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Summary of episode 1621 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday February 13, 2024 on TF1. Jack is sure that Jordan turns a blind eye to his feelings for Violet. If the latter assures that this is not the case, he finds it more and more difficult to hide the truth of what he feels. When he goes to Violette's house, he meets Charles, her brother whom she gets to know little by little. Charles makes a mistake thinking that Jordan is Violette's boyfriend. The teenagers immediately disabuse him but Violette blushes. When Jordan leaves, Charles tries to get Violette to confess. But the young teenager prefers not to dwell on her feelings. Later, she shares lunch with Charles and Roxane. Violette admits to them that she misses Australia and her parents. She knows that what they did is very wrong but they are her parents and they educated her. She crosses Liam, to whom she briefly explains the complexity of her family structure. He asks her to have a drink at the end of the day so he can talk to her about it in more detail. She accepts but Charles warns her: playing both sides is risky. While she spends some time with Liam at the end of the day, Jordan sees them and blames the blow.

Georges soon to be a father?

George is plagued by doubts. The more time passes, the more the due date of Vanessa approach. Now the policeman realizes that he is not ready to raise this baby. He made her a promise but realizes that he will not be able to keep it. Educating this baby who risks constantly reminding him of Vanessa but above all giving him unconditional love seems impossible to him. The difficulty for him now is to decide and announce to Vanessa that he prefers this baby to go to another family. This situation is very difficult for the police officer who is at the same time trying to change his relationship with Melody. He realizes from the day before that the next day is Valentine's Day. And he didn't plan anything!

Gilles is overcome by pain

Gilles, he has not forgotten to be romantic. He went to buy two pretty bouquets: one for his niece, Chloeand the other for Cecile, his future wife. While Diego is uncomfortable because he has not managed to admit to those around him that he saw Cécile with a man in the street, the latter reminds Gilles to take his food supplements in his bag. At the same time, the robot portrait of the man who attacked him, made thanks to Gilles, allows it to be compared to the city's video surveillance images. It is quickly identified and it is Pascal Villard, a gambler banned from Casino. If the investigators are looking for a link between Cécile and this man, the future bride and groom spend their evening separately. Indeed, Gilles is taken to the Mas and then to the Spoon for a bachelor party. While the evening is in full swing, Pascal Villard observes the group of friends and leaves a message for Cécile telling her that he misses her. Later, Gilles has chest pain.

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Summary of episode 1611 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday January 30, 2024 on TF1. Maud falls under the spell of Diego. The little sister of Camille finds the young man particularly to his liking. Stroke of luck, the physical education and sports teacher, Melody, asks him to join Maud's group. But the young woman hurts him unintentionally. She touches his nose and the young man bleeds. Later, she becomes worried about his condition and her friends, seeing that she has a crush on the young teenager, make her believe that he had to go to the hospital to undergo an operation. His friends quickly reveal to him that it is a bad joke. Here she is relieved… At the end of the day, she joins Camille at the Spoon and meets Diego. Her sister can't help but notice that her sister has good taste.

Gilles and Cécile make a big request of Chloé and Alex

Gilles And Cecile are getting married, it's official! Gilles asks his sister, Marianne, to be his witness. But this one sends him to the roses. She doesn't understand why her brother insists on moving so quickly in this new relationship. She also reminds him that he is in his fourth marriage and would like things to go well for him one day. Annoyed, he turns to Chloe And Alex. The couple agrees to be witnesses to their union. For her part, Cécile readily admits to Chloé that this marriage could be surprising as their relationship is progressing so quickly. But Chloé is understanding: they must live their story as they wish! She adds that we should not pay attention to Marianne's remarks, who is skeptical by nature.

