Such a great sun: a cult character leaves the series Follow us

This return to school has been very difficult for fans ofSuch a big sun since they had to attend several departures. A few days ago, it was Virgil’s character who said goodbye to this big family. His interpreter, Fred Bianconi, had also entrusted to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure : “ For a year and a half, I saw that the authors struggled to find new ideas for Virgil. They had already put him through a robbery, a bereavement, a tantrum, a career change, a descent into hell… Better give him a breakwhich was decided by mutual agreement.

Then it was the actress Lucile Krier who decided to leave the series. However, some actors surprised fansSuch a big sun making their comeback. We think in particular of Maryline or even Gaëlle. This time, it was an emblematic character from the France 2 soap opera who said goodbye. This is Guilhem, played since the launch of the series by Manuel Blanc. The actor confirmed the news on his Instagram account.

Such a big sun: a new beginning upsets the fans

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a character in a series, especially when they’ve been there from the beginning. Guilhem was one of the key figures ofSuch a big sunL. He was especially talked about for his hidden love story with Elisabeth Bastide. On his Instagram account, Manuel Blanc shared photos from the filming of the series. In the caption, he wrote: “ It’s hot on this set, and I watch with emotion as a film crew gets to work, it’s a special night since they’re coming end an extraordinary adventure five years… Goodbye to all my awesome gaming partners, to the talented directors with whom I had the chance to work, all these wonderful encounters, goodbye and see you soon, Guilhem, end clap! “. His fans did not hesitate to thank him for his many years of good and loyal service in the series. He will be greatly missed by his family.Such great sunshine.

Tomorrow belongs to us: this character adored by fans returns to the series Follow us

Departures are frequent within the series Tomorrow belongs to us. Fans of the soap opera have already seen their favorite characters leave the city of Sète. In general, it is the actors themselves who decide to leave the series. Indeed, some people have difficulty keeping up with the hectic pace of filming. Others also want to embark on other projects. Recently, it was Romy’s interpreter who left the family Tomorrow belongs to us. Very soon, a famous character from the series could make a comeback.

The actress Nicole Calfan who played the character of Lydie Chardeau gave an exclusive interview to TV Star. The actress thus revealed that a character very loved by fans of Tomorrow belongs to us was going to do his return to the series. She thus confided: “ They had written me a very strong character who is now interned in a psychiatric asylum. But I had Axel recently who told me that he was going to come back to the series. Maybe they’ll bring back my character.”

Tomorrow belongs to us: actor Axel Kiener soon to return

And yes, the famous doctor Samuel Chardeau should soon rejoin the family Tomorrow belongs to us. It was in 2022 that actor Alex Kiener decided to leave the series. His friend and actor, Kamel Belghazi, declared about his departure: “ It didn’t sadden me, it a choice on his part and I respect him. It’s my friend Axel. We had talked about this subject several times. He was in the series almost from the beginning, he wanted something else.” It seems that the actor has finally decided to reverse his decision. A choice that may please fans of the TF1 soap opera. As a reminder, his character left Sète to settle in South America after his stud farm caught fire. It remains to be seen what the series has in store for him in the future.

Such a great sun: after Guilhem, another emblematic character leaves the series Follow us

The sun is setting for fans of the daily France 3 soap opera. Indeed, after Fred Bianconi (Virgile), Lucile Krier (Noémie) and Manuel Blanc (Guilhem), it is the turn of another flagship character ofSuch a big sun of leave the series. Furthermore, it was only last week that Guilhem’s interpreter announced that a page was turning for him after five years of good and loyal service. It was through a moving post on social networks that the actor informed the public of his upcoming departure.“Goodbye to all my great acting partners, to the talented directors with whom I had the chance to work, all these wonderful encounters, goodbye and see you soon, Guilhem, end clap”he wrote.

Perhaps the departure of Aïssam Medhem, alias Akim, one of the police officers from the police station currently on the Buddha Blue case, will mark the end of this massacre. Without saying too much, the young man was rather clear in his recent Instagram stories. In the first, the actor reposts that of one of his filming accomplices. “Five days, a real adventure with my brother @aïssammedhem, take care of yourself brother”, we can say. In another, we can see a clap with the name “Aissam” written next to a heart. The main interested party, for his part, commented “Last Dance” (“The last dance” in French).

Aïssam Medhem, alias Akim, leaves Such a big sun

The clues were too big for the team to Leisure TV does not come into direct contact with the chain. Verdict: Akim’s character will indeed leave the series in January. Note, the door does not close completely for its interpreter. The production thus made it clear that this departure “remains open”, this means that Aïssam Medhem could return in future storylines. To the extent that he is linked to Guilhem, Akim could meet the same end as his comrade. Moreover, Olivier Szulzynger, producer of the series, recently warned us in the columns of Pocket TV. Two characters will leave at the same time. “For one, we wanted a happy ending, but a second asked us to be released. We therefore chose to cross their destinies, and ultimately, it ended in tragedy with the death of one of the heroes. But which one? »he was able to confide.

Stranger Things: this key character of season 4 is revealed in a prequel Follow us

Fans of Stranger Things were upset by the fate of Eddie Munson in season 4. The character played by Joseph Quinn remains one of the most popular in the series at this time. Behind the rebel from Hawkins, Indiana, hides a young man with a big heart. So much so that he sacrifices himself to allow his friends to escape from the Upside Down. An epic kill by immense bats to the sound of a cult Metallica solo. It has since been rumored that he could make his return in season 5. “A good theory” according to her comrade Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) which has not, however, been made official.

Eddie Munson will indeed come back to life in the universe of Stranger Things. Screenwriter Caitlin Schneiderhan will reveal her past in a prequel novel titled Flight of Icarus, to be published on October 31. We will discover in particular that the metalhead from Hawkins took his first steps in a recording studio in 1984 thanks to Paige. In an extract revealed by the author, her friend collects her confidences on the passion for music left to her by her late mother: “This music takes you on an adventure, in another world, as if to face demons. Traveling to the depths of hell. My mother’s music was plane tickets. I guess that makes my music a portal to another dimension.” A sad nod to its imminent end…

After Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn will join another universe

It is impossible to know at this time whether Joseph Quinn will return to service in one way or another in Stranger Things. In the meantime, the 29-year-old British actor is reportedly filming in front of a famous director’s camera. Ridley Scott would have offered him a major role in the sequel to the cult Gladiator, currently in production. Rumors suggest that the interpreter of Eddie Munson would portray the Roman emperor Caracalla in this new story centered on Lucius, the son of Lucilla, here played by Paul Mescal (Normal People). Also announced as cast were Djimon Hounsou (Juba), Denzel Washington and Barry Keoghan.