’s phone and sees that he is heading towards Spain, she thinks it is a decoy. The teenager could still be in Sète to carry out his revenge…

Dorian goes to the meeting with Camille. But the latter does not come there. Indeed, Luna meets her in Sète. She wonders what she’s doing there. By mentioning the message, Luna understands that Camille never arranged to meet Dorian.

They go as quickly as possible to Mont Saint-Clair to find Dorian. But it is too late, the young man waiting for Camille faces Corentin. The latter explains to him that if he moves from the bench where he is sitting, a bomb will explode…

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Summary of episode 793Here it all beginsbroadcast on Friday November 10 on TF1. Souleymane wants to tell the whole truth to his father, once the parents of Carla will be gone. In the vegetable garden, he reveals Pink that he is not the baby’s father. Her ex-mother-in-law promises not to say anything until the young woman’s parents leave but emphasizes that Carla made the decision, alone, to keep the baby and that she does not have to drag Souleymane into this story. .

At the lunch break, Rose puts pressure on Carla. The latter turns to Berenice who reveals to him that Rose has a special history with motherhood. In particular, she tells him about her recent failed IVF attempt. According to her, Rose must be jealous to see Carla pregnant. The young woman then has an idea… Later, she begins to cry in front of Hortense and tells her that Rose is picking on her because she is pregnant. Made aware of this situation, Anthony blames Rose for picking on Carla. The Armand daughter blames the blow. At the end of the day, Rose joins Carla at the park and accuses her of having used her failed IVF to pass herself off as a victim. She adds that the first year is a toxic person and will never be a good mother. In the middle of an argument, Carla starts to bleed…

Jasmine in full doubt, Jude falls into alcohol

Back from China, Jasmine thinks she cannot reconcile her career as a chef and her role as a mother. Thibault talks to her about her father to try to convince her that it is possible. Jimmy intervenes and reminds his brother of their father’s numerous absences. Teyssier summons the students to tell them that the end-of-term evaluations will take place at the end of the month. Surprise, the grade will count for half of their year’s final grade. The director takes the opportunity to put pressure on Jasmine. He expects her to be valedictorian. Jasmine lacks motivation but lets herself be convinced by the Leroy brothers who offer her three-person revision sessions.

Jude wants Teyssier to supervise his Master’s project. But the young man lacks self-confidence and is destroyed by the director who does not even take the time to taste the dessert he had made. Upon entering the commissary, he catches David drinking corks of alcohol. According to him, drinking a small dose of alcohol every two hours allows him to forget his anxiety attacks. Jude lets himself be tempted by this experience.

Such great sunshine in advance of Friday November 3, 2023 on France 2: Sabine kisses Hugo, Janet regrets Follow us

Summary of episode 1269Such a big sunbroadcast on Friday November 3 on TF1. Hugo (Bibi Tanga) apologizes after her mood swing last time. Sabine (Gaëla Le Devehat) is understanding. Anyone can be the victim of a misunderstanding.

To make amends, he offers to invite her for a drink. Furthermore, he would like to thank her: it is thanks to her that he was able to complete his defense and obtain his new status as a criminologist. Sabine, as modest as ever, believes that she doesn’t have much to do with it.

She thinks she didn’t help Hugo that much. However, the medical examiner truly felt pushed by her. It allowed him to acquire the energy he needed to finish his dissertation.

When they join the Savages after their respective days of work, they toast this victory. The evening seems very pleasant for them. They even decide to have dinner together, then Sabine asks Hugo to come to her house. Once they arrive, the young woman kisses him passionately and the forensic doctor gives in…

For his part, Yann (Constantin Balsan) does not want to disturb them and suggests Johanna (Aurore Delpalce) to go to another place than the Savages in order to leave them alone.

Moreover, MB (Frédérique Kamatari) is under the spell ofAlex (Benjamin Bourgois). With him, she lives a relationship without any fuss. She shared her feeling with Sabine earlier today. The teacher encouraged her to have some quality time with Alex!

Janet feels guilty

Janet (Tonya Kinzinger) is terribly angry with herself for having kissed the father Sylvio (Marcel González). Irresistibly attracted to him, she exchanged a languorous kiss with him, behind her husband’s back, Clement (Yvon Back).

