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This return to school has been very difficult for fans ofSuch a big sun since they had to attend several departures. A few days ago, it was Virgil’s character who said goodbye to this big family. His interpreter, Fred Bianconi, had also entrusted to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure : “ For a year and a half, I saw that the authors struggled to find new ideas for Virgil. They had already put him through a robbery, a bereavement, a tantrum, a career change, a descent into hell… Better give him a breakwhich was decided by mutual agreement.

Then it was the actress Lucile Krier who decided to leave the series. However, some actors surprised fansSuch a big sun making their comeback. We think in particular of Maryline or even Gaëlle. This time, it was an emblematic character from the France 2 soap opera who said goodbye. This is Guilhem, played since the launch of the series by Manuel Blanc. The actor confirmed the news on his Instagram account.

Such a big sun: a new beginning upsets the fans

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a character in a series, especially when they’ve been there from the beginning. Guilhem was one of the key figures ofSuch a big sunL. He was especially talked about for his hidden love story with Elisabeth Bastide. On his Instagram account, Manuel Blanc shared photos from the filming of the series. In the caption, he wrote: “ It’s hot on this set, and I watch with emotion as a film crew gets to work, it’s a special night since they’re coming end an extraordinary adventure five years… Goodbye to all my awesome gaming partners, to the talented directors with whom I had the chance to work, all these wonderful encounters, goodbye and see you soon, Guilhem, end clap! “. His fans did not hesitate to thank him for his many years of good and loyal service in the series. He will be greatly missed by his family.Such great sunshine.

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The world of television is in mourning. After the death of Matthew Perry on October 28, another cult actor from a television series has died at the age of 35. This is Evan Ellingson. The former child star had notably obtained roles in 24 Hourswhere he played Jack Bauer’s nephew, or in The Experts: Miami. In the famous series, he played Horatio Caine’s son. The actor was found dead in the bedroom of his Californian home this Sunday, November 5 as revealed TMZ.

For now, the circumstances of the tragedy remain uncertain. For many years, Evan Ellingson suffered from addiction problems but managed to get out of it, as his father Michael revealed. He explained in particular that the house in which his son was found dead was a “sober-living home”. This means a property in which people who are going through withdrawal live. It’s thanks to the movie My life for yours that Evan Ellingson became known in 2009. He played alongside Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin.

Abigail Breslin pays tribute to CSI actor

Abigail Breslin also paid him a beautiful tribute on her Instagram page. “ Evan Ellingson was a kind, funny and extremely talented human being. He played my big brother in a film called My Life for Yours. Evan was a deeply caring person who truly cared about delivering his best performance, which he did. Some of his scenes in the film still give me chills“, she posted.

Very moved, the actress continued: “ We didn’t keep in touch after the film but I always remembered him as a wonderful and kind soul, someone I am grateful to have crossed paths with. My prayers and condolences to his family during this difficult time.“.

Evan Ellingson had drug problems

Evan Ellingson, who got into the business at the age of 13, had disappeared from the radar for more than ten years. He leaves behind a daughter, Brooklynn Ellingson, born in 2008. In the columns of The River’s Edge Ranch, the actor explained that he had started using drugs after the death of his brother. “ It got to a point where that’s really all I did. My whole life revolved around it. I stopped talking to my family, I went months without calling my mother. She was worried to death. » That same year, 2008, Evan Ellingston became the father of a little girl named Brooklynn.

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Charmed, 90210 Beverly Hills, Gossip Girl…over the years, many cult series have received their remake. And now it’s the turn of prison Break ! A prison show reboot broadcast between 2006 and 2009 will therefore soon see the light of day. It’s here Hulu streaming platform who broke the news. For the moment no more information on the project, but fans are already impatient to discover this new series… or not! Fact, many Internet users are skeptical. It must be said that it is rare for a remake of this type to be well received by the public.

Perhaps the return of iconic characters could change things? Well at the risk of disappointing more than one, the comeback of Michael Scofield, Sucré or Lincoln Burrows is not current. In fact, the characters played respectively by Wentworth Miller, Amaury Lonasco and Dominic Purcell will not return in the remake of prison Break. A big disappointment for fans, who believe that their return could have saved the potential of this new series. But then, what will the show be about? According to information from Variety, this reboot will take place “in the same universe”, but will be entitled to brand new prisoners. Will it be a success, like the parent series?

Prison Break, a real phenomenon

Elgin James, the director at the helm of the remake of prison Break, promises a whole new chapter full of twists and turns. On the other hand, I’m not sure that the book will have the same success as its big sister… In fact, since its first season in 2006, prison Break has become a real phenomenon. Through 5 seasons, it retraces the story of Lincoln Burrows, wrongly convicted of murder. But also his brother, the emblematic Michael Scofield, a smart engineer who hatches a plan to help him get out of prison. A suspense series as we like them, which was a real hit in France and around the world. It was also awarded at the Golden Globes in the “best television drama series” category for its first season. It remains to be seen whether the remake will be just as phenomenal…

The Fall of the House of Usher: did you recognize this cult actor from ET? Follow us

The Fall of the House of Usher is Mike Flanagan’s new horror series on Netflix. A show that draws on the literary horror work of the master in the field, Edgar Allan Poe. And a modernization of the cult eponymous short story by the same author. In the Usher family, at the center of the show’s plot, have you noticed that an actor has a very familiar face? The adult features of a face from yesteryear, childish, which marked an entire generation bottle-fed AND by Steven Spielberg.