Samuel is saved

Samuel is held prisoner by Florence. The investigators understand that Florent had planned his attack since he tampered with a false letter from the judge to release Samuel and kidnap him. This is how he was able to sequester him. The police are trying to find the places where he could have taken Samuel. His vehicle stopped in Frontignan. They go looking for him. In the meantime, Victory died of worry. She remembers the case of Florent's wife. A woman who came to give birth urgently at the hospital where she was not being monitored. Samuel had delivered her but she convulsed and died within hours of her daughter's birth. If Samuel could not have done anything, Florent never stopped holding Samuel responsible. The latter ties his hands and explains to him why he is attacking him. He was the doctor who took care of his wife. If the doctor remembers this case, for which he could have done nothing, he chooses to repent and takes Florent's weapon to point it in front of him. Samuel orders him to kill him to get justice but a shot goes off. Eventually, Samuel managed to shoot his kidnapper in the leg and fled. While Florent managed to return to his car, despite the injury, the police arrested him. Samuel is safe and sound. Victoire finds him at the hospital, relieved to find him.

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Summary of episode 1606 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday January 23, 2024 on TF1. Violet hesitates between Jordan And Liam. He likes the two young men but his heart is unsteady. She talks about her hesitation with Roxane, who enjoys seeing her play the pretty hearts. She also points out her love for complicated boys… Back at school, the young woman notices that Jordan and Lilou discuss together. While Rayane notes that Lilou is very pretty, Violette throws a fit of jealousy. She goes to see Lilou and asks her what she has in mind. The teenager assures him that she was not flirting with Jordan but on the contrary wanted to play matchmaker for Violette. Violette is stunned and doesn’t know what to answer. Later, she asks Jordan what he was discussing with Lilou and the latter kicks in. He assures her that he wasn’t talking about her.

Adam unmasks his parents

Soizic is worried and calls Francis. The professor reassures her: he loved the intimate moment they shared. Later, Soizic goes to the apartment and complicity once again gives way to sensuality. François feels a little guilty because he realizes that Charlie was right all along. Adam comes home at this point, and her parents are barefoot, both eating on the couch. He understands that they are together again…

Samuel taken into police custody, Victory in danger

The police are moving forward with the investigation into the threats weighing on those close to Samuel. The investigators noted that the rental car returned by Samuel had traces of impact but it did not correspond to a pole as the doctor assured. Delving into the complaints of the time, investigators come across a semi-professional golf player knocked down on a corresponding date. They then think that Samuel has fled and that the player whose shoulder was seriously impacted wants revenge.

For his part, Samuel confessed everything to Victory and she can’t believe that he could have fled after such an act. When she tries to convince him to denounce himself, George arrives at the villa. He came to take Samuel to the police station. During his hearing, the doctor confesses everything and confirms that he thinks Victoire is in danger. He received a new text message the day before… Samuel is taken into police custody. Victory asks Soraya to take care of his file and claim that he is ill. She fears more than anything the effects of her withdrawal in a cell without medical assistance. But Soraya tries to convince her friend that Samuel is just selfish. While in police custody, Samuel quickly feels unwell and asks for medicine but Manon is not authorized to give it to him. Meanwhile, the golfer is questioned and he has an alibi for Renaud’s attack. It can’t be him. Later, Victoire is admitted to the emergency room, she was hit by a car.

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Summary of episode 1601 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday January 16, 2024 on TF1. Gabriel flies to the aid of Charlie, freshly separated. The young woman is not leading the way. The one who just a few days ago was supposed to go to Canada with her lover, Francis, finds herself alone. She lives with the Morenos. Gabriel comes to see her to comfort her.

The young woman does not intend to stay slumped on the sofa. She wants to move and for that she has planned a walk on the heights of Sète in Nordic walking. Gabriel is not delighted but he bends to support her.

But now, the young man sprains his ankle. He is in great pain and is taken to the hospital. There it is Noor who takes care of him. The young woman takes the opportunity to find out more about her morale. The young man is disappointed. He admits to her that he doesn’t understand why Soraya doesn’t want to relive a story with him.

Noor understands that Soraya is depriving herself for fear of losing her sister again. However, the young nurse was clear: she wants Soraya to be happy and knows that for that, she must live her love with Gabriel.

