Finally ! Plus belle la vie will return in July on France 3 with new episodes.

A few days ago, Plus belle la vie announced that it would stop repeating the series from June 22, following the plummeting audiences since the unpublished episodes stopped on May 4. A blow for fans of the series of France 3, accustomed to following the adventures of the characters of the Mistral for almost 16 years now, without interruption except for the sports championships. But the replay of the love triangle of Estelle, Djawad and Noham and the first steps of the Enchanter will not have succeeded in attracting viewers. In any case, the fans can now breathe. After having initially announced the return of the series for the start of the new school year next September, This time, it’s official, More beautiful life will return to our screens with unreleased episodes from July!

Sophie Gigon, director of daytime fiction at France Televisions, announced to the Parisian that France 3 envisioned a return of More beautiful life for the month of July, the shooting of the series having resumed on May 26th. For the moment, no official broadcast date has been announced, but the wait will no longer be very long for viewers.. She also added: “Comedians are happy and respectful of the rules they take very seriously.” Sophie Gigon also clarified that the Covid-19 will be mentioned in the following More beautiful life, but rather related to the next world. For example, some characters may face financial problems after the health crisis. See you next month, in July, to find out all about France 3 ! In the meantime, know that a new actress joins the cast of Plus belle la vie.



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