She is distant but tries to make up for it by offering her husband an evening near the Thau pond. But Commissioner Becker has a lot of work to do. He will not be able to honor this invitation. He pushes his wife to ask a friend to come to their house for dinner.

At the end of the day she finds Father Sylvio. She confides in him her guilt for having kissed him. He too is very troubled by the desire he feels for her. But he regrets nothing and kisses her again. If Janet is obviously still very attracted to the man of faith, she pushes him away and tells him that she does not want to cheat on her husband.

Christophe ready for anything?

Meanwhile, investigators follow a new lead thanks to Aubert’s surveillance. They identify one of his employees as being the brother of an incarcerated trafficker. They decide to explore this path further.

The police are looking for any element to bring down the person at the head of this organization… For his part, Christopher (Hubert Benhamdine) decides to meet with Aubert (Frédéric Pellegeay) to get rid of him…

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Summary of episode 1544 of Tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast on TF1, Friday October 27, 2023. After an eventful summer, Gilles (Laurent Gamelon) wants to sell his house. The brother of Marianne Delcourt (Luce Mouchel) is convinced that his house is cursed.

I have to say that Bruno (Kevin Levy) was poisoned with well water, drugs were hidden on the construction site, and the work never ends. As if that wasn’t enough, the owner of the place now hears baby crying.

He no longer sees himself living there and has made a very radical decision: he wants to sell it as quickly as possible. He wrote an ad which he showed to Tristan. The latter has a crush on good. During the visit, Gilles is very transparent with his roommate.

But Tristan don’t let yourself be discouraged. On the contrary, he feels capable of doing all the work. But now, the former boss of Spoon is disillusioned when he learns that the bank is not supporting him on this project.

Soizic is confident

Francis (Emmanuel Moire) feels guilty about having slipped up with Soizic (Charlie Nune). While he’s in bed with Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), the professor is the victim of a sexual breakdown. The young woman is far from becoming cheesed and relaxes the atmosphere.

But in his head, François is indeed thinking about how he is going to handle this situation. He leaves a voicemail for Soizic so they can meet to talk about what happened. Soizic is very happy with this meeting and shares her feelings with Victory (Solène Hébert).

But there, Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) tries to calm the ardor of his colleague. He thinks that François had a temporary breakdown. He is convinced that he will remain in a relationship with Charlie. The professor indeed seems content in the arms of the young woman…

Bart more than ever in danger

Bart (Hector Langevin) is hospitalized after his road accident. The Spoon boss is getting better and better. Victoire also says it to Eloisethe twin sister ofAdele (Aliénor Bouvier) by taking it for herself. The young woman blames the blow: her plan to get rid of him did not work.

For his part, Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) has a revelation. She just thinks that she met Adèle’s twin sister a few days ago in Sète. She shares Karim (Samy Gharbi) his doubts. It could be that Eloise is trying to get rid of the men who surround her sister.

The police discover that Eloïse had already tried to cause a separation between her sister and one of her ex-companions. For her part, Adèle sees her sister and suspects nothing. She shares her love for Bart and her desire to introduce him to him.

For her, he is the man of her life. A statement that Eloïse cannot stand. The twin sister goes to the hospital and tells Bart, still in a coma, that she doesn’t know what her sister can do with him. She takes out a syringe to get rid of him like she did with the others…

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Summary of episode 1255Such a big sun, broadcast on France 2, Friday October 13, 2023. Laurent (Khalid Maadour) is still troubled by Carine (Alika Del Sol). The one who was hired at L Cosmétiques for a storekeeper position, then promoted to the position of maintenance manager, caught the eye of her colleague.

As she flourishes in the company, Carine shares more and more elements of her life with her colleagues. Her daughter, her passions… The single mother surprises Laurent day after day, who can’t take his eyes off her.

However, Laurent had suggested to his companion, Marion (Esther Van Den Driessche), that he was ready to invest more in his relationship. He had promised to organize a romantic evening.