Dorian is bad

Dorian goes to the visiting room to see his mother. He is defeated and angry at her for putting them in this situation. Bénédicte is worried. She wants her son and her husband to be well despite his imprisonment.

After this visit, Dorian walks in the park and comes across Luna. when his girlfriend wants to check on him, he cuts the conversation short. Later she will see Nathan at the Spoon. The latter confirms that Dorian often comes here for coffee.

Luna understands that Dorian is no longer going to class. She asks Nathan if he would agree to push Dorian to continue his studies. Nathan complies. When Dorian returns, Luna is no longer there but Nathan is ready for action.

But the problem is that Dorian understands that Nathan is on a mission from Luna. He scolds her and retorts that he stopped studying and is doing very well. While Nathan assures him that he considers himself more of a social case, Dorian tells him that he should instead be proud of himself.

Dangerous Adeline

The investigation into the message left Victory at home continues but slips. There are no signs of break-in and George begins to have serious suspicions about Adeline, her new roommate. He did some research on her: she was already the subject of a raid because she attacked her ex.

Despite the warnings of Karim, Georges goes to the hospital to confront the young woman. She doesn’t appreciate that the police officer talks to her about this old affair again and assures her that she had nothing to do with it.

Later, she comes across Samuel and takes him to task in front of everyone. She demands that he stay away from Victoire. While he seems surprised, the young woman goes on to accuse him of being selfish and a drug addict. Renaud intervenes and asks him to calm down.

He also specifies that he does not see how this concerns her. The young woman assures that this affects her as a friend of Victoire. He then threatens to have her fired but the young woman continues to cause a scandal in the middle of the hospital.

For her part, Victoire is distraught. She thought she had recovered from this relationship but seeing Samuel again disturbs her. She goes to see him at his hotel and confides in him that she would have liked to have been able to help him when he relapsed. He confides to her that he prefers to get back on his feet alone.

When she returns to the villa, Adeline finds Victoire searching her computer. The latter asks her why she did research on Samuel. Adeline assures that it was as a close friend that she did this.

But Victoire corrects her: they are not friends. They have only known each other for a month. Victoire asks him to leave the villa. Later, Renaud and Samuel have dinner together. When leaving the establishment, Renaud is hit by a car.

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Summary of episode 831 ofHere it all begins broadcast Tuesday January 2, 2024 on TF1. After weeks of being rejected by Carla, Pink finally found the words to convince her to open the door for him.

The director of the Master's program once again proposed an activity to her biological daughter and the latter sent her off to the roses. But Berenice And Souleymane made Carla realize that she needed to take a step towards her.

Mother and daughter drank coffee in the Institute park. The opportunity for Rose to discover the very critical mind of her offspring. While Claire comes to see them, Carla takes the opportunity to shoot her down once she leaves. A technique for venting her annoyances that she intends to pass on to her mother.

Deva gets seriously injured

A selection of students are confronted with the test designed by Clotilde And Mark Leroy. They have to cook in the open fields surrounded by bulls. During this test, Deva is destabilized by David. Once again, the student does not look normal.

The young cook ends up unintentionally injuring her hand. She bleeds a lot but manages to finish her ordeal and impress the two leaders. A pride that does not prevent him from suffering.

Later, she joined Lionel And Jasmine. They are worried about his hand. When she shows them the cut she made, they invite her to go to the hospital as soon as possible… She is indeed in a bad state.

Clotilde is devastated

Clotilde and Joachim separated themselves. After a new argument about the carpenter's desire to have children, the realization came: they no longer have anything to do together. If Clotilde loves Joachim more than anything, she does not see herself reliving motherhood even through adoption.

For his part, Joachim is unable to give up this paternity project. He dreams of having a child. And at the same time, he wanted to live his dream with chef Armand… Plunged into sadness, he received support from Penelope.

The latter, who cares a lot about the handyman, hears his pain but insists: Clotilde loves him enormously and she is convinced that they will succeed in finding a solution. But Joachim is defeatist, he thinks he simply has to move on…

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Summary of episode 1586 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Tuesday December 26 on TF1. While Judith has returned to the Delcourts to celebrate a warm Christmas with her family, the thief Santa Claus spoils the party somewhat.