In fact, Henry Thomas, who plays Fredrick Usher in The Fall of the House of Usheron Netflix, is actually the interpreter of Eliott in AND ! But yes, you know, the little boy who finds the alien friendly with long fingers resembling luminous merguez. We have to admit that the little boy has grown up a lot. In September 2023, Henry Thomas celebrated his 52nd birthday. The American actor had a successful career after AND but without really any other notable or leading roles. Until his meeting with Mike Flanagan, the “dad” of The Fall of the House of Usher, Hill House or The Midnight Sermons.

The Fall of the House of Usher : Henry Thomas or Mike Flanagan’s favorite actor

So, Henry Thomas and Mike Flanagan, it’s a rolling story. Elliott’s interpreter in AND played no less than eight times in front of the filmmaker’s camera. In three films (Ouija – The Origins, Jessie And Doctor Sleep) and five series (Hill House, Bly Manor, The Midnight Sermons, The Midnight Club and of course The Fall of the House of Usher). In this last show, precisely, Henry Thomas plays Fredrick, the son of the large Usher family. A second-rate businessman who is no match for his father, who swears repeatedly, completely in love with his daughter but quite suspicious of his wife’s possibly fickle behavior. He is also a possessive, jealous, toxic and vile husband who will put his wife through a real ordeal. The Fall of the House of Usher once again proves the professional chemistry between Henry Thomas and Mike Flanagan. Between a conscientious filmmaker and his involved pygmalion. “The master and his apprentice. Always in pairs they go. No more no less“, as saying Yoda master In The Phantom Menace. Besides, we told you about this cult actor from Star Wars who sticks a head in The Fall of the House of Usher ?

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Suzanne Somers has died. The actress was best known for her role as Carol Foster Lambert, devoted wife and uncompromising mother, in the cult American sitcom Our beautiful family. Suzanne Somers had been fighting for several years against a violent breast cancer.

In fact, her fight against illness was not easy for the American actress. One of his press representatives published a press release to announce his death: “Suzanne Somers passed away peacefully at her home early this morning, October 15th. She survived an aggressive form of breast cancer for 23 years. Suzanne was surrounded by her beloved husband, Alan, as well as her son Bruce and all of her immediate family.Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with this cancer in the early 2000s. Recently, she explained that the cancer had returned after a period of remission.

Our beautiful family: Suzanne Somers or the eternal Carole Foster Lambert

Its representative continues in the same press release that looks like a black notebook: “Her family was gathered to celebrate her 77th birthday which she was due to celebrate on October 16. Instead, they will celebrate his extraordinary life and want to thank his millions of fans and followers who loved him dearly.” Suzanne Somers began her career in the 1970s posing for the famous charm magazine, Playboy. She then participates in iconic series from that time like The Man Who Was Worth Three Billion or The Cruise has fune. Suzanne Somers becomes really famous with the series romcom Living as a Three in 1977. Series that she will leave from season 5 for reasons of big money. His resounding departure will inevitably have repercussions on his career, resulting in a terrible and long desert crossing. Finally, in the 1990s, she found success on the small screen in Our beautiful family. A humorous sitcom about a blended family in which she plays a strict matriarch who adores her children and her husband’s children. In front of Patrick Duffyhimself coming out of a desert crossing after the success Dallas, she plays her beloved Carol. A role that will stick with him until the end of his life. An emblematic role for all the toddlers of the nineties who grew up with their noses glued to the cathode screen, dreaming of being part of this perfect American family. Suzanne Somers had 76 years old.

Harry Potter (HBO): Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) in a cult role? Follow us

The future series Harry Potter produced by HBO Max has already caused a lot of ink to flow. The project is not even at the pre-production stage yet, but Potterheads have made it clear that they do not want such a reboot. Impossible, even unthinkable, to remake the cult cinematographic saga, in serial format. Otherwise, Avada Kedavra !

In fact, HBO Max has expressed the (interesting) wish to adapt each original book by JK Rowling into a separate season. That’s seven seasons. Even with this strong argument, Potterheads have not lowered their wands. The latest information? A rumor says that Cillian Murphy, aka Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinderscould play a cult role in the future series Harry Potter.

Harry Potter : Cillian Murphy as You-Know-Who?

Thus, rumors from the corridors claim that Cillian Murphy would have been approached to play Lord Voldemort in the series Harry Potter started by HBO Max. Obviously, at the moment, and at the time of writing these lines, this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing of the sort has been confirmed by the streaming platform of the American channel HBO. Or by Cillian Murphy himself. At the same time, the Irish actor is not at all a fan of social networks and never communicates about his projects or roles outside of interviews. In a few clicks, we discover that this rumor comes from an account X (formerly Twitter) Turkish with nearly 1 million subscribers who shares content related to cinema and series. And then that’s all. For the moment, HBO Max has not communicated anything about the future series Harry Potter. So stay tuned but prefer The Quibbler rather than The Daily Prophet or signed items Rita Skeeter. Or just follow us all on Melty.