Instead, he wants to organize a party for the employees of L Cosmétiques in the sublime villa thatEnric (Julien Masdoua) and Leonor (Clara Huet) have to keep as a favor to friends. The couple, who were starting to get bored, accepted immediately. For Laurent, it’s the perfect opportunity to get closer to Carine, outside of work.

Ludo announces his choice

Ludo (Folco Marchi) spent the night with Noémie (Lucile Krier). If the young woman sees this as a sign of renewal in their love story, in reality the young man has understood that he no longer has feelings for her. In the early morning, he quickly slips away and even forgets to kiss her. A detail that did not escape the young woman.

When he discusses his doubts with a friend, the latter is not surprised. Ludo is, according to her, always troubled by Jade (Shemss Audat), who returned to Montpellier despite being on the run, to win him back. Later, he joins her and admits to having spent the night with Noémie. He assures her that he has made his choice: it is her that he wants and not Noémie. The young woman forgives her and they kiss.

He crosses the path of Bilal (Malik Elakehal El Miliani), who recognizes Sylvain in the sketch. He is one of the IT speakers at L Cosmétiques. An essential element that Ludo immediately reports to Alex.

But now, the latter absolutely must find a way to integrate Sylvain into the procedure of the investigation into the theft of the watches. He asks Bilal to find a reason to bring him to L Cosmétiques. The latter excuses a software problem and Sylvain agrees to come.

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Summary of episode 1530 of Tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast on TF1, Friday October 6, 2023. Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) is back in Sète. But now, after Alma’s death, he no longer finds meaning in his profession as a doctor. He wants to stop everything. Faced with this defeatist discourse, Victory (Solène Hébert) and Soizic (Charlie Nune) decide to join forces.

The two doctors set up a ploy. She asks him to examine a young patient, claiming that the pediatrician is not competent. But Doctor Ventura quickly realizes the desperate attempt of his colleagues to convince him to return to the Sète hospital. In vain…

For his part, Luna (Paloma Reynaud) is the target of hate messages on her Instagram account. If Dorian (Rayane Huber) is worried about her, she doesn’t really seem affected by the words of this Troll34.

But now, the young man investigated around him. He suspected his ex-partner, Camille (Elisa Ezzedine), but also Nathan (Adrien Gabeulet). Neither of them is capable of inflicting such words on Luna despite their disappointments in love.

Mona makes a mistake

Luna receives a photo of her stalker by accident. We see the Spoon card with a woman’s feet. Luna is sure: Mona (Catherine Benguigui) is Troll34. The young woman visits him at the restaurant and asks him for explanations.

If Georges’ mother criticizes the young woman for not having been sufficiently clear with Nathan about the nature of her feelings, she denies having any responsibility in this flood of hateful messages. However, Mona is indeed the author.

When Luna leaves the establishment, Mona asks Nathan to help her delete all the comments she posted but she is unable to do so. For his part, Nathan repeats to her that he had warned her: it’s serious to harass people on social networks. Mona explains her action by the helplessness she felt in the face of her sadness…

Later, Dorian stops by the Spoon and explains to Nathan that he never wanted to hurt him. The young waiter believes that he should have told him the nature of his intentions towards Luna instead of letting him hope for some kind of story. For him, their friendship is over.

The investigation is progressing

Bruno (Kévin Levy) dropped a few bags of drugs in his path, while fleeing the house Gilles (Laurent Gamelon) searched by the police. Nathan’s father now owes several million euros to Joris, who knows that Bruno has a son.

And the gangster does not hesitate to threaten the young server of Spoon with death in order to put pressure on his father. Bruno has only 24 hours to find the money he owes Joris, otherwise Nathan could be in danger.

For their part, the investigators place Gilles in police custody. The brother of Marianne (Luce Mouchel) has a drug-related criminal record. Although the case dates back thirty years, he is once again worried by the courts since the goods were on the construction site of his house. He denies being involved in trafficking but Karim (Samy Gharbi) has no other choice but to place him in police custody.

By combining the information collected by Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) and Damien (Adrien Rob), the investigators manage to understand that Vince was a dealer involved in the same drug trafficking. His death could therefore be linked to this affair. Furthermore, his prints were found on one of the bags left on the ground by Bruno…