A little earlier in the day Alex and Chloé were walking around the Christmas market when they noticed that people were gathering around the large central tree. And for good reason, at his foot there were many gifts.

A mountain of presents which intrigued onlookers. The latter began to open them and help themselves. Quickly, Chloe and Alex find themselves delighted by the idea, until they see someone opening the gift that Sylvain had reserved in an art gallery for Christelle.

Alert, Alex quickly understands that these gifts are those which were stolen by the famous Santa Claus who annoys many families in Sète. The owner of the farmhouse alerts the police. They quickly arrive on site and requisition all the gifts.

Later, Sylvain And Christelle go to the police station and identify their gifts but cannot recover them until the investigation is complete. It is the same for Timothy and Victor who are having a hard time finding their packages.

If some find that this Santa Claus is touching in playing Robin Hood, others are shocked by these slips which have really spoiled the Christmas holidays of families living in Sète. For their part, the police are struggling to move forward but George received information that could boost the investigation.

News in Sète

Longtime friend of Soraya, Adeline settles in Sète. And she makes a thunderous arrival there. The young all-terrain doctor first meets Victoire and does not fail to argue with her before finally getting to know each other.

She goes to the hospital for a job interview with Marianne Delcourt and meets the handsome Benjamin, whom she does not leave indifferent. She hasn't missed his charm either but seems to have other priorities at the moment.

Later, Victory, Soraya and Adeline meet at the cousins' shared apartment for a girls' dinner. They come to evoke the love story between the lawyer and Gabriel. Soraya bursts into tears: she is happy to have reconciled with Noor but experiences this separation very badly. The young lawyer only thinks about Gabriel, with whom she is still in love.

François doubts

Early morning, Charlie discovers that Francis slept fully clothed, unlike usual. The young woman is surprised and rushes to undress him to enjoy an intimate moment. But lo and behold, the professor later goes to the hospital.

In consultation with Marianne, he confides in the patches of eczema that broke out on his back last night. The doctor is clear: if he has not changed the cleaning products at home or has not been in contact with an allergic factor, he is the victim of too much stress.

François faces the facts: he is not living this departure for Canada that well… In the corridors of the hospital, he comes across Soizic who immediately guesses the reason why he came to consult. She then reminds him that the last time he had eczema was when he left her.

When he returns, he asks Adam to rub cream on his back and talk with him about his departure to Canada. His son reminds him that he supports him but that he shouldn't go backwards to please Charlie. François admits to her that he is not thrilled with the idea of ​​leaving but asks her to keep it a secret. But it's too late, Charlie heard everything…

Here it all starts in advance of Tuesday December 19, 2023 on TF1: Anaïs takes a risk, David unmasked Follow us

Summary of episode 820 ofHere it all begins broadcast Tuesday December 19 on TF1. David continues to drink in secret. If Jude stopped practicing micro-dosing like him, he suspects his friend of drinking a little too much.

While giving gifts to students at the Auguste Armand Institute, David worries Jude. The latter talks about it with Berenice. The young niece ofEmmanuel Teyssier agrees to help him search David’s room at the boarding school. Jude breaks in and finds empty bottles under his bed. Proof that the young man fell into alcoholism.

Billie gains more responsibilities

For his part, Billie gives everything to get the position of maître d’hôtel. She feels that she is in the running against Thibault Leroy, who is also running for the prestigious position. While serving at Double A, they face a difficult customer.

Thibault quickly loses control of the situation, but Billie manages to manage the situation. She ends up bringing his cocktail to the customer, but he is very late… She apologizes and offers to buy him a coffee but he refuses and insults her.

She asks him to leave the restaurant. Stanislas witness the scene. If Billie thought that this incident would cost her the job, on the contrary, Stanislas believes that she did it.

Anaïs has a bad idea

For his part, Anaïs share with Salome her wish to realize the dreams locked in Double A’s Christmas baubles. She asks him for help in order to realize that of Vic : see his mother again. The two young women visit Constance and ask her if she has any news from the latter.

The doctor confirms that she is aware of the seriousness of her actions and that she would like to reconnect with her daughters. Anaïs steals Vic’s phone for a moment in order to send a text message to her mother. She deletes the message so that the young student does not realize the deception.

In the afternoon, Malik discovers that his wish has come true: an inflatable castle in the middle of the Institute. Then, Vic and Hortense see their mother disembark.

The young women take their mother to the door and explain to her that they are not ready to forgive her. They then understand that a person enjoys making people’s wishes come true and want to find out who it is…

Such great sunshine in advance of Tuesday December 12, 2023 on France 2: Elisabeth at the end of her tether, Pierre perverse? Follow us

Summary of episode 1294Such a big sun broadcast Tuesday December 12, 2023 on France 2. Flora wants to find an apartment in Montpellier but she knows: finding accommodation when you are an artist in a precarious situation is not easy!

For the moment it relies on Elizabeth And Alan who welcome him into their home. For Elisabeth, the situation cannot continue. Alain then asks her if she can use her connections in the business and real estate world to find accommodation for Flore and Tiago.

But now, Elisabeth does not wish to take any risk with regard to her reputation by acting as guarantor for Flore, in whom she does not seem to have any confidence. Later, she had an idea when she couldn’t find any compatible profile for the position of switchboard operator at L Cosmétiques.

When she returns, she offers the job to Flore but the latter, upset, dismisses her. It’s too much for Elisabeth! She tells Alain that Flore won’t be able to stay with them indefinitely!

Yann goes back on track, Pierre accused of the worst

Rock now knows who sent him a death threat text. This is’Henri Lebrunthe father of his ex-partner, Melanie who committed suicide years ago. Pierre describes him to the police as a paranoid man, who has no problem blaming others for his own failures. He’s not surprised it’s him.

For his part, Yann is relieved. Becker explains to him that he is exonerated regarding this threatening text message and that he will therefore be able to regain his duties soon. In the meantime, the policeman tries to take care of him. He has a session with his psychologist.

He talks about the death of his wife, his impossible mourning but also the love and support he receives from Johanna, always present at his side. When he returns, he talks to her about it and admits that he still loves his late wife. The lawyer understands and supports him.

Later, Henri Lebrun was summoned to the police station. He admits to having made this threat against Pierre but assures that he would never have carried out the act. He justifies his message by the perversity of Peter. In his eyes, it was an unhealthy person who pushed his daughter to suicide…

Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Tuesday November 14, 2023 on TF1: Corentin’s plan discovered, Jack threatened Follow us

Summary of episode 1556 of Tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast Tuesday November 14 on TF1. Alex (Alexandre Brasseur), Gilles (Laurent Gamelon) and Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre) are still learning the profession of restaurateur. They bought too many supplies and unfortunately do not yet have enough customers to exhaust the stocks.

They have an idea: sell their tapas to Bart (Hector Langevin). If Mona (Catherine Benguigui) is doubtful about this audacious proposal, Bart on the contrary sees it as an opportunity to enhance his aperitif corner. He takes it from them!

While they are having lunch together and taking stock of this first week, the young restaurateurs receive a reservation request for a group of six people. They work hard to receive them in the best conditions.

The investigation accelerates

Laurent (Alexandre Thibault) is questioned by the police as part of the investigation into the kidnapping and injuries that were inflicted on the teenagers over many days. This most frightening escape game is reminiscent of the idea he wanted to launch two years ago before the pandemic aborted the project.

If the father of Corentin (Elias Goldberg) denies having any involvement in this large-scale kidnapping, the police insist: perhaps it is not him but his son who is hiding behind this painful episode.

Indeed, Corentin has still not been found and the police are convinced that his death was invented. The father does not know what to answer and asks investigators to focus on finding his son. Meanwhile, those that Corentin wanted to divide are more united than ever.

Indeed, Dorian visits Nathan (Adrien Gabeulet). He explains to her that he is sorry for having caused her pain by getting into a relationship with Luna (Paloma Reynaud). He always wants to count on her friendship. Nathan accepts and assures him that he is no longer angry with him for his affair with the young woman.

Jack threatened

George (Mayel Elhajaoui) tries to access Corentin’s secret computer, found in the lining of his mattress. The young man secured everything using passwords. The police officer can count on Laurent who helps him find the main password in order to turn on the computer.

Later, Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) finds traces of purchases made by the teenager. He obtained blood bags, the handgun used to injure Dorian (Rayane Huber) but also gas cylinders. It is therefore now certain that Corentin participated in the organization of this theater of horror, but without his father.

Roxane ends up cracking the last file and realizes that Corentin wanted revenge on Dorian, because he emerged unscathed from the collapse while the accident was caused by an error on the part of his mother.

But he also wanted to harm Lizzie (Juliette Mabilat) and Jack (Dimitri Fouque), who were in the same classroom as him during the incident and did not help him. Roxane is convinced that he will try to put an end to the trio. If the police decide to place the teenagers under house arrest and offer them police protection, Jack finds himself on the street at night. Corentin follows him…

Here it all starts in advance of Tuesday November 7, 2023 on TF1: David sinks, Souleymane betrays his father Follow us

Summary of episode 790 ofHere it all beginsbroadcast on Tuesday November 7 on TF1. David (Liam Hellman) had a very painful start to the year. For the young student, who had devoted himself to fulfilling the role of butler under the leadership ofHippolyte (Tom Novembre), private lessons with this teacher were a real ordeal.

Indeed, the one who was supposed to teach him the rules of room service used violent methods. As soon as the second grade student made a mistake, he received blows from the teacher with a metal ruler. He initially hid this abuse from those around him.

But Deva (Kathy Packianathan) discovered his injuries and pushed him to report the professor. While waiting to find the strength to talk about what he had suffered, David started drinking alcohol again. The young man had already had some problems with his relationship with drinking last year.

Although he has now filed a complaint against the professor, who was fired from the Auguste Armand Institute, David has still not stopped drinking. He continues to consume alcohol even during the day…

The beginnings of a new teacher

Laëtitia (Florence Coste) expects a lot from the new room service teacher. Before the service, the executive assistant entrusts Stanislas that she is in the middle of a career change. He notes her desire to do well and reassures her: he is far from applying the same methods as his predecessor.

During the service, Stanislas does not correct the students. It is only after the customers have left that he gives individual feedback to the apprentice waiters. While some would have preferred to be corrected during the service, Laëtitia impatiently waits for the teacher to indicate areas for improvement. But he doesn’t do anything to her…

Carla and Souleymane lie to their loved ones

Carla (Aaricia Lemaire) puts her plan into action with Souleymane (Dembo Camilo). The young woman makes her parents believe that she is pregnant by her friend with whom she says she is in a relationship. If this relationship is only a web of lies, the young woman sees no other solution to make her parents accept her desire to keep this baby.

Quickly, Carla’s parents turn to Anthony (Frédéric Diefenthal), but the latter supports his son. After making sure that he feels capable of being a father at such a young age, the assistant director of the culinary school decided to stand by his son’s side in this story.

But there, Pink (Vanessa Demouy) feels something is wrong. She talks about it with Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka), who coached Souleymane all summer in preparation for the entrance exam. This confirms that Souleymane never spoke to her about any relationship with a girl, even less with Carla.

Despite the advice of Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) to stay out of this story, Rose can’t help but try to help Antoine. The director of the Master then explains her theory about Carla and Souleymane’s lies. But the deputy director of the Institute cannot admit that his son is lying to him on such a serious subject.

He rejects Rose and reminds her that she is no longer the young man’s stepmother. Hurt, Rose abruptly leaves the conversation. Later, she confronts Carla and tells her that if she hurts Souleymane, she will have to deal